How Do I Upgrade to SunPass Pro: Easy Guide to Enhanced Toll Travel

Upgrading to a SunPass PRO can streamline your travel through tolls across Florida and beyond. It’s a convenient choice if you frequent toll roads and want to ease your journeys by using just one transponder in multiple states. To switch to SunPass PRO, your current SunPass account can serve as the foundation for a quick upgrade.

Eligibility and Requirements for Upgrade

Upgrading to SunPass PRO is straightforward. If you’re a Florida resident, frequent visitor, or even an out-of-state driver, this section will clarify if you’re eligible and what you need to upgrade.

Eligibility Criteria

To upgrade to a SunPass PRO, you must:

  1. Be a current SunPass account holder. This ensures that you are familiar with Florida’s toll system and have an active account.
  2. Possess any vehicle that meets SunPass’ transponder usage criteria. If you own multiple vehicles, each one must have its own transponder.

Eligibility extends beyond just Florida residents. Even if you’re only visiting or passing through, SunPass PRO might be a beneficial upgrade, especially if you plan to travel through other states where the transponder is accepted.

Required Documents and Information

When you’re ready to upgrade, have the following ready:

  • Personal Identification: This could be your driver’s license — very important for Florida drivers to verify your identity.
  • Vehicle Information: Vehicle registration details are necessary for each vehicle that will be linked to your SunPass PRO.

The information provided must be current and accurate to ensure a smooth transition to your new SunPass PRO. Keep these documents handy to expedite your upgrade process.

The Upgrade Process for SunPass Pro

Upgrading to a SunPass Pro transponder enhances your toll-road experience by providing wider coverage, especially if you frequently travel across multiple states. This section will guide you through upgrading from a standard SunPass to the more versatile SunPass Pro.

Step-by-Step Upgrade Instructions

First, visit the SunPass website and log into your account. Navigate to the upgrade section dedicated to SunPass Pro. Follow the prompts to request an upgrade. You’ll need your existing SunPass Mini or Portable Transponder details handy.

Purchasing a SunPass Pro Transponder

If you don’t have an existing transponder, you can purchase a SunPass Pro by selecting the “Buy SunPass Pro” option on the SunPass website. Choose a SunPass Pro transponder for its added benefits, such as the ability to move it between multiple cars, and complete the transaction.

Activating Your SunPass Pro

Once your new SunPass Pro transponder arrives, activate it on the SunPass website by entering the transponder number and following the instructions provided. It’s important to activate your SunPass Pro before you start using it to ensure that your trips are properly tracked and billed.

Interoperability of SunPass Pro

The SunPass Pro offers you the ability to travel through tolls in multiple states beyond Florida, ensuring convenience for your travels up and down the East Coast and in the Midwest.

States Where SunPass Pro Works

Your SunPass Pro is accepted across a notable number of states, ensuring smooth travel without the need to purchase different transponders. See below for where you can expect to use it:

  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • West Virginia
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • Maine
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Ohio

By holding a SunPass Pro, you are covered across these 16 states.

National Interoperability

The concept of national interoperability means that when you carry a SunPass Pro, you can seamlessly drive through tolls within the E-ZPass network. This feature mirrors the compatibility that was once exclusive to local E-ZPass tags but now extends to you, the SunPass Pro user.

This enhances your experience by minimizing the need for multiple toll accounts or stopping at toll booths when crossing state lines.

Using SunPass Pro Beyond Tolls

Your SunPass Pro transponder is more than just a toll payment device; it unlocks convenient parking options at various locations including select airports and stadiums.

Airport Parking with SunPass Pro

Your SunPass Pro allows you to effortlessly pay for parking at multiple international airports across Florida. If you’re flying out of airports like Miami International Airport or Tampa International Airport, look for the SunPass Plus entry lanes for a quick and seamless parking experience.

SunPass Plus Parking Program

The SunPass Plus Parking program extends the utility of your SunPass Pro, providing easy parking payment at places like Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Make sure your transponder is properly mounted and has sufficient funds, and you’ll be able to enter and exit designated SunPass Plus parking areas with ease.


Upgrading to a SunPass PRO is a smart choice if you frequently travel across Florida and various other states. It’s designed to work in not just Florida but also in 21 other states, including all E-ZPass regions. This level of convenience means wherever your travels take you, your tolls are covered with just one account.

Here’s a quick checklist to ensure your upgrade process is smooth:

  • Verify Compatibility: Ensure your vehicle is compatible with the SunPass PRO transponder.
  • Easy Upgrade: Upgrading can be done by calling the SunPass service center, visiting a retail location, or online through SunPass’s website.
  • Portable and Cost-Effective: For a reasonable price, you get a portable transponder that moves with you from car to car.

Remember, your upgrade supports the work of the Florida Department of Transportation and respective efforts by authorities like Kevin J. Thibault to enhance transport infrastructure across the state. Embrace the ease of travel with SunPass PRO and enjoy streamlined road trips without the hassle of stopping for tolls. Safe travels!

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