Mercedes-Benz Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running (Solved & Explained) 

If the Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running warning light appears, do exactly as it says. An old battery, a faulty alternator, and bad wiring are all possible reasons why the battery is not holding its charge.

I saw a weird warning about my engine running. What does that mean?

If you came to this page, then you have seen the same warning I saw as well. So, I’m guessing you were just driving around one day when this strange warning appeared.

I’ve never seen this one before and it looks a bit more elaborate than other types of vehicle warnings.

The warning states:

Stop vehicle

Shift to p

Leave Engine Running.

So, what does this mean and why did it appear?

Your vehicle is telling you to stop driving and pull over or go back home and pull into your driveway. Then, shift your vehicle into park but do not turn off your vehicle. Leave the engine running.

In addition to leaving the engine running, turn off the air conditioner, lights, radio, and anything else that does not need to be on. You do not want anything else affecting a vehicle’s battery other than the engine.

This warning will appear when the battery in your vehicle is draining. Allowing your Mercedes-Benz to idle in your driveway will recharge the battery in your vehicle.

You need to leave the vehicle running for 30 minutes or more.

When the battery’s charge is back to its normal level, the warning will disappear. If the warning does not disappear after the 30-minute idle, then you have a battery issue.

So, what would happen if the driver ignored this warning?

Ignoring a battery warning is not a good idea. As you now know, when this warning appears, it means that the battery is a tale of charge.

Something is draining away the batteries charged. If you ignore the warning and keep driving, don’t be surprised if your vehicle suddenly turns off on the freeway.

Your vehicle does not need to be at a slow MPG or idling to turn off. It can and will turn off whenever the battery is completely drained.

The moment you see this morning, turn around and go home or go back to your job’s parking lot. Just wait for 20 and 30 minutes and allow the battery to recharge. And while you’re waiting, do not charge your phone with the electricity from the vehicle.

What are the main causes of the Leave Engine Running warning?

No Mercedes-Benz owner should see this warning on their dashboard. It is a sign that something is wrong.

In most cases, you can leave the engine idling and it will recharge the battery. But the battery shouldn’t need recharging. Allowing the vehicle to idle to charge the battery is not a solution.

It is a Band-Aid, and you have to find out the reason why the battery is draining.

Here are the four common reasons for a draining battery.

The battery is old and can no longer go to charge. – This issue is common with resold Mercedes-Benz. Sometimes the battery ages faster than other parts of the vehicle.

If the battery is too old and can no longer hold a charge, then you need a new battery for your Mercedes-Benz. A typical Mercedes-Benz battery will cost around $150. Higher quality batteries will be around $250.

If you have a hybrid Mercedes-Benz, then the price tag will be more than quintuple. The cost of a hybrid battery for a Mercedes-Benz can be up to $6,000.

The alternator is corroding or faulty. – The alternator is the device that takes the voltage from the battery and supplies it to the rest of the car. It can also convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

If the alternator breaks, your vehicle is in for a world of hurt. When a BMW has a bad alternator, the battery will drain faster than ever. So, you need to replace or repair the alternator.

It is possible to repair an alternator but there shouldn’t be much damage. If there is too much damage, then replacing it is better.

You accidentally left the lights on inside the vehicle cabin. Leaving the lights on inside the vehicle is something we all have done. Do not kick yourself because you will probably do it again in the future.

If this is the reason why the battery drained, then you’re nothing to worry about. As long as you remember to turn off the lights in the cabin before you leave your vehicle, everything will be fine.

If you have an older Mercedes, then leaving the lights on while driving the vehicle could also drain the battery.

The bad bulb is draining the charge. Do you have a bulb in your vehicle that does not turn on? Have you ever considered that the wiring is still sending a voltage to the blown-out bulb? The light could be on and using electricity without your knowledge.

The bulb has likely drained the battery for months. Find the bulb that does not work and replace it with a new bulb. If that light automatically comes on, you know why the battery drained.

How often should I replace my Mercedes Benze’s battery?

Ideal World, a vehicle battery should last as long as the vehicle. But overheating, water damage, and bad wiring can affect the battery’s performance.

If the battery experiences too many problems, it can burn out faster than its warranty guarantees.

On average, every four to five years the owner of a Mercedes-Benz must replace their vehicle’s battery.


Never ignore a warning about your vehicle’s battery. It will not go well for you.

There are several reasons why the battery could suddenly drop too low or no charge.

Perhaps the driver left the lights on in the vehicle all night. A bad bulb or active wiring could be draining the battery. The alternator may be faulty and needs repairing or replacing.

Also, a battery can be too old to hold a sufficient charge anymore. The cause for the let engine idle warning needs an investigation. Allowing your vehicle to idle and charge the battery is not a permanent solution.

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