What States Does SunPass Work In: Your Quick Guide to Toll Roads Compatibility

Traveling through Florida and beyond, your SunPass streamlines your journey by paying for tolls on numerous roads, bridges, and even in some other states. It is designed to work seamlessly in Florida and is also accepted in Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, and E-ZPass states with the SunPass Pro transponder.

If you’re planning a trip, the SunPass can be quite the convenience, allowing for quick, cashless toll payments across a significant part of the Southeast and other regions.

Understanding SunPass

SunPass simplifies your travel on Florida’s toll roads by offering various transponder options suitable for your lifestyle and travel needs. Through convenient electronic toll payments, SunPass enables you to zoom through toll booths, saving time and money.

SunPass Transponders

SunPass PRO: The SunPass PRO transponder is a versatile option that works in Florida and 18 additional states throughout the East Coast and Midwest. It’s easily transportable between vehicles, making it a preferred choice if you drive different cars.

SunPass Mini: A more compact option, the SunPass Mini is a sticker transponder that attaches to your vehicle’s windshield. This transponder is for dedicated use in a single vehicle and cannot be moved once placed.

SunPass Portable: If you’re looking for flexibility, the SunPass Portable transponder is a match. It’s a portable device that can be transferred between vehicles, and it’s suitable for individuals who frequently switch cars.

SunPass Options

  • Prepaid Toll Program: Your SunPass account works by pre-loading funds and then deducting tolls as you travel through SunPass lanes.
  • Pay-per-use Basis: If you prefer, you can set up your account to charge tolls to your credit card on a per-use basis.

When you purchase any SunPass transponder, you’ll need to create an account to manage it.

Toll Roads and SunPass

Your SunPass is pretty powerful and works on all toll roads in Florida. It’s accepted on numerous bridges and expressways, covering a vast network to keep your journey smooth. Here’s where you can use your transponder:

  • Florida’s Turnpike System
  • All Florida Expressways
  • Most Bridges with Tolls

Remember, when you use a SunPass, you often benefit from discounted toll rates compared to cash prices.

States Where SunPass Works

SunPass simplifies your travel by working in multiple states, so you can smoothly pay for tolls while on the road. Here’s a detailed look at where SunPass has got you covered.

Florida and SunPass

In Florida, SunPass is the most versatile and convenient way to pay for tolls on roads, bridges, and managed lanes. When you have a SunPass, you’re guaranteed to pay the lowest toll rates across the state. Whether you’re using the SunPass Mini or the SunPass PRO, you’ll find that almost all toll facilities in Florida accept it. Learn more about SunPass usage in Florida.

SunPass in Other States

While it started in Florida, SunPass is now recognized in several other states. This is great news for your travel plans outside Florida, as you won’t have to stop for tolls or worry about carrying exact change. For a seamless experience, it’s essential to have the SunPass PRO, which is designed to be interoperable with other states’ systems.

Interoperable States

As you travel beyond Florida, your SunPass keeps working hard for you. It’s compatible with the E-ZPass system, which is a significant win if you’re traveling up and down the East Coast of the United States. Here’s a list of states where your SunPass can be used:

  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Rhode Island
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • New Jersey
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Kentucky
  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Maine
  • West Virginia
  • New York
  • Ohio

Remember, the interoperability with E-ZPass means smoother travels through most of the Eastern United States.

Benefits and Convenience

Your travel through the Sunshine State and beyond is enhanced by SunPass. This tool effortlessly streamlines your drive on toll roads and bridges, saving time and offering a wealth of other conveniences.

Time Savings and Efficiency

With SunPass, you breeze through toll booths on Florida’s Turnpike and roads managed by the Central Florida Expressway Authority without stopping to fumble for change.

Efficiency is key: SunPass keeps you moving, avoiding long lines, which means you spend less time in traffic and more enjoying your destination. When heading to international airports, SunPass can also be used for convenient parking payments.

Additional Perks of SunPass

Enjoy the benefits of discounted toll rates, which add up to significant savings over time. The SunPass PRO even works in 19 states, making it a versatile choice for your broader travel needs. Plus, managing your account is straightforward: track your spending, check balances, and replenish your account online with ease.

Buying and Managing SunPass

Acquiring your SunPass is straightforward and convenient, allowing for easy account management and a streamlined travel experience across multiple states.

Where to Purchase SunPass

You can purchase a SunPass transponder from a variety of retail locations throughout Florida. For fast access, consider stopping by any CVS, Walgreens, or Publix store, where you can find the transponder and get going swiftly.

Alternatively, you can also order directly from the SunPass website, which may be a convenient option if you prefer to manage your transactions digitally or if a quick trip to the store isn’t on your agenda. For assistance, the SunPass customer service team is readily available at 888-TOLL-FLA.

Managing Your SunPass Account

Once your SunPass transponder is secured, managing your account is a breeze. You have the flexibility to track toll expenditures, check balances, and add funds either through the SunPass website or mobile app. Staying on top of your account ensures you’re always ready for non-stop travel and can make the most of the cost savings on tolls.


Your travel convenience is significantly enhanced with the use of a SunPass, especially if you’re traversing toll roads within Florida. Florida’s SunPass is your go-to option, saving you an average of 25% compared to cash tolls. Remember, SunPass isn’t just limited to Florida.

If you’re planning a trip that extends beyond Florida, the SunPass Pro has you covered in over a dozen states, including Georgia and North Carolina, with the potential for more.

Before you set out, it’s smart to check the compatibility of your toll pass. Here’s a quick look at the coverage:

  • SunPass Pro:

    • Works in Florida and additional states including Georgia and North Carolina.
  • Regular SunPass:

    • Primarily for use in Florida.
    • Limited compatibility with Georgia and North Carolina.

Seamless toll payments make your journey smoother, so it’s worth considering the right toll pass for your travel needs. If your roadmap frequently includes multiple states, investing in a transponder like SunPass Pro is beneficial. You can conveniently pick one up at places like CVS, Walgreens, and Publix.

Keep in mind, electronic tolling is the future of road trips—efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving. Make sure your transponder is up to date to ensure a hassle-free tour across the sunny state of Florida and its neighboring states. Safe travels!

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