How Do Tolls Work with Rental Cars Hertz: Your Easy Guide to Toll Charges

When you rent a car from Hertz, navigating toll roads becomes a breeze with their PlatePass service. This convenient feature in your rental car saves you the hassle of manual toll payments. As you drive on toll roads, PlatePass automatically takes care of the charges, so you can travel without interruptions.

Understanding Toll Charges with Rental Cars

Navigating toll charges when you’re renting a car can be as significant as choosing the right vehicle for your trip. It’s important to know that these fees can be managed effectively with a little know-how.

Types of Toll Systems

Electronic Tolls: Also known as cashless tolls, they’ve become increasingly common. Here, your rental car trips through toll plazas are automatically registered without you needing to stop and pay with cash.

  • Toll Transponders: Devices like the PlatePass with Hertz allow you to drive through designated lanes, and the tolls are charged to the account associated with the transponder.

How Toll Charges Are Calculated

Toll charges depend on various factors:

  • Toll Rate: This is the fee set by the toll authority, which often varies by vehicle type and distance traveled. The transponder or toll system recognizes your rental and applies the correct toll rate.
  • Administrative Fees: Rental companies might charge these fees on top of the undiscounted toll rate if you use their toll payment system. Fees are often per rental day, up to a maximum cap.

Example: Hertz rental vehicles are enabled for use on electronic toll systems. When you pass through a cashless toll, the fees incurred are billed to you, often with an added administrative cost. Rates can vary, and specific terms should be checked to avoid surprises.

Rental Car Companies and Toll Policies

When you’re on the road with a rental car, navigating toll policies can be as crucial as navigating the roads themselves. Each rental car company has its own set of guidelines when it comes to handling tolls, which can influence your rental experience and costs.

Hertz’s Toll Policy

Hertz makes handling tolls hassle-free with their PlatePass service. When you drive a Hertz vehicle, if you pass through a toll without using a personal transponder or another approved method, PlatePass will automatically activate.

This service charges a $4.95 daily fee along with the toll fees—at a rate typically higher than what’s charged to cash or toll-by-plate users. Keep in mind, though, that there is a maximum fee cap at $24.75 per rental.

Other Major Rental Car Companies:

  • Avis and Budget follow a similar model, with a $5.95 per day fee up to $29.75 per rental period, plus the cost of tolls.
  • Dollar and Thrifty offer a PlatePass all-inclusive service for a daily set fee, covering all your tolls. However, if you don’t enroll and pass through a cashless toll, expect an administration fee on top of the toll cost.
  • Silvercar stands out by not charging extra for tolls.

It’s important for you to review each company’s policy before hitting the road to avoid unexpected charges. While Enterprise, Alamo, and National haven’t been mentioned, they typically offer similar toll payment services.

Lesser-known companies like Fox, Payless, E-Z Rent a Car, and Sixt might offer different toll payment options, so checking with them directly can provide clarity for your trip.

Remember, navigating tolls successfully with rental cars requires understanding the unique policies of each rental company. This knowledge will help ensure you aren’t surprised by additional fees during your journey.

Toll Payment Options for Rental Car Users

When you rent a car, navigating toll payment options is essential to avoid unexpected fees. Understanding your choices, such as using rental transponders, your personal transponder, or paying directly can save time and money.

PlatePass and Other Rental Transponders

Hertz rental vehicles come equipped with PlatePass, a service that automatically pays for tolls incurred on e-toll roads. When you drive through a covered tollway without an alternative toll payment method, PlatePass activates. Here’s how it works:

  • Activation: No upfront action is required; it activates when you pass through a toll.
  • Fees: Daily service fee plus incurred tolls added post-rental.

Other rental agencies offer similar transponders, like SunPass or Toll Tag. Check with your rental agency for specific offerings and rates.

Using Personal Transponders

If you have a personal transponder, you can often use it in your rental car. To do this:

  1. Ensure compatibility with the rental vehicle and toll roads.
  2. Notify the rental agency to avoid double charges.

Remember, each toll region has its own system, so check that your transponder works in the area you’ll be driving.

Paying Tolls Online or in Cash

In areas where cash is still accepted, you can pay cash at toll booths. Additionally, some toll authorities offer online payment options which typically require:

  • Timely Payment: Payments need to be made within a short window following toll road use.
  • License Plate Information: You’ll provide the rental car’s plate number for the toll charge.

For cashless toll regions, ensure you know the online process to avoid penalties. Always keep your rental agreement handy for reference.

Geographic Variations in Tolling for Rental Cars

When you’re renting a car from Hertz, it’s important to understand that tolling isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. Depending on where you are in the United States, the way tolls are handled can vary greatly, especially with rental cars.

State-Specific Toll Systems

Each state operates its own toll system, which can have significant implications for rental car drivers. For instance, in California, you’ll find that some toll roads offer the option to pay online, such as when crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Florida provides a program named SunPass, which is beneficial for frequent travelers as it offers a discounted rate for toll roads and bridges.

In Texas, the TxTag system lets you whiz through toll stations on roads like the Texas State Highway 130 without stopping for cash payments. New York utilizes E-ZPass, and missing a toll could result in a violation fee, which is especially important to note when using rental cars.

Colorado employs the ExpressToll service, offering access to express lanes like those on I-25 and the convenience of an online payment system.

Toll Roads in Major Regions

Regionally, toll systems will also differ. For example, the I-15 Express Lanes in California are designed for quicker travel and the use of FasTrak transponders for toll collection. In addition to Florida and New York, states such as Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Massachusetts are part of the E-ZPass network. This allows you to drive through multiple states without the hassle of different toll passes.

Understanding these geographic variations is crucial. Hertz offers services like PlatePass for a daily fee, allowing unlimited toll usage that simplifies travel through these diverse tolling landscapes.

Keep in mind, fees for the PlatePass service can vary by location, so always check with Hertz for the specific details pertaining to your rental and travel plans.

Fees and Charges Specific to Rental Tolls

When you rent a car, navigating the toll system can be as crucial as navigating the roads. It’s important to understand the specific fees and charges that are applied to tolls when driving a rental vehicle, such as those from Hertz.

Administrative Fees and Convenience Charges

Administrative fees and convenience charges often apply when you pass through tolls in a rental car. With Hertz, for instance, you might encounter a service fee known as PlatePass.

This is a convenience offered by the rental company, where tolls are paid electronically, avoiding the need to stop or have change for tolls.

However, you’ll pay an added convenience fee, on top of the actual toll charges, which can be up to $5.95 per day that you use this service, with a maximum fee cap per rental period.

  • Daily Administrative/Convenience Fee: $5.95
  • Maximum Cap on Fee: Varies (could be a set amount per rental)

Understanding Penalties and Service Fees

In addition to the daily fees, you might also incur penalties if you use a toll road without paying the tolls in the manner stipulated by the rental company. This could result in significant service fees on top of the toll charge and potentially incurred administrative fees.

Always check the rental agreement for details on the penalties to avoid surprises on your invoice. If tolls are not paid appropriately, it could result in a toll violation, and the penalties for these can be steep, including both the toll amount and additional fees.

  • Penalties: Toll amount + Additional service fees
  • Service Fees: Can vary; specify in your rental agreement

By keeping these fees in mind and reading your rental agreement carefully, you’ll be better prepared to manage the costs associated with rental car tolls.

Strategies to Minimize Toll Expenses with Rental Cars

Exploring your options and making informed choices can save you money when dealing with tolls during your car rental experience. Here’s how you can keep those costs down.

How to Avoid Toll Roads

To bypass tolls entirely, consider planning your route in advance to utilize free roads. Most GPS systems and map apps have a feature that allows you to avoid toll roads when selecting your route.

Keep an eye out for signs indicating an express lane, which often leads to a toll road, and choose alternate lanes accordingly. Remember that avoiding tolls may result in a longer travel time, so weigh the potential time cost against the monetary savings.

Opting for Unlimited Toll Plans

If you’re anticipating frequent toll road usage, an unlimited toll plan can be cost-effective. Companies like Hertz offer an opt-in service where, for a set daily fee, you can access toll roads without worrying about individual toll charges.

Be sure to check the terms as these deals often come with a cap for a specific number of days. Opting for an unlimited plan ensures that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of tracking toll costs during your trip, providing peace of mind and potentially saving money if you’re using tolls frequently.


When you rent from Hertz, managing tolls is simple and concerns about carrying exact change for toll booths can be a thing of the past. With PlatePass, toll roads become less of a hassle. Remember, when driving on tollways such as SR 73 or I-110 in Southern California, you have the convenience of a One-Time-Toll payment option available through the toll authority’s website.

If your journey takes you across multiple states, rest easy. Hertz’s PlatePass is available in over 20 states, catering to a variety of toll systems like E-ZPass and I-PASS. To learn more about purchasing and using PlatePass for your next trip, be sure to check Hertz’s guidelines online.

Be aware of the daily fee implications—PlatePass entails a $4.95 daily charge with tolls billed at the applicable rate, but this fee is capped (avoid excess charges) at $24.75 per rental.

Lastly, should you have questions about your rental or need assistance, customer service is readily accessible. Enjoy your drive knowing that with Hertz, tolls are one less thing to worry about.

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