Dodge Ram P1D73: Quick Guide and Solutions

The Dodge Ram P1D73 code is associated with the Active Grill Shutter (AGS) performance. When this code appears on your vehicle, it means the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has received an indication of a malfunction in the AGS system.

In particular, the P1D73 code signifies that the AGS actuator’s open to close position travel is above 100 degrees, or the mechanical stop was detected before the commanded position was reached. Addressing this issue in a timely manner is crucial to ensure your vehicle operates efficiently and maintains optimal fuel consumption.

Symptoms and Diagnosing the Dodge Ram P1D73 Code

Check Engine Light Indicators

When the P1D73 code is triggered in your Dodge Ram, one of the first signs you might notice is the appearance of the Check Engine Light (CEL) on your dashboard. This light indicates a malfunction in your vehicle’s systems, and utilizing a code reader can help you pinpoint the specific issue. In this case, the code you retrieve will be P1D73, related to the Active Grill Shutter (AGS) system.

Performance and Functionality Issues

Upon diagnosing the P1D73 code, you may notice some performance and functionality issues with your vehicle. Some common symptoms include:

  • Decreased fuel efficiency: The AGS system helps improve aerodynamics and fuel economy by controlling the airflow through the engine’s radiator. If it is malfunctioning, you may experience lower gas mileage than usual.
  • Difficulty starting or poor engine performance: A faulty AGS can negatively impact the engine’s general efficiency. This may lead to difficulty starting the engine or less-than-optimal performance while driving.

To ensure that your vehicle is working correctly, it’s essential to address any performance and functionality issues related to the P1D73 code promptly. Consult a professional technician or your local dealership to help diagnose and fix the problem, ensuring the best performance and safety for your Dodge Ram.

Potential Causes of Dodge Ram P1D73 Code

Faulty Active Grill Shutter Actuator

One of the possible causes of the P1D73 code is a faulty Active Grill Shutter (AGS) Actuator. The AGS Actuator is responsible for the movement of the active grill shutters. If it is not functioning properly, the shutters may not open or close as needed, leading to this diagnostic trouble code. It’s crucial to inspect and test the actuator to determine if a replacement is needed.

Problematic Wiring

Another common cause of the P1D73 code is problematic wiring. In some cases, the Active Grill Shutter (AGS) Actuator harness might be open or shorted. This can lead to the circuitry not functioning as it should and can cause the code to appear. It’s important to thoroughly examine the wires for any signs of damage, such as fraying, corrosion, or disconnection. If needed, repairs or replacement of the wiring should be carried out to resolve the issue.

Poor Electrical Connection

A poor electrical connection within the Active Grill Shutter (AGS) Actuator circuit can also trigger the P1D73 code. This can occur due to loose connections, corrosion, or wear and tear. It’s essential to inspect all electrical connections associated with the AGS Actuator circuit and rectify any issues you may find. Properly securing connections and addressing any corrosion can help you avoid future problems in this area.

By addressing these potential causes, you have a higher chance of successfully resolving the P1D73 code and maintaining the optimal performance of your Dodge Ram. Remember to always consult a professional mechanic if you are unsure about any repairs or diagnostics to ensure the best possible outcome.

Guide on Troubleshooting and Fixing P1D73 Fault

The P1D73 fault code is related to the Active Grill Shutter (AGS) system in your Dodge Ram truck. When this code appears, it’s essential to address the issue to maintain proper airflow and engine cooling. This guide will walk you through various approaches to troubleshooting and fixing the P1D73 fault code, including using a code reader for reset, professional shop services, and a do-it-yourself tutorial.

Using Code Reader for Reset

One way to address the P1D73 fault code is by using a code reader to reset the fault. First, plug the code reader into the OBD-II port under your vehicle’s dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions. Before resetting the code, it’s crucial to identify and fix the underlying issue with the AGS system. A common cause could be a faulty AGS motor. After addressing the issue, you can use the code reader to clear the fault code from the truck’s computer. Keep in mind that if the problem persists, the code may reappear.

Professional Shop Services

If you’re not comfortable with diagnosing and fixing the issue yourself or if the problem persists after attempting a reset, consider taking your truck to a professional mechanic. A professional will have the necessary knowledge, tools, and equipment to accurately identify and repair the issue causing the P1D73 fault code. They can check the AGS system, wiring harness, and connectors for any damage or corrosion.

Do-It-Yourself Tutorial

For those who prefer a hands-on approach, follow this brief do-it-yourself tutorial to diagnose and fix the P1D73 fault code:

  1. Inspect the AGS system: Check the AGS motor, wiring, and connectors for signs of damage or corrosion. Make sure the shutters open and close correctly without any obstruction.
  2. Clean or replace the AGS motor: If the AGS motor is faulty, it’ll need to be cleaned or replaced. Consult your vehicle’s repair manual for specific information on accessing and servicing the AGS motor in your Dodge Ram truck.
  3. Check and repair wiring: Inspect the wiring harness and connectors related to the AGS system. Look for any signs of damage, fraying, or loose connections. Repair or replace any damaged components.
  4. Clear and reset fault code: After addressing the issue, use a code reader to clear the P1D73 fault code from your truck’s computer.

Don’t forget to monitor the situation after performing these steps. If the fault code reappears, consider consulting a professional for further assistance.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, dealing with a P1D73 code in your Dodge Ram can be concerning, especially if you’re not familiar with the issue. To resolve this problem, inspect the Active Grill Shutter system and make any necessary repairs. Acting quickly helps you maintain your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. Remember to consult a professional mechanic if you’re unsure or inexperienced with troubleshooting this code.

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