5 Reasons Why Back Up Camera Upside Down 

Back up camera upside down is when the video image displayed from the back up camera appears upside down. This situation can hinder the driver from reversing, especially when the glass is tinted. 

An issue like this has easy fixes; all you need to do is first find out what could be the cause. A changed setting or a damaged camera could cause a camera problem. 

There are other causes of the back up camera upside down, which we will look into as you continue reading.

What is a back up camera?

The back up camera serves as the eye of the driver at the back, especially when reversing. It is installed at the back of the vehicle and helps the driver see behind when backing up. 

In addition, the camera is designed to provide a clear image of the back of the vehicle while the system puts measures in place to ensure no collision. 

There have been complaints about the camera image appearing upside down. A situation like this makes it difficult for the driver to back up their vehicle. 

The issue of the camera upside down is usually traced to camera installation or system settings.  

Causes of a back up camera upside down 

There are a lot of factors that could cause the camera image to appear upside down. It could range from simple settings to incorrect installation. All the causes are not serious issues and can be easily fixed. 

Below are reasons why the back up camera appears upside down. 

1. Incorrect camera installation

If you have recently changed the back up camera, the camera may not have been installed properly. The camera must have been installed upside down. It will cause the video image to appear upside down. 

A problem like this is not serious and does not need a lot of professional knowledge to fix. 

2. Tampered mounting bracket 

The mounting bracket is what holds the camera in place. If the camera was recently installed and seems to be working fine, and suddenly the video image flips upside down, it could result from the mounting bracket. 

Furthermore, the mounting bracket is meant to hold the camera firmly. It will prevent the camera from any unnecessary movement when the vehicle moves on a rough road. 

The camera will not be held firmly when the mounting bracket is faulty. It will cause the camera to be able to move. Now, the camera can change position and will cause the video image also to flip upside down. 

3. Adjusted camera settings 

The camera video can be flipped upside down using the settings provided by the manufacturer. 

Every recent vehicle that uses a back up camera comes with control settings. The settings allow the driver to adjust various aspects of the camera video image to suit their desires. 

In the settings, a rotate camera option allows the driver to flip the camera to whatever direction is best suitable. If the camera is upside down, the setting might have been adjusted.   

4. System malfunction 

Another cause of the back up camera appearing upside down is a malfunction in the system. When there is a malfunction, the system might be unable to retain certain settings. 

When you try to rotate the camera back into position through the settings, the system flips the image upside down. 

5. Camera issues 

A bad or low-quality camera could cause the video image to appear upside down. It could be traced to lens issues. In this case, no amount of settings will be able to keep the video image at the right angle. 

How to fix a back up camera upside down

Fixing a back up camera upside down is straightforward. However, the cause of the problem needs to be known before taking any steps to fix it. Try to inspect the camera condition and go through the vehicle’s settings. 

Below are ways to fix a back up camera upside down. 

1. Properly install the camera

If you recently changed the camera and it appears upside down, it must be reinstalled. To do this, find where the back up camera is located, which can be seen at the back of the vehicle. 

Many vehicles have different ways the camera could be installed. Using the vehicle’s manual, remove the camera and figure out the right position it should be mounted. It can be done using the camera’s manual or by asking a professional. 

Install the camera properly and ensure the mount is holding the camera firmly. Then check the video image to see if it is at the right angle. 

2. Replace the camera mount 

Check the camera mount to see if it firmly holds it in place. If not, check for any damages, like broken pieces and more. There must be a replacement if there are obvious damages on the mount. 

Some cameras come with their camera mount, and it is almost impossible to find just the mount. In this case, a new camera would be needed, or find a way to improvise. 

3. Adjust camera settings

On the infotainment system, navigate to camera settings; below, find the camera rotation option. Click on the turn on or off option to correct the camera viewing position. 

The setting varies with the type and model of the vehicle. You can easily have the setting corrected with the help of the vehicle’s manual. 

4. Reset the system 

If there is a problem with the system, a proper reset will be needed. There are many ways to reset the system that you can choose from. 

Firstly, try to switch off the engine and wait for about 10 minutes. Switch the vehicle back on and check the video position. 

If the problem remains, use a scan tool for proper resetting. 

5. Camera issue 

A damaged or low-quality camera will need to be replaced. If you do not know how to find a suitable camera for the vehicle, ask for professional help. 

Final Thoughts 

One of the leading causes of back up camera upside down is the installation of inferior cameras. Avoid buying inferior quality cameras for the vehicle. Low-quality cameras are not designed to last that long and will come with many issues. 

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