Why Car Feels Different After Oil Change

If it has been a while since you changed your motor oil, then you will definitely feel improved performance in your engine after it is finally changed.

The vehicle will not Shake as much, there won’t be any strange planking whirring noises coming from the engine, and the vehicle will accelerate and decelerate smoothly.

I just changed my motor oil and my vehicle’s performance improved. Why?

So you just changed the motor oil inside your vehicle and you can already feel and hear that the engine is performing better than it used to. Why? 

Is motor oil really that important to a vehicle’s performance?

Yes, motor oil is critical to the performance of an engine. Any type of engine must be lubricated. It doesn’t matter if it is an airplane engine, train engine, or automobile. 

An engine has many moving parts and these parts must be lubricated so they work properly and do not scrape or grind against the other moving parts.

When a vehicle does not have enough motor oil, there will be several signs that show the engine is in distress. 

Two of the most important signs will be the noises that the engine makes and if there is oil drifting into the vehicle’s cabin. 

The oil smell is due to an oil leak somewhere inside the engine. The oil is leaking all over the hot engine parts and burning away. If there is enough oil leaking from the vehicle, then eventually the vehicle will overheat and completely shut down.

If the engine is making many strange noises, then it also means that there’s a leak somewhere in the engine. The lack of oil means that the moving parts are not being properly lubricated and they are scraping and grinding against each other. 

Strange engine sounds should always be investigated. 

If you do not find the reason for excessively loud noises coming from your engine, the parts inside the engine that are causing the noise can become worn out, damaged, or break completely.

How often Should I change my vehicle’s motor oil?

The answer used to be 3000 miles. I’m sure everyone has heard that they must change out their motor oil at least every 3000 miles. 

For many decades, this was the standard answer. But thanks to new and improved engines, better motor oil technology, and fewer contaminants produced by the moving engine parts, this basic rule does not work for every vehicle anymore. 

You can still get your motor oil changed every 3,000 miles, but some vehicles and motor oils will not need to be changed until 10000 to 20000 miles. It all depends on the vehicle and the type of motor oil that the vehicle uses.

Any vehicle that has been built in the last 10 years will have its own standards for when to change the motor oil in the oil pan. 

If you want to know when you should change your vehicle’s motor oil, there’s a database online that has all the information you need on when to change motor oil, brake fluid, windshield wiper oil, and many other important time frames.

How does motor oil affect a vehicle?

When it comes to the health of your engine, the importance of motor oil cannot be overstated. When there’s enough motor oil in the engine, all of the moving parts of the engine are properly lubricated. 

They’ll be able to move and grind against other hot-moving metal parts. Motor oil protects the engine from operational damage. 

Moving parts will not scratch or cling together and will be able to move without restriction.

But motor oil does more than just lubricate all of the moving parts in the engine. When was Parts movie also create contaminants and by-products. 

If there is no motor oil in an engine, these contaminants and particles will build up all over the engine and cause many expensive and disastrous issues. 

When the motor oil floods over the parts of an engine, it will take many but not all of the contaminants and particles with it. They will be deposited in the motor oil pan when the vehicle is turned off.

After a while, there will be far too many contaminants and deposits inside the motor oil and the motor oil will become dirty. This is why it is important to change the motor oil regularly.

What oil should I use for my vehicle?

There’s only one factor more important than how often you change your motor oil and that is the type of motor oil in your engine. You can’t just walk to an aisle in a store that carries motor oil and pick the first one you see. 

Every single vehicle has a specific type of oil that can be used in its engine. If you choose the wrong motor oil, it will not be able to lubricate the moving parts as well as it should or it will be too thick and plug up the engine.

When you first purchase your vehicle, it will come with a manual and the user’s guide. The manufacturer approved types of motor oils will be in the small booklet. 

If for some reason, the booklet does not mention which motor oil to use or you bought it second-hand so it does not come with a booklet, then you can find out online. 

Type in the make, model, and year of the vehicle and motor oil into Google and it will be able to generate the right answer for you. 

You can also email the manufacturer directly. Be sure to include the make, model, line, year, and any other important vehicle details in the email.


Changing the oil in a vehicle will allow the engine to operate smoother. The engine will be quieter and it will perform better. The general rule used to be that motor oil must always be changed every 3,000 miles. 

But now it is better to change the motor oil as per the manufacturer’s Specific Instructions. Only use the motor oil the manufacturer recommends for their vehicle or else it will be too thick and clog up the engine or it will be too thin and won’t lubricate the moving parts properly.

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