How to Pay NY Tolls Without E-ZPass: Simple Alternatives for Drivers

Driving in New York might lead you through various tolls. If you don’t have an E-ZPass, don’t worry. New York’s toll system accommodates drivers without it, allowing you to pay through alternative methods.

Navigating toll payments without E-ZPass is straightforward. A camera captures your license plate, and a bill is sent to you. This offers a convenient way to manage toll payments after your trip.

Understanding New York’s Toll System

In New York, navigating toll payments can be simple even without an E-ZPass. Whether crossing a bridge or passing through a tunnel, you have options such as cashless tolling and Tolls by Mail.

Overview of E-ZPass

E-ZPass is a convenient tool for frequent travelers. By signing up, you receive a transponder to place in your vehicle, which allows tolls to be automatically deducted from a pre-paid account when you pass through bridges or tunnels equipped with E-ZPass sensors.

Cashless Tolling Mechanics

Cashless tolling has transformed how you pay tolls in New York. When you drive under a tolling gantry, these systems use cameras to capture your license plate number. The Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge is just one of many locations utilizing cashless tolling.

Tolls by Mail

For those without E-ZPass, Tolls by Mail is your go-to method. After you pass a toll, you’ll receive a bill in the mail to be paid online or via postal mail. Remember to update your address to ensure you receive your bill promptly.

Different Ways to Pay Tolls Without EZ-Pass

You have several convenient options to pay New York tolls even if you don’t have an EZ-Pass. These options ensure you can manage your toll payments comfortably and avoid any potential fines.

Pay with Cash at Participating Locations

You can use cash to pay tolls at designated retail locations found throughout the state. These participating locations often include pharmacies and grocery stores, making it easy for you to stop by and take care of your toll payments while running other errands.

Pay by Mail

After passing a toll, you’ll receive a tolls by mail statement to the registered vehicle owner’s address. You can pay this bill by simply mailing a check or money order back to the tolling agency.

Pay Online Using Credit or Debit Card

For speed and convenience, pay your tolls online using a credit or debit card. This option allows you to settle your toll fees from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Pay Via Automatic Bank Account Deduction

Link your bank account to the toll operator’s payment system, and toll charges can be deducted automatically. This ensures you never miss a payment and avoid any late fees associated with tolls.

Pay in Person at Customer Service Centers

If you prefer handling transactions in person, visit one of the customer service centers. You can speak to a representative and pay your tolls with cash, credit card, or debit card.

Managing Payments and Disputes

When navigating the toll payment system in New York without an E-ZPass, it’s essential to understand the bills you receive and know how to handle any disputes or incorrect charges efficiently.

Understanding Toll Bills and Fees

Your journey through New York’s toll roads might involve receiving a Toll Bill sent to your address, based on a photo taken of your vehicle’s license plate.

This bill includes the toll amount and often an administrative fee. Keep your vehicle’s registration information updated with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to ensure bills are sent to the correct registered owner.

Dispute Resolution Process

If you believe there has been an error in your bill, you can follow the tolling authority’s dispute resolution process. It’s important to act quickly, as unpaid tolls can accrue additional fees.

To start this process, gather evidence such as payment records or license plate information, then submit your dispute as outlined by the tolling authority’s guidelines.

How to Contest Incorrect Charges

Incorrect charges can happen. Perhaps it’s a case of mistaken license plate identity or a glitch in the toll system. To contest these charges, provide proof like payment receipts or time-stamped photos showing a different location during the toll transaction.

Submit this proof to the authority’s designated contact, either online or via mail, to address the issue. The New York State Bridge Authority offers clear steps for contesting charges, and make sure to check for similar procedures with the authority that issued your bill.

Special Considerations for Non-EZ-Pass Users

If you’re traveling New York’s toll roads without an E-ZPass, it’s important to be aware of discount programs, how to sidestep penalties, and the nuances for out-of-state travelers.

Discount Programs for Non-EZ-Pass Payments

Even if you don’t use E-ZPass, some discount programs may still be available to you on New York state’s thruways. For instance, the New York State Thruway Authority offers a Pay Per Trip plan, which bills the tolls to your registered account without requiring a prepaid balance.

Avoiding Penalties and Additional Fees

Avoiding extra fees is crucial when paying tolls by mail. Be sure to pay your bills promptly to avoid late penalties, which can include added fees of up to $100, or worse, a suspension of your vehicle registration.

This will ensure a smooth driving experience without unwelcome surprises.

Tips for Out-of-State Drivers

Out-of-state drivers should know that a toll bill will be mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner. If you’re visiting, ensure your vehicle’s license plate is updated and visible.

This helps the cashless tolling system to capture the correct information. If by chance you miss a toll, you can proactively search for and pay tolls by your license plate on the New York State Thruway website. This can help avoid delayed bills and added fees.


If you’re driving in New York and do not use an E-ZPass, rest assured there are still multiple alternatives for paying tolls. The Tolls by Mail feature ensures that you can pay for your travels via a system that captures your license plate and sends a bill to your registered address. It’s crucial that you keep your vehicle registration details current to avoid any issues.

Alternatively, Pay Toll Now is available for a short period after you’ve passed a toll. Quick action is key, as this option typically requires payment within a certain timeframe. The E-ZPass On-the-Go is yet another choice; it’s a tag you can easily pick up at retail locations, allowing you to pay as you travel without needing a pre-established account.

For transparency, remember that your chosen method may have its own fees and payment deadlines. To avoid penalties, always pay by the due date.

  • Keep Track: Always note the date and location of the tolls.
  • Prompt Payment: Pay before the due date to avoid extra charges.
  • Stay Informed: Understand different fees associated with each option.

By being proactive and informed about these processes, your travel experience in New York will be smoother and more manageable. Safe travels!

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