Ford Sync 3 Hidden Settings

The Ford Sync 3 is an infotainment system that provides Ford users with a wide range of features. These include phone integrations, audio customization, climate control, voice command, and more. 

In addition, during the design of the Sync 3 system, a hidden feature was added, allowing users to access more customizing and self-diagnosis features. With the combination of two buttons, you can access the hidden menu. 

Furthermore, with the hidden settings, you can change the logo of the opening infotainment screen and the theme and perform tests of various components like the speakers and more. 

This article will look into the Ford Sync 3 hidden setting and how to access it. 

What are Ford Sync 3 Hidden Settings?

Ford Sync3 offers a wide range of settings that helps users customize the infotainment system to personalize preference. However, what people do not know about is the hidden or secret menu that provides more customization options. 

You can access and change the settings to many system functions in a standard Ford Sync setting menu. These functions include voice control, clock, media, Bluetooth connection, audio, mobile apps, navigation, etc. 

To access the standard setting menu, navigate to the “Settings” icon from the feature button. You can find the feature bar at the bottom of the touchscreen. Once in the settings menu, navigate to the option you want to personalize the feature. 

Also, you can swipe the left screen to access additional settings, use the scroll bar arrow, or swipe up or down for more options. For more information, press the information icon. 

On the other hand, you need a special combination to access the secret menu. You must note that the menu is strictly a diagnostic one. It helps you test features like the speaker, audio, and more. It also offers some personalization to the Logo of Ford on the Ford SYNC menu and the appearance of the infotainment screen. 

How To Access Ford Sync 3 Hidden Settings?

To access the Ford Sync 3 hidden settings, you must hold down the right arrow button on the steering wheel and the right arrow button (scan button), which can be found on the infotainment panel. Press them simultaneously for about 5 seconds. 

Once you can do that, a new menu screen will come up. The Sync setting will immediately begin a diagnostic test on the speaker. You can easily cancel the diagnostic test with the option provided. 

With the new menu, you can run diagnostic functions on the vehicle components like the speaker, infotainment screen display, and other functions. 

Below are some of the features that could be done on the Hidden Settings 

  1. Start the vehicle and wait for the infotainment to come on properly. 
  2. Access the hidden menu by pressing the right arrow button on the steering wheel and the right arrow button (scan button) on the infotainment area. 
  3. You will get to the speaker test, which you can wait through. 
  4. Go to testing settings and then enable the settings. Doing this allows you to return to the hidden menu from the standard menu easily. 
  5. Go to the theme option and then select the theme you are most comfortable with. 

While still on the hidden settings, you can check the GPS strength. To do this, click the GPS signal icon to check the strength. 

Other things that you can do on the hidden feature include. 

  1. Diagnostic functions for some systems. 
  2. Ford information 
  3. Change the Ford start-up logo 

What Does the SYNC 3 Setting Offer?

The Sync 3 offers many options, allowing you to customize the vehicle’s components to suit your taste. What does the software update offer, and how can it be used? 

How to access the Sync 3 settings? To understand the SYNC 3 settings, you must understand how to access them. Below is how to access its settings. 

  1. To access additional options or settings, swipe left or right on the SYNC 3 menu. 
  2. You could also scroll through choices by swiping up or down. Make use of the scroll bar arrow. 
  3. If you need to choose any option, slide the button to the on or off position. 
  4. For more information, select the information icon. 

Below are the various features. 

Voice control 

This feature lets you change the voice control settings by selecting the following. 

a. Advanced mode 

b. Phone confirmation 

c. Voice command list 

Sound control 

This feature offers options to help change the sound settings. Some of the options include the following.

a. Balance and fade 

b. Tribble 

c. Surround sound 


e. Occupancy mode 

f. Sound settings stereo 

g.  Bass


First, you have to turn on the feature to access the option. Below are the options you get with the feature. 

a. Bluetooth pairing 

b.  Enable paired device

c. connect, disconnect or delete devices

Mobile Apps 

The mobile apps feature allows the user to enable the use of mobile apps on the system. Once the feature is enabled, you have access to the following. 

1. Mobile apps update 

2. Grant or deny access to all mobile apps at once

3. Grant or deny access to single mobile apps 

Final Thoughts 

If you cannot access the hidden settings, please go to the information and check the software version you are currently using. If it is below Sync 3, you may not have access to the hidden setting. However, you can upgrade to Sync 3. To do this, you might need professional help. 

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