Active Tuned Mass Module Temporarily Unavailable: Causes & Fixes 

The Active tuned mass module temporarily unavailable will come up as a warning message when the Active tuned mass module cannot properly carry out its function. The module is responsible for reducing vibration coming from the engine. 

When the module does not work correctly, the sound coming from the vehicle will be louder and more disturbing. The active tuned mass module relies on a specific sensor, the common cause of the warning message. 

What is Active Tuned Mass Module Temporarily Unavailable?

An active tuned mass module temporarily unavailable is a warning message peculiar to Dodge vehicles that show a problem with the ATMM system. 

The Active Tuned Mass Module (ATMM) is a small can-shaped device with solenoid-activated weights. The module creates a tiny vibration that will counter the disharmony created by driving. It makes a more smooth sound for the vehicle.

It is designed in such a way as to counter sounds created from violent motion probably caused by the road or engine. It is mounted to the frame rails.

In addition, the underhood sensor is responsible for triggering the ATMM to work. It picks up underhood vibrations majorly caused by the engine. In return sends a signal to the ATMM, which then counters the vibrations by shaking its internal weights, canceling the unwanted vibration and noise. 

When you see the Active tuned mass module temporarily unavailable warning message, it could majorly be associated with a damaged under-hood sensor. Other factors could also contribute, especially factors disrupting communications between the sensor and the ATMM. 

What are the causes of Active Tuned Mass Module Temporarily Unavailable?

Many factors could cause the active tuned mass module to be temporarily unavailable. However, a common cause is the issues with the underhood sensor. The sensor plays a crucial role in serving the module with data, and anything that hinders that will cause the warning message. 

Below are some causes of an “active tuned mass module temporarily unavailable” warning message. 

1. Issues with the underhood sensor

Issues like a cracked or incorrectly installed under-hood sensor can cause the warning message to come up. 

The sensor feeds the ATMM information about the vibration under the hood. Based on this information, the module will be able to control and dampen the vibration in the vehicle. 

The sensor body can often get cracked, which allows external substances to get into the sensor. When this happens, information obtained from the sensor can be influenced easily. In most cases, these foreign substances can damage the sensor. 

Also, if the sensor has been changed, it may not be properly installed. When this happens, the sensor does not feed any information to the module, triggering the warning message. 

2. Wiring problem

Problems with the wiring connection will not allow proper communication between the sensor and module. Also, issues with the wire can cut off the power supply to the module.

The wiring connection plays a crucial role in communications between various components in the vehicle. Once the wire connection gets disconnected, corroded, or damaged in any way, communication is lost. 

In addition, wires also carry electric current to the module. Factors like pests, contamination, and more can damage the wires and reduce and stop the current flowing to the module.   

3. Burnt fuse 

The fuse protects electrical components in the car from overcurrent and short-circuiting. An electrical gap is created when the fuse responsible for the ATMM is blown or burnt. Current will no longer be supplied to the module, causing the warning message. 

4. Damage to the module

Also, a nonfunctioning active tuned mass module could cause the warning message to come up. Many factors could cause the module to stop working. Factors that could cause the module to stop working include wiring connection, internal damages, burnt fuse, and more.  

How to Fix Active Tuned Mass Module Temporarily Unavailable 

The first step to fix an active tuned mass module temporarily unavailable warning message is a proper diagnosis. It is essential to know the exact cause of the problem before going ahead to fix it. 

There are many ways to perform a proper diagnosis. Using a diagnostic scan tool is one way to diagnose the cause of the problem. Scan for error codes; through the code, the exact problem with the ATMM system can be determined. 

Also, a physical inspection of related parts of the ATMM system can be an excellent way to make a diagnosis. Inspect the module, wires, and sensors for any damages. If you cannot do this, you can have professional help with the diagnosis and fix. 

Below are ways to fix the active tuned mass module that is temporarily unavailable. 

1. Check and replace the sensor

The sensor is one of the leading causes of the warning. Use the vehicle manual to locate the sensor properly. Inspect the sensor for cracks and other forms of damage. If the sensor is damaged, it has to be replaced immediately. 

2. Fix the wiring problem

Wiring problems can be tricky to fix because of the wide range of wires used by the vehicle. It could be hard to locate the ATMM wires. Use the vehicle’s manual to identify the ATMM wires correctly. Once the wires are found, go ahead to inspect them. If the wires are corroded, broken, or exposed, ensure to replace the wire. 

3. Replace burnt fuse

The fuse is in the box under the hood at the driver’s side. The vehicle’s manual will still be needed to locate the exact fuse responsible for the ATMM. Once found, take a good look for any burn signs. If the fuse is burnt, replace it. Replace with the exact type of fuse used previously. 

4. Fix or replace the damaged module 

Fixing or replacing the ATMM module could be complicated. It is tricky to recognize damages on the module. Even if you are sure the module is damaged, replacing it with a suitable module for the vehicle is also tricky. It would be best if a professional handled the fixing or replacing of the ATMM.  

Final Thoughts

When the warning message active tuned mass module is temporarily unavailable, the underhood sensor is the first component that should be checked. After checking all other components and you cannot find the cause, invite a professional to help. Factors like tire pressure, vehicle speed, and the road you drive on could trigger the warning message.

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