How to Pay Tolls in Colorado in a Rental Car: Your Simple Guide

When you’re traveling through Colorado in a rental car, navigating toll roads can be a breeze once you know the process. By updating your ExpressToll account with your rental car information, you’ll enjoy a smoother journey and avoid extra charges from the rental company.

It’s important to register the car with your toll account before you hit the road, ensuring tolls are directly billed to you. This way, you can take advantage of discounts and avoid any administrative fees associated with tolls on Colorado’s roads.

Understanding Colorado’s Toll System

When you’re driving a rental through Colorado, it’s important to understand how to navigate the tolling system. Utilizing the right payment method can save you money and time on Colorado toll roads.

Types of Toll Roads in Colorado

Colorado offers various toll roads that help you bypass congestion and reduce your travel time. ExpressToll is the electronic toll collection system used on most toll roads in Colorado. These roads are equipped with cameras and sensors to record your passage. You’ll find that they are managed to ensure efficient travel and are typically well-maintained.

ExpressToll and License Plate Toll Accounts

To use the toll roads without stopping for payment, you can set up an ExpressToll account. This account uses a transponder that you attach to your rental car’s windshield; it’s scanned by the toll cameras as you pass through the toll points.

  • ExpressToll: Prepaid system with a transponder
  • License Plate Toll: No prepayment; cameras capture your plate and a bill is sent by mail

If you don’t have an ExpressToll account, the License Plate Toll option has you covered. Your rental car’s license plate gets photographed and you’ll receive a bill for the tolls which the rental car agency will usually forward to you, potentially with additional fees.

Renting a Car in Colorado

When you rent a car in Colorado, you should consider both which agency to rent from and how you’ll handle tolls during your travels.

Choosing a Rental Car Agency

In Colorado, a variety of rental car agencies are at your service, providing a range of vehicles to suit your itinerary. Before making a reservation, check each agency’s rental agreement carefully to understand their terms and policies.

It’s essential you choose an agency that not only offers competitive rates but also convenient locations, whether you’re flying into Denver International Airport or arriving at a downtown location.

  • Consider local vs. major chains: Local companies might offer more personalized service, while major chains may have more extensive vehicle options.
  • Vehicle selection: Ensure the agency has the car that fits your needs, whether it’s an SUV for mountain roads or a compact for city travel.

Rental Car Toll Pass Options

As you cruise the scenic roads of Colorado, dealing with tolls can be a breeze with pre-arranged toll pass options. Many rental car agencies provide electronic toll collection systems like ExpressToll or other products like PlatePass which allow you to use express lanes and pay electronically.

  • ExpressToll: Register your rental car for discounts on Colorado toll roads and access rewards programs.
  • TollPass Products: Offered by National Car Rental and other agencies, these allow for automatic toll payments during your rental period.

Make sure to inquire about the availability of these services when you book your rental car, as they can vary based on the location.

Navigating Toll Payments with a Rental Car

When renting a vehicle in Colorado, understanding how to handle toll payments is crucial to avoid extra charges. Your experience can be seamless with the right knowledge on using ExpressToll, interpreting your rental agreement, and circumventing unnecessary fees.

How to Use ExpressToll with Rental Cars

Most rental vehicles in Colorado are registered with ExpressToll, enabling you to use dedicated lanes that process tolls electronically. To utilize this service:

  1. Add the rental car’s license plate to your ExpressToll account.
  2. Tolls are directly charged to your account.
  3. Avoid the rental company’s administrative fees.

Note: Some rental companies provide a non-removable ExpressToll transponder in the car, automatically enrolling you in their toll program.

Understanding Rental Agreement Terms

It’s critical to read and understand the rental agreement terms related to tolls. Your agreement will outline:

  • Whether tolls are included.
  • How administrative fees are applied.
  • The process of toll payments—whether you need cash, change, or if charges will be applied to a credit card.

For clarification or dispute resolution, always reach out to your rental company’s customer service.

Avoiding Unnecessary Charges

To not incur extra costs:

  • Use ExpressToll lanes where possible.
  • Keep track of toll roads and payments made.
  • Prepay for tolls if the option is available.
  • Review your final bill for any inconsistencies with toll charges and administrative fees.

Being proactive and informed can significantly cut down on any additional administrative fees from your rental car company.

Comparing Toll Systems Across Regions

When you’re driving a rental car, understanding how to pay tolls is crucial, especially as toll systems can vary significantly by region. Below is a guide to these variations, including specifics on international toll systems.

Toll Road Variations by State

In the United States, toll payment methods and systems can differ from state to state, which can be confusing if you’re not prepared.

For instance, if you’re driving in Colorado, you may encounter toll roads like E-470 where you can pay with ExpressToll. ExpressToll customers receive discounted toll rates, and tolls are automatically deducted from a pre-paid account.

  • Northeast United States: The E-ZPass system is prevalent, allowing you to travel through states like New York and Massachusetts with ease.
  • Florida: SunPass is widely used, which like E-ZPass, allows for electronic toll collection.
  • Southern and Northern California Bay Area: The FasTrak pass is your go-to, which also works on the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Texas: Both TxTag and TollTag serve the majority of toll roads.
  • North Carolina and Georgia: The Peach Pass simplifies your journeys across state lines.

Washington State, Puerto Rico, and Ontario, Canada also have their distinct toll systems, so it’s essential to research in advance. For instance, Washington State leverages the Good To Go! pass, whereas Ontario uses the electronic toll system 407 ETR.

International Toll Roads and Systems

Internationally, each country has its own methods and systems for toll collection:

  • Ontario, Canada: Utilizes 407 ETR, a free-flow toll highway with no toll booths; billing is done via mail or online.
  • Puerto Rico: AutoExpreso tags are used for electronic toll payments on highways.

Broadly speaking, many countries have adopted electronic toll collection systems to ease the payment process and alleviate traffic congestion. Always check the rental car policies on tolls when traveling, as these charges can sometimes be billed to the registered owner of the vehicle, which in the case of rentals, is the rental car company.


When you’re in Colorado and decide to rent a car, managing toll payments can be straightforward if you remember these key points:

  • Quickly Add Rental Cars: Ensure to add your rental vehicle to your ExpressToll account before using toll roads to enjoy up to a 35% discount and avoid additional fees.
  • Avoid Administrative Fees: Rental companies may charge extra fees for tolls. Adding your rental plate to an ExpressToll account can save you money by charging only for the tolls incurred.
  • Post-Trip Payments: If you’ve already driven on a toll road, understand that payment options may be limited and could involve additional costs.
  • Rental Tolls: Get familiar with your rental car’s toll program; some offer daily fees for unlimited toll usage, which might be cost-effective depending on your travel plans.

By being prepared and informed, you can navigate Colorado’s toll roads with ease, keeping your travel budget in check and your focus on the adventure ahead. Safe travels!

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