How Do I Pay Illinois Tolls After 14 Days: Simple Late Payment Solutions

Realizing you’ve missed the 14-day window to pay your Illinois tolls can be concerning. Fortunately, you can still settle toll payments to avoid accumulating fines.

The Illinois Tollway offers a convenient Pay By Plate system, where you can simply enter your vehicle and payment details to capture any unpaid tolls.

For instances beyond this period, or if you need additional help, it’s best to contact the Illinois Tollway directly for guidance on resolving your tolls.

How to Pay Unpaid Tolls After 14 Days

If you’ve missed paying your tolls on the Illinois Tollway within the 14-day grace period, don’t worry. There are still options available to settle unpaid tolls without incurring additional penalties.

Online Payment Methods

You can easily pay your late tolls online using the Illinois Tollway’s website. Navigate to the Illinois Tollway’s unpaid toll payment page, where you can settle your unpaid tolls. Here, you’ll need your vehicle information and the date of travel. Payments can typically be made using a credit card.

Pay By Plate Service

The Illinois Tollway offers a convenient Pay By Plate service. This service is designed to let you register your vehicle’s license plate and automatically charge tolls to the credit card you have on file. This is helpful for future toll payments but doesn’t cover tolls incurred more than 14 days prior.

Mail-In Payment Option

For a more traditional method, you have the choice of mail payment. Gather your toll information and send a check or money order for the amount due. The check should be made payable to the Illinois Tollway and mailed per the instructions provided on the notice you’ve received.

In-Person Payment Locations

If you prefer to handle payments in person, the Illinois Tollway has in-person payment locations. You’ll need to visit one of these locations, which can be found via the Illinois Tollway website, where you can pay by cash, check, or credit card. Ensure you bring any notices you’ve received and know your license plate number.

Please note that these methods are subject to change, and it’s best to check the most current information on the Illinois Tollway official website or contact their customer service for assistance.

Late Payment Consequences

When you miss the initial 14-day window to pay your Illinois tolls, it’s important to know that this will result in additional costs. These financial penalties can vary, but they’re intended to encourage timely payments and to cover the administrative costs associated with late toll payments.

Fines and Fees

If your toll payment is late, you will be charged the cash rate for the tolls, which is a higher rate than the usual I-PASS rates.

The Illinois Tollway offers a Pay By Plate service, which allows you to cover your tolls by entering your license plate information and payment details even after the 14-day period, but you should do so promptly to avoid further penalties.

Toll Violations and Penalties

Failing to pay the fine in time will escalate the issue to a toll violation. For each unpaid toll transaction, there is an initial fee of $3 added to the toll amount for passenger vehicles. If left unresolved, these amounts can accumulate, and additional penalties may apply.

Multiple toll violations can lead to further legal action, including the possibility of a hold being placed on your vehicle registration. Remember, a proactive approach to addressing missed toll payments can save you from facing more serious consequences.

Special Cases

In situations where standard procedures don’t apply, such as with rental cars or when managing multiple vehicles, you’ll need to know the specific steps to take to ensure your tolls are paid properly.

Rental Cars

If you’re driving a rental car, the process for paying Illinois tolls after 14 days can be a bit different. You’ll want to immediately check with your rental agency as they might have a system in place for handling toll payments.

Some rental agencies may allow you to pay tolls directly through them or provide a service that takes care of tolls for you. Beware of additional administrative fees that rental agencies may charge for toll processing.

Managing Multiple Vehicles

Handling toll payments for multiple vehicles requires organization. Make sure each vehicle’s license plate details are accurately listed in your toll account. If you missed paying tolls within 14 days, visit the Illinois Tollway’s Pay By Plate system where you can make payments by entering each plate number individually. This way, you can manage tolls for all your vehicles at once and avoid any unwanted fines.

Navigating Illinois Tollways Safely

When traveling on Illinois Tollways such as the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway, Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway, or Veterans Memorial Tollway, it’s important to use transponders correctly, understand cashless tolling practices, and know the different payment types accepted on various roads.

Using Transponders Properly

Transponders, like I-PASS, are electronic devices that you attach to your windshield. They automatically pay tolls as you drive through the toll plazas, keeping your journey smooth and hassle-free. To use them safely and securely, ensure that your transponder is properly mounted on your windshield and that your account has sufficient funds.

Cashless Tolling Practices

Illinois has implemented a cashless tolling system to make your travel more efficient. This means that you can’t pay with cash at the toll booth. Instead, if you don’t have a transponder like I-PASS, the tollway system will capture a photo of your license plate, and you’re expected to pay your tolls online using the Pay By Plate feature. This system encourages you to pay securely and safely without stopping, reducing traffic and potential accidents.

Payment Types by Road

For most Illinois tollways, electronic payment is the standard. However, there are exceptions like the Chicago Skyway, which operates independently and might have different payment options. Here’s a quick breakdown of payment types:

  • Electronic (I-PASS/ E-ZPass): Accepted on all toll roads in Illinois.
  • Online (Pay By Plate): For paying tolls within 14 days after travel without I-PASS.
  • Invoice: If tolls are not paid online within 14 days, an invoice will be sent to you for payment.

Remember, staying informed about toll payment methods is key to ensuring your travel on Illinois tollways is both safe and stress-free.

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