Can you mix Prestone antifreeze with Dex-Cool? (Answered)

In certain cases, you should never mix anything with antifreeze. But it is ok to mix Prestone antifreeze with Dex-Cool. The two chemicals can be mixed with each other.

Even if the ratio of Dex-Cool to Prestone is off, nothing bad will happen to your vehicle. Hello there, when mixing Dex-Cool with other antifreeze, never mix it with green antifreeze.

Can you mix Prestone Antifreeze with Dex-Cool?

Yes, Prestone antifreeze can be mixed with Dex-Cool. Prestone antifreeze is an all-purpose antifreeze so it can actually mix with many different types of chemicals. 

Another reason why Prestone antifreeze and Dex-cool can both be mixed together is that they are ethylene glycol types of antifreeze. 

Since their chemicals are the same, there will be no issues with their chemicals mixing together.

However, one must take into account that Prestone and Dex-Cool both have different freezing points. So when you mix them together, the solution will be somewhere between Dexcool’s freezing point and Prestone’s freezing point.

The Prestone antifreeze formula is designed so that it can mix with any other type of coolant. 

There is no restricted brand or manufacture. If it is a type of coolant designed for vehicles, it can be mixed with Prestone. 

What is Dex-Cool?

The longer you work with cars, the more you realize that each car has a specific antifreeze solution that works best for its engine. All antifreeze is not made the same. Decibel is a type of antifreeze. 

It is sometimes premixed with other types of coolants. Dex-Cool can be purchased on its own and mixed with a separate coolant, as per instructions.

What makes Dex-Cool different from other antifreeze is its organic acid technology. The main purpose of Dex-Cool is to extend the life and function of the engine.

What is Prestone?

The song is a mixed solution of both coolant and antifreeze. But it also contains other chemicals designed to prevent corrosion within a vehicle’s cooling system. 

It is an all-purpose vehicle coolant and it can be used in any vehicle.

The majority of major consumer car manufacturers have tested Prestone in their own vehicle’s cooling systems and found the substance to work perfectly fine.

Never Mix Antifreeze with These Chemicals!

As a general rule, a person should never mix green and orange antifreeze chemical Solutions. The colors indicate that each antifreeze has different chemicals in it for different purposes. 

A vehicle owner mixes orange and green antifreeze and places it in their vehicle’s coolant system, it will not go well for them. 

It won’t melt down the engine, but the chemical will negatively interact with each other and the final solution will become thick and sludge light. 

The solution will not be able to flow through these vehicles’ cooling systems and cool down the car. 

If the antifreeze solution is too thick, then the engine will end up overheating from lack of coolant reaching its system.

A vehicle owner should never miss that school with any other type of green-colored antifreeze.

Besides other types of colored coolants, there are a long list of chemical substances that you should never mix with antifreeze. Here are just a few substances:

  • Motor oil
  • Water
  • Brake fluid
  • Windshield wiper fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Power steering fluid

Okay, I will not go on. I think you get it. No matter what type of antifreeze it is, do not mix a different color antifreeze together with Prestone Dex-Cool. Also, when you mix Prestone with Dex-Cool, be sure to measure out the right volume amount for each liquid.

Is there a Prestone Dex-Cool antifreeze coolant mix product?

If you have never mixed antifreeze and coolant together, and you don’t want to try it with your brand new car, then you’re in luck. There is a Prestone Dex-Cool antifreeze coolant mix already sold on the market. 

The product is actually sold by the Prestone company itself and it is called Prestone Dex-Cool antifreeze + coolant. 

On the sales page for the Prestone Dex-Cool mix, the vehicle specifications that work with this type of mix are:

  • All GM vehicles from 1995 and newer.
  • Most Chrysler vehicles from 2013 and newer.
  • Most Ford vehicles between the year range of 2011 and 2018.

How to know if your vehicle needs antifreeze coolant

Now that you know the Prestone and Dex-Cool mix exists and you purchased the premix, you’re all set. When your vehicle needs more antifreeze or coolant, you’ll be ready with a smile on your face. 

But how will you know when your vehicle needs antifreeze service? Here are a few ways to identify when it is time to change out the coolant in your engine:

  • The air conditioning system takes a very long time to cool down the interior of your vehicle. No matter how hot it is inside of the vehicle, it should only take a few minutes for the air conditioning system to plunge the temperature down until everyone in the car is comfortable. 

But if you noticed that it takes 20 minutes or more for the vehicle to pull down, it could be an issue with the antifreeze.

  • Every time your engine has it on for a few minutes, you swear you smell maple syrup. This unique smell is due to the coolant leaking out onto the hot engine parts and evaporating. 

This is a major red flag. If you smell maple syrup coming from your vehicle, cancel your plans for the weekend and head to your mechanic immediately.

  • The temperature gauge of the engine on your dashboard is rising higher and higher. Coolant helps cool down the engine and prevents it from overheating. 

But if there is antifreeze leaking out of the engine, there won’t be enough liquid to pull the heat from the engine


Yes, Preston and Dex-Cool can be mixed together. The Prestone company makes an antifreeze coolant mix and there are many guides Online on how to mix them together yourself. 

As a general rule, different colors of antifreeze should never be mixed together as they will be incompatible and create a thick and coagulated liquid. 

If you smell maple syrup coming from your vehicle, the ethylene glycol in the coolant is leaking on hot engine parts and evaporating.

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