Fill Gap Between Captains Chairs: Easy Solutions for Added Comfort

Are you looking to bridge the gap between your vehicle’s captain’s chairs to create a flat, solid space? This common need arises for various reasons, such as containing cargo or creating a comfortable sleeping area. You’re probably eager for a practical solution to maximize the use of space in your car.

In this article, we’ll discuss several creative ideas and methods that can help you achieve this goal. With the right approach, you can effectively fill the gap between your captain’s chairs for a more versatile and spacious vehicle interior.

Benefits of Filling the Gap

Filling the gap between captain’s chairs in your vehicle can provide various advantages to improve your driving experience, especially during road trips.

Additional Storage and Space

By filling the gap, you create extra space for placing items such as bags, food, and other essentials you may need during your journey. This makes it easier for passengers to access items while you focus on driving.

It can also be helpful when you have limited storage due to multiple passengers, especially during long trips. The added space also enables you to better organize your belongings, keeping your vehicle less cluttered and making it a comfortable environment for travel.

Here are some ideas for filling the gap:

  • Place a foldable storage box between the chairs
  • Use a combination of blankets and rubber mats to fill the space

Improved Interior Aesthetics

Filling the gap between the captain’s chairs not only increases functionality but also enhances the visual appeal of your vehicle’s interior. A streamlined continuity between seating areas creates a unified look and feel.

To improve the aesthetics of your vehicle’s interior, consider using materials and colors that complement the existing design. Some possible materials include:

  • Wood panels: for a classy, luxurious vibe
  • Heavy-duty plastic: for a more practical, durable solution
  • Padded fabric: for a softer, more comfortable feel

By filling the gap between your captain’s chairs, you can maximize interior space, organization, and aesthetics within your vehicle, making your road trips more enjoyable and comfortable.

Ways to Fill the Gap Between Captains Chairs

Using Customized Solutions

If you’re looking for a professional solution to fill the gap between captains chairs, consider visiting a car upholstery shop. They can provide customized options tailored to your vehicle and preferences, offering you various materials and designs to ensure a perfect fit.

DIY Methods

There are several DIY methods you can choose from to bridge the gap between the captains chairs. Some of these include:

  • Wood or Plywood: One simple way to fill the gap is to use a sheet of 1/4″ plywood, trimmed to fit the space between the chairs. You can cover it with an old blanket or quilt to protect from splinters and to blend in with your vehicle’s interior.
  • Rubberized Back Through Rug: Another option is to use a rubberized back through rug to cover the gap. Start by filling the center space with blankets, matching the height of the chairs. Then, place the rug across the chairs and the filled gap to create a flat, solid surface.
  • Rubber Floor Mat: Alternatively, you can use a rubber floor mat from a store like Home Depot to cover the space. Make sure to choose one that is large enough to bridge the gap between the captains chairs. This option provides easy cleaning and durability.
  • Custom Platform or Box: If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, consider creating a custom platform or box that fits the gap between the captains chairs. This can be made from wood or another sturdy material and should be designed to fit the dimensions of the gap accurately.

When deciding on a method to fill the gap between captains chairs, take into consideration the time and effort you’re willing to invest, as well as your budget. Remember, safety should always be a priority, so make sure the solution you choose is not only functional but also secure.

Installation and Adjustments

Fitting Methods

When filling the gap between captain’s chairs, there are several methods you can use to create a flat surface. Make sure your approach suits your needs and vehicle’s design. For instance, you can lay down blankets to match the seats’ height or use a sheet of 1/4″ trimmed plywood with an old blanket or quilt on top to protect from splinters.

Another option is to purchase a liner or mat specifically designed for this purpose. These products usually attach to your vehicle’s carpet with Velcro, making installation effortless and secure.

Adding or Removing Accessories

Depending on your filling method, you might need to add or remove accessories from the gap fillers during the installation, such as:

  • Velcro strips: If you’re using a liner or mat, ensure they come with Velcro strips for attachment. Ensure the strips are properly adhered to your carpet and the gap filler’s borders before moving on with the setup.
  • Cushions or pillows: If you opt for a soft surface like blankets, you may want to use cushions or pillows to fill the gap further and prevent any slipping hazards or discomfort. Arrange them uniformly to ensure an even surface.
  • Extra covering: When using plywood or other hard materials, cover them with a blanket, quilt, or any scratch-resistant fabric to keep your vehicle’s interior safe and avoid splinters.

Remember, to adjust or uninstall your gap filler, simply reverse the process in a careful and methodical manner.

Wrap Up and Purchasing Advice

When it comes to filling the gap between captain’s chairs, there are several factors to consider. Price, compatibility, and desired features are all important aspects to keep in mind as you search for the perfect solution.

First, establish your budget before starting your search. This will help you narrow down your options and focus on products within your price range. Remember that more expensive doesn’t always mean better quality, so consider other factors like durability and ease of installation alongside the cost.

Next, ensure the product you choose is compatible with your vehicle’s specific make and model. Some seat gap fillers may work perfectly for bucket seats, while others might be designed for bench seats. Double-check the product’s specifications before committing to a purchase to avoid any compatibility issues down the line.

Comfort is key when looking for a seat gap filler. Make sure to choose a cushion or bench seat cover that provides the right level of support and comfort for your needs. Material choices like mesh can offer breathability, while options with recline functionality can help create a more versatile seating solution.

When considering your options, keep an eye out for additional features, such as:

  • An integrated console for added storage or functionality
  • Ease of installation and removal for versatility and cleaning
  • Durable and easy-to-clean materials that will stand up to daily use
  • Options that complement your vehicle’s interior design

By taking the time to consider these factors and making informed choices, you can find the perfect solution to fill the gap between your captain’s chairs and enhance your vehicle’s overall comfort and functionality.

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