How Do You Pay Tolls in a Rental Car Enterprise: Simplifying Your Road Trip Expenses

When renting a car from Enterprise, managing toll payments can be quite seamless. During your rental period, you can pay for tolls using the car rental company’s toll program, such as the TollPass™ Service, which charges you for each day you use a toll road.

It’s important to ask the rental agency about their toll policies to avoid surprises on your bill. Alternatives include paying tolls online where possible or directly at the toll booth if available. Always review your rental agreement for specific toll payment details to ensure a hassle-free driving experience.

Understanding Toll Payments with Rental Cars

When renting a car, it’s important to know how you’ll handle toll roads during your travels. With the right information, managing toll payments can be stress-free and straightforward.

The Basics of Toll Roads

Toll roads are highways or bridges where you pay a fee to use them. These tolls are used to maintain and fund infrastructure projects. When driving a rental car, it’s your responsibility to pay these tolls. Many toll roads have converted to electronic systems, meaning there are no cash booths, and your payment is automatically recorded.

Car Rental Companies and Their Policies

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, like many car rental companies, offers its own toll payment solutions. If you rent a vehicle with Enterprise, you’ll be given the option to use their TollPass program. This program enables you to drive through electronic toll lanes without stopping to pay cash. Remember that rental companies may charge additional fees for this convenience.

Rental Car Toll Payment Methods

There are typically two methods for paying tolls in a rental car:

  1. Using a Personal Transponder: If you have a personal toll transponder such as an I-PASS, you can often use it in your rental vehicle. Make sure to register the rental car’s license plate on your account beforehand to avoid any issues.
  2. Rental Company’s Program: Opt-in for the rental company’s toll program, like Enterprise’s TollPass. While convenient, it will incur an additional daily fee on top of the tolls.

By understanding these aspects, you can navigate toll roads confidently and avoid unnecessary fines or fees during your rental car journey.

Enterprise-Specific Toll Payment Process

When you rent a car with Enterprise, it’s important to understand the toll payment process to avoid unexpected charges. Here’s how you can navigate toll roads and utilize Enterprise’s services for a stress-free trip.

Enterprise’s Toll Policies

Enterprise has streamlined the process of paying for toll charges during your rental period. If you drive through a toll road, the payment is facilitated by Enterprise’s own TollPass Program. The specific details on tolls and related charges can typically be found within your rental agreement. For toll roads that do not accept cash, Enterprise’s rental cars might be equipped with a toll transponder or you may be billed later for the tolls incurred during your rental.

How to Use Enterprise TollPass Program

Participating in the TollPass Program allows you to pass through tolls without stopping for cash payments. The process is as follows:

  1. Drive through electronic toll lanes: The transponder recorded by the toll plaza will register the toll.
  2. Toll charges: These charges, along with a convenience fee, are then automatically billed to the credit card used for the rental agreement.
  3. Convenience fees: There is a convenience fee for each day you use a tolled road, capped at a certain amount for your entire rental period.

For more detailed information on the TollPass Program, such as using it in the Northeast United States, you may want to visit the Enterprise Rental Toll Pass Options webpage.

Remember, if you don’t use a toll road, there is no TollPass service charge on your rental days. Always check your specific rental agreement or contact Enterprise customer service for the most accurate information regarding your rental and potential toll road charges.

Toll Payment Options for Renters

When you rent a car with Enterprise, you have convenient ways to handle toll payments across various toll roads. Understanding these options will help ensure smooth travels and management of fees during your rental period.

Transponders and Toll Pass Devices

Transponders, such as E-ZPass, are available with many rental cars and can be used across participating states. They offer an easy way to pay tolls electronically. If your rental includes one of these devices, toll charges will automatically register whenever you pass through an electronic toll booth.

Toll charges and any associated fees will be itemized and charged to the credit card used for your rental. If you need more details or have concerns about how tolls are charged, customer service representatives can guide you through the toll payment process.

Rental Car Toll Charges

Rental car toll charges might include administrative fees in addition to the actual toll costs. Typically, you’ll be charged a daily fee for each day a toll transponder is used, capped at a maximum amount per rental period.

Here are some specific details for Enterprise: A fee of $3.95 per day is applied up to a maximum of $19.75 per rental period for using electronic tolls. If you have any questions about these charges or if you want to obtain a copy of your toll fees, it’s best to contact Enterprise’s customer service.

Remember to check your rental agreement when you pick up the vehicle, so you’re aware of how toll charges will be handled and what fees may apply. It’s also wise to ask the rental agent if the vehicle is equipped with a toll pass and if there are specific instructions for its use.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

When renting a car from Enterprise, navigating toll roads requires attention to detail to avoid extra charges. Understanding the processes and your options ensures a smoother experience.

Avoiding Unnecessary Fees

To prevent unexpected costs, enroll in the highway toll administration program offered by many rental companies. This might incur a daily fee but will cover all tolls.

If you choose to bypass this option, be aware that driving through cashless tolls without an active service may lead to an added administrative fee on top of the toll cost. Always double-check your rental agreement for specifics on toll charges and payment options.

  • Check if your rental has an e-toll collection device and understand how to use it.
  • If you opt to pay tolls yourself, keep receipts as proof.
  • For tolls or violations, use your credit card number to pay directly online when possible.

Privacy and Payment Security

Your personal information, like your license plate number, credit card number, and privacy policy adherence, should be top of mind:

  • Review the privacy policy concerning how your information is handled with toll payments.
  • When paying tolls, use a credit card to ensure secure transactions and avoid exposing your banking details.
  • Protect your license plate number and rental agreement details when making payments or disputing charges.

By staying informed and cautious, you can confidently navigate toll payments with your rental car while safeguarding your personal information and finances.


When you’re returning your rental car, paying for tolls with Enterprise Rent-A-Car can be straightforward if you remember a few key points:

  • Your toll charges can be conveniently handled with the TollPass service, which allows you to drive through electronic toll lanes. This service is convenient but check the specific conditions based on where you’ve rented your car.
  • If you prefer to use your own toll pass, like an I-Pass, you’ll need to ensure the vehicle’s license plate is connected to your account before you start your journey.


  • Keep track of tolls: To avoid surprises, keep a log of the toll booths you pass through.
  • Payment: For non-e-toll payments, you can mail your payment; Enterprise provides a mailing address specifically for this purpose.

Lastly, always check with Enterprise about their most current toll policies during your rental pickup to ensure you have the latest information. Safe travels!

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