Mini Cooper Footwell Module Reset: A Step-by-Step Guide

As a car owner, the electrical system is a part you must effectively pay attention to. This way, you can prevent unnecessary sparks, overheating, electrical short, and potential fire. Driving a Mini Cooper requires much more detailed attention. This car comes fully packed with a wide range of lights, including interior lights, ambient lighting, and Union Jack design LED lights. It also features LED fog lights. 

Essentially, the electrical system of a Mini Cooper is more complex than you think. No thanks to the vulnerability of the model’s Footwell module, and FRM module. This module is prone to fail, especially for several reasons, and we’ll get to that shortly.

What reasons can account for the collapse of your Mini Cooper Footwell module and what can you do to fix it without delay? This article provides some answers and guides on Mini Copper Footwell module reset.  

How Important is the Mini Cooper Footwell Module (FRM)?

This is me driving in my Mini Cooper on a beautiful evening, and following along with my favorite song playing. Suddenly, I try to roll down the window to let more wind in my hair, but it doesn’t budge, and the interior lights go dark. What could be the culprit? Well, it might just be the footwell module! 

The Footwell Module (FRM) is a crucial component of the electrical systems and power windows in Mini Cooper vehicles. It’s also responsible for exterior mirrors, AC heating fans, as well as exterior and interior lights. 

In addition, the module is the computer of all electrical systems and it controls all the lights and bulbs in the car. This means that a lot of electrical components in your car rely on the footwell module to function. 

When there’s a short circuit or the battery goes dead, this system will crash and the lighting in your car will stop working.

Typically, you can find it in the driver’s side footwell area, behind the kick panel, which is a plastic panel below the dashboard. The location of the footwell module may vary slightly depending on the Mini Cooper model and the year of production.

It functions as an electrical hub and is responsible for controlling a lot of what goes on in the car. As a matter of fact, its importance lies in ensuring the proper functioning of certain features, as well as safety and convenience. These features include central locking, lighting, and windows.

When the footwell module becomes faulty, these things won’t work. You know what’s next? The service light on the dash comes up. A malfunctioning FRM can cause bigger issues, affecting the overall performance of your vehicle.

Common Issues and Malfunctions with FRM

  • Hazard lights failure
  • Difficulty in seat adjustments
  • Interior lights not turning on/off correctly or flickering.
  • Failure to communicate with scan tools
  • You may not be able to turn the headlights and/or the taillights off 
  • Power windows may function, then stop, or might start to close but not go all the way up
  • Electric windows not working or will open but not always close
  • No communications with the FRM unit
  • AC/heating fan does not work
  • Maintenance/service light permanently on the dashboard.

What Causes Footwell Module Issues?

The FRM Footwell Module keeps track of and finds short circuits in the wiring or a short circuit light. The module’s normal operation can be hampered majorly by a range of things. It can be software, in which case there’s a configuration issue. It can also be a hardware issue.  

  • Wiring or connection errors: Since the FRM module controls all lighting, any error in wiring or electrical connection can trigger a fault. The computer will shut down once the electrical connections aren’t right. 
  • Short circuits: Generally, a short is a killer of the electrical system. Once the computer doesn’t receive sufficient energy due to a shortage in the current, it won’t work as it should.   
  • Damaged connectors: Damaged connectors can trigger faulty sensors, power windows, and failing lights. 
  • Dead battery: Dead battery means that your battery won’t supply any current to the footwell module. You also don’t want to jump-start or replace a dead battery with another. This is because doing these can potentially cause damage to your engine. Once the battery is dead, the lighting, electrical components, and windows won’t work.

 The module will eventually turn that specific output off permanently if the error is not soon fixed. No matter whether you have fixed the problem, the light will remain off once it is switched off.

How Can I Reset Mini Cooper FRM?

Bad news: you can’t use an OBD scanner to diagnose a faulty FRM module. Why? The module isn’t able to communicate with a diagnostic device. So, what’s the alternative? You can resolve the issue with some software programming skills. With a programming tool like HexProg, you can reset and fix the Mini Cooper FRM system

Here are the steps: 

  • Unplug the FRM module from the car. You’ll find the module beneath the driver-side trim panel for pedal operation. 
  • Make sure you carefully remove the module to avoid damage to the car. The control may also get bad if not carefully handled. 
  • Pull out the FRM board from the casing
  • Using a BCD cable, you can solder wires to the FRM system. Ensure you solder the wires to the right colors blue, black, yellow, and red.
  • After soldering the wires, confirm by putting the different wires in the right place using the HexProg connector. 
  • Choose the FRM/CPU version from the HexProg software
  • Go to the screen and click on ‘Read.’ This will read the P Splash FRM and save the file
  • Read the ‘Repair FRM’ function from the Programmer. This function will help repair corrupted FRM EEPROM data. The object is to recover the original data from P-Splash
  • If the process is successful, you’ll get a response like, FRM EEPROM has been repaired.

There you go! Remember this reset is only if the issue with the FRM system is software. If you’re dealing with a FRM hardware problem, a few replacements might be what you need.  

Final Thoughts

Resetting the Mini Cooper Footwell module is an essential step in addressing electrical faults and restoring the vehicle’s normal performance. This procedure resolves problems like broken windows, lights, or other electrical components by removing any stored error codes and reinitializing the module’s settings. 

However, exercise extreme caution because a faulty reset may result in more serious problems. Consequently, it is advised to either seek professional assistance or adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

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