4 Causes of 4matic Currently Unavailable

The “4matic Currently Unavailable” error message commonly affects Mercedes-Benz equipped with the 4matic technology.  In addition, the technology is designed to improve Mercedes-Benz’s stability, traction, and handling.

However, getting this error means the car cannot access this system. In most cases, the car’s gear shifts and gets stuck in neutral.

Some common reasons you get the warning message include battery issues, bad transfer cases, and dirty Abs wheel speed sensors.

This article will examine the meaning, causes, and fixes of the 4Matic Currently Unavailable warning message.  Before diving in, let’s look at the 4matic technology.

What is Mercedes-Benz 4matic Technology?

The 4matic system, as a four-wheel system, implements the four-wheel electronic traction system. It means that rather than sending engine power to the two front or rear wheels, it allows the engine to supply power to all four wheels.

The driver enjoys better grip, traction, stability,  and handling. In addition, the 4Matic system is automated, allowing it to make adjustments depending on the surface or driving conditions.

Each wheel has dedicated sensors and a brake system, which allows the modules to adjust and give the right amount of torque. For example, the 4matic system can detect slippage on specific wheels and respond by providing more torque power to the alternate wheel.

What are the Causes of the 4Matic Currently Unavailable?

Several factors may be responsible for the 4Matic Unavailable message of your cluster display. 

Mercedes-Benz makers have disclosed a dirty or damaged ABS wheel speed sensor as the primary cause of this error. Other causes include damaged or low battery, software issues, faulty steering angle sensors, etc.

Damaged Abs Wheel Speed Sensor

The Abs wheel speed sensor is responsible for monitoring the wheel’s rotational speed. It provides crucial information to the ECU about each wheel’s speed and rotational condition. The 4Matic relies on the data provided by the sensor, without which it cannot distribute torque power where needed. If one or more of these sensors is damaged, the 4Matic system will automatically turn off and become unavailable.

You should watch for U0428- implausible data received from the steering angle sensor module.

Low or Bad Batteries

A low or bad battery will affect the entire performance of the car. The 4Matic system is an electronically controlled system that relies on the battery for power sources. The battery voltage range must be in a certain range to work well. 

During diagnoses and scanning, pay attention to the following code, which indicates low or bad batteries:

  1. P0882: On-board power supply low.
  2. B210AA: Power supply in the system is low.

Software Issues

Most new Mercedes-Benz is designed with complex software and computerized systems that require regular upgrades to fix glitches and malfunctions. In addition, these software glitches and bugs may cause the entire car to malfunction. Reports have been of the car switching to neutral while on the highway. In some cases, simply resetting or rebooting the system may cause temporarily fix the error.

Faulty Steering Angle Sensor

The Steering Angle Sensor measures the position and movement of the steering wheel, which is relied on by the ECU and the 4Matic system. The impact of a faulty sensor is that the sensor provides inaccurate data, which disrupts the coordination between the steering and the 4matic system. If the data falls or exceeds the recognizable threshold, the 4Matic system will disable for safety reasons.

How to diagnose and Fix the 4Matic currently unavailable warning?

Diagnosing what is causing the 4matic currently unavailable is easy if you have the proper guidance. Here is how you diagnose what is causing the error message.

Tools required: Multisystem OBD II scanner (Compatible with mercedes benz) and plug

Steps to diagnose error message:  

  1. Connect your scanner to the Obd II port under the driver dashboard
  2. Turn on the ignition and let the scanner power up
  3. Select Automatically search to find the model of your mercedes-benz
  4. Scroll down the available modules and select the drive module. 
  5. Select the All wheel drive option.
  6. Allow the scanner to communicate with the system.
  7. Select “read code” to access stored code in the ECM

Access to the code will help you better understand what is wrong with the 4Matic system.

The codes include the following:

  1. P0882: On-board power supply low.
  2. B210AA: Power supply in the system low.
  3. U0428- implausible data received from steering angle sensor module.

How do you fix the 4Matic currently Unavailable Warning?

Fixing the warning message will rely on identifying what is causing the 4Matic currently unavailable message.  Here are some recommended fixes to the identified causes of the error.

1. Replace Damaged batteries: If during diagnosis, you discover that the voltage of the battery is below the threshold required by the 4Matic system, replace or recharge the battery.

2. Software issues: Check for software updates from authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships. Try performing a system reset by turning off the engine and disconnecting the battery for at least 5 minutes.

3. Sensor malfunction: Perform a diagnostic test on your car via an OBD-II scanner to identify which sensor has developed a fault. The sensor may be dirty and needs to be cleaned. If not, replace the sensor with the manufacturer-recommended replacement.

4. After performing all of the steps listed and you cannot fix the issue, see a professional Mercedes-Benz expert for diagnoses and fix.

Final Word!

The 4Matic Currently Unavailable Warning message is your vehicle’s way of telling you that the system has been disconnected. You may experience symptoms like difficulty changing the gear from neutral, starting the car, and more. We recommend taking your car to a professional for diagnostics and inspection.

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