5 Causes of Mitsubishi Airbag System Service Required

The Mitsubishi airbag safety system implements a technology designed to reduce the impact of collisions during accidents.

This safety feature relies on components, including sensors, radars, and wiring connections, which play an important role in airbag deployment. 

Failure of any of these components may prevent the airbag from deploying and trigger the Airbag system service required error.

You should act fast when you get this error, as it risks your safety and other passengers.  This article will examine the meaning, causes, and fixes of the Mitsubishi airbag system service required.

What is Mitsubishi Airbag System Service Required?

When the airbag system service required message comes up, it shows something is wrong with the airbag. When a message like this comes up, it is usually related to damaged sensors or electrical issues. 

The Mitsubishi airbag system is called the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS). How does Supplemental Restraint System work? Once there is a crash, the vehicle’s computer system is notified, thanks to various sensors located in the car. 

The sensor will detect collision on certain vehicle parts, like the car’s side, front, and back. 

Once the sensor picks up the collision, a signal is sent to the Engine Computer Unit (ECU) notifying it of the crash. After this, the SRS system is notified to deploy the airbag in the event of a collision. 

In addition, the SRS is meant to reduce the effect of the collision on the driver and passenger through the airbag. Although, in many cases, it does not entirely stop injuries sustained during a crash, it can drastically reduce the extent of injuries. 

In modern Mitsubishi cars, there are a lot of sensors the system uses. It is not only limited to the front of the vehicle. Some of the sensors include the following. 

1. Front Impact sensor 

The sensor detects when a collision has happened and notifies the ECU. They can be found at the front of the vehicles with the crush zone. About two of these sensors are located at the front of the car. 

2. Seat slide sensor 

The seat slide sensor is attached and responsible for providing the driver’s seat position to the ECU. The sensor will sense how close the front seat is to the steering wheel. It will prevent the airbag from deploying with excessive force. 

3. Side impact sensor 

The side impact sensor measures the collision intensity within the passenger door side. There are about four of these sensors located at strategic positions. 

4. Passenger seat weight sensor

The sensor measures the weight of the passenger seating at the front seat. It is to determine if the occupant is an adult or a child.  

Causes of Mitsubishi Airbag System Service Required

Below are some of the causes of an airbag system service required message. 

1. Faulty sensors 

One of the common causes of airbag system service required is a faulty sensor. The passenger seat weight sensor is most likely to cause the problem. Although other sensors could trigger the issue, it is rare for them to go bad. Except they have been replaced before.  

2. Low voltage 

The SRS system uses electricity; this is how the system collects and delivers. When low voltage goes into the system, it will not function properly, and in some cases, it will not function totally. 

Issues with the battery usually cause low voltage. When the battery is bad, it does not supply sufficient current to the engine. 

3. Damaged wires 

Another cause of the “airbag system service required” message is a damaged wire harness. The wiring harness supplies current to all parts of the SRS system. Sometimes, the wire can be damaged due to correction, pests, and other contaminants. 

When the wire is damaged, the SRS will not be adequately powered and, therefore, not function as it should. It will cause the “airbag system service required” warning message to come on. 

4. Previous accident 

When there has been a previous accident, it is recorded in the SRS module and can trigger the airbag system service required warning message and also the airbag light.

5. Damaged clockspring 

The clockspring is a rotary connector in the steering system that allows the steering wheel to turn without electrical disconnection. 

When the clockspring is damaged, it affects the electrical connection that helps deploy the airbag. If the spring breaks, ECU will not be able to deploy the airbag when there is a collision.

How to Fix Mitsubishi Airbag System Service Required?

The first step to fix an “airbag system service required” is a proper diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis helps you to know what could be the cause of the error message. As we know, there are a lot of factors that could trigger the message. 

Furthermore, a scan tool is the best way to diagnose an “airbag system service required” message. Use the scan tool to search for error codes that code be traced to the SRS system. You could also test the sensors to know which is not functioning. 

Below are ways to fix an “airbag system service required” warning message. 

1. Replace damaged sensors 

Use a scan tool to test the sensors associated with the SRS. In some scan tools, the result is available or unavailable once the sensor is tested. It has something wrong if any of the sensors’ results are unavailable. 

Find the affected sensor using the owner’s manual and have it removed. Check the sensor and its wires for damages. If there is severe damage to the sensor, have it replaced immediately. 

2. Fix the low voltage issue

A failing battery or alternator majorly causes a low voltage. You have to test the battery to ensure it is still working correctly. Below is how you can test the battery. 

  • Turn off the engine ignition and other electric vehicle components like radio and light. 
  • Set your multimeter to 20V DC. 
  • Place the red lead on the positive battery terminal. 
  • Place the black lead on the negative terminal. 
  • If the multimeter reads below 12.4 volts, you may need to charge the battery. However, the battery must be replaced if the tester reads 9.5 or lower.  

3. Fix or replace damaged wire

Use the owner’s manual to locate the wiring harness related to the SRS. Once you can get to the wiring harness, inspect it for any damages like corrosion, broken wires, and exposed wires. 

If any damage is noticed, do replace the wire immediately. Ensure that the wire is replaced with a replica of the old one or at least one supported by the vehicle. 

4. Replace damaged clockspring 

Replacing the clockspring is an easy task requiring no professional skill. Below is how you can replace the clockspring. 

  • Disconnect the battery cables. 
  • Remove the plastic covering of the airbags. 
  • Move the horn wiring post 90 degrees and then disconnect it. 
  • Remove the 21 mm nut. 
  • Pull out the wheel and shake a little. 
  • Replace the cock spring with the new one. 
  • Reassemble the steering wheel. 


The “airbag system service required” warning message does not affect the working condition of the vehicle. It is why people tend to ignore the message. You must have the issue diagnosed and repaired as soon as the message comes up. You do not know when the airbag will be needed to save your life.

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