3 Causes of Dodge Vehicle Not in Park

Are you experiencing a “vehicle not in park” issue with your Dodge car? This common and concerning problem is something several Dodge owners have faced. In this article, we’ll discuss the potential causes and solutions for this issue to help you regain peace of mind while driving your Dodge vehicle.

Move on to the next sections to discover possible reasons, including malfunctioning sensors and linkage adjustments. With the right information at hand, you’ll be better equipped to tackle your Dodge’s “not in park” issue. Let’s dive in!

Causes Behind ‘Vehicle Not in Park’ Issue

Transmission System

Your vehicle’s transmission system plays a crucial role in determining whether it’s actually in park or not. If you’re experiencing a “Vehicle Not in Park” message, one of the possible causes could be an issue with the trans range level sensor. This sensor detects the position of your gear shift, and if it’s not working properly, it may send incorrect information to your car’s computer. Reseating the sensor’s connector with some dielectric silicone grease and checking for any damage might help resolve the issue.

Battery Problems

It’s essential to keep an eye on your car’s battery, as a weak or dying battery may cause your vehicle to display a “Vehicle Not in Park” message. If your vehicle won’t power down when this issue occurs, it’s a good idea to disconnect your battery to prevent it from dying before you can address the problem.

Shifter Related Issues

If your Dodge vehicle’s shifter or neutral safety switch becomes faulty, it can cause the “Vehicle Not in Park” message to appear. The neutral safety switch ensures that your car does not start unless it’s in park or neutral. A failure in this component could trigger the message and require further servicing. To troubleshoot this issue, you may have to replace or service the shifter/neutral safety switch.

Of course, these are just a few possible causes for the “Vehicle Not in Park” issue in Dodge vehicles. Don’t hesitate to consult a professional mechanic if you’re unable to diagnose or fix the problem yourself. They can help you pinpoint the exact cause and find a suitable solution to keep you and your car safe on the road.

Possible Fixes for ‘Vehicle Not in Park’

Facing a ‘Vehicle Not in Park’ issue can be frustrating, but don’t worry; there are a few things you can try to get it resolved. Keeping a friendly tone in mind, here are some possible fixes you can attempt:

First and foremost, check your vehicle’s battery for proper voltage. A weak battery can sometimes cause this issue. If your battery has at least 11 volts, it’s worth trying to disconnect the battery for a few minutes, then reconnect it. This can help reset the system and clear any incorrect signals.

Another option is to set the emergency brake and release it a couple of times, then move your shifter through P-R-N-D a few times while wiggling it slightly. This can help ensure that the vehicle is in park mode, and the sensor can detect it. A bad shifter might be the cause if you’re still facing the issue after trying this step.

If the problem persists, it’s possible that the issue lies with your shifter selector module, position sensor, or linkage. At this point, it is suggested to have a professional mechanic diagnose the problem with a good scanner to pinpoint the exact cause. They will be able to recommend the necessary steps to fix the issue, which might involve replacing or adjusting the shifter or sensors.

In some cases, the ‘Vehicle Not in Park’ issue could be related to a recall. Check with your dealer or look up your vehicle’s VIN for any recall information that could affect your vehicle. If there is a recall, the dealer will fix the problem at no cost to you.

By trying these possible fixes, you should be well on your way to resolving the ‘Vehicle Not in Park’ issue in your Dodge vehicle. Remember to consult a professional mechanic if you’re unsure or if the problem persists.

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