6 Causes Of Side Mirror Turn Signal Not Working

The side mirror turn signals are located at each mirror you activate, indicating that you are about to turn. The lights are usually high-intensity light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

When using your trafficator, the side mirror turn signal is activated on whichever side your indicator is flashing. 

However, the side mirror may malfunction like many other electronic components in your vehicle. 

As we move on, we will look into some of the problems causing your side mirror turn signal not to work. 

Symptoms or Problems Associated With Side Mirror Turn Signals

There are a lot of issues that could be associated with the side mirror turn signals. It is not only when the turn does come on alone that there are issues with it.

Some of the issues associated with the mirror turn signals include the following. 

1. Side mirror turn signal light is not coming on 

The most common issue with the side mirror turn signal is when it does not come on. It is because it is the most noticeable of all the problems. This problem could arise due to numerous reasons, which could be due to blown-out bulbs or fuses.

2. Side mirror turn signal does not flash 

The side mirror turn signal is meant to flash, and all other turn signals when you activate the trafficator. If this does not happen, then there might be a problem. 

When a problem like this occurs, it could be a result of a wiring or system issue that needs to be checked immediately. 

If it is a wiring issue, it could further damage the light bulb leading to an increased cost to fix. 

3. Side mirror turn signal does not off 

Now, this could be another problem linked to a wiring issue. When your side mirror turn signal refuses to turn off, this could quickly drain the battery, especially when you are parked and the engine is turned off. 

Another problem that could cause this is the switch located inside the canceling finger. 

4. Light flashes too fast or slow 

It would help if you noted the frequency at which the side mirror turn signal flashes. If you do not, you may not notice that you may have installed the wrong bulb or flasher.

You will notice this when there is a difference in the frequency of flashes between the side mirror and other turn signal lights.   

5. Dashboard indicator does not flash 

The indicator in the dashboard shows you when the turn signal has been activated. There is a problem when the indicator comes on but does not flash. It could indicate something wrong with one of the lights or be a system issue. 

Causes of Side Mirror Turn Signal Not Working

We have pointed out some of the causes attributed to the issues with the mirror turn signal.

However, more causes could lead to the signals not working properly. 

Some causes of the side mirror turn signal not working include the following. 

1. Blown fuse

A blown fuse is a common cause of electrical problems. When your side mirror turn signal has blown a fuse, a vacuum is created, and the current will be cut off. 

The fuse is responsible for powering the turning signal by protecting it from higher currents from the battery. Once blown, power will no longer pass through to the component, leaving it nonfunctional. 

2. Burnt-out bulbs 

Turn signal lights can last many years but eventually burn out once they are, just like other bulbs. They can also burn out due to electrical issues within the vehicle. 

3. Damaged turn signal switch 

A broken turn signal switch may cause the mirror turn signal not to work. The turn signal switch is that leveler at the side of your steering wheel that allows the driver to activate the turn signal.

4. Dirty bulb sockets 

Sometimes the bulb socket gets dirty, and this could be a problem. The dirt comes in between the bulb and socket and can hinder the transmission of current. You must have the socket checked and cleaned when fixing a new bulb. 

5. Damages flasher module

The flasher module is an electrical device that helps to offset low amperage draw, especially where light-emitting diodes are used. It helps to regulate the vehicle’s flash rate. A damaged flash module may cause the side mirror not to light flash or work properly.

6. Battery issues 

Once the battery is old or weak, it affects many vehicle components that rely on it. One of these components is the side mirror turn signal. The battery provides the power that allows the turn signal to work. Once the battery is weak, it will not function properly or will stop working entirely. 

How to Fix Side Mirror Turn Signal Not Work

Fixing the side mirror turn signal depends on the cause of the problem. Without a proper diagnosis, you will be doing trial and error, which may take multiple trials before the problem is finally fixed. 

If you want to fix your Side Mirror Turn Signal problem, follow these steps.

Step 1: Pack your vehicle in a suitable place and switch off the engine. Ensure to leave the engine key in the “ON” position. It will keep the electrical component powered. 

Step 2: Using the vehicle’s manual or with a professional’s help, locate the fuse panel and examine all the fuse. You can find the fuse or relay belonging to the turn signal flasher. 

Step 3 : Check for any obvious burn or damage to it. If there is damage, then you need to have it replaced. 

Step 4 : If the fuse is good, you must check the light bulb. If the light bulb is damaged too, have it replaced? 

Final Thought!

Some issues affecting your side mirror turn signal are vehicle specific. Examining your complaints and how the problem has been dealt with is best. If facing challenges fixing the mirror signals, have a professional mechanic inspect it. 

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