5 Ways to Fix Ford F250 Power Door Lock Problems

The Ford F250 power door lock problems are common. So, don’t worry if your doors have stopped working using the key fob and/or lock/unlock button. These issues are solvable.

The solution depends on the cause. Sometimes it’s something simple you can handle easily at home. Other times, you’ll need the help of a specialist. Read on to learn how to overcome your situation.

How To Fix the Ford F250 Power Door Lock Problems

One way to fix the Ford F250 power door lock problems is by replacing the key fob battery. That usually applies if the buttons are working. The problems may also result from battery and grounding issues, which are easy to fix. Other triggers you might need to check and fix include wiring issues, damaged resistors, and failing door actuators.

Here’s a detailed explanation:

Possible Solution #1: Replace Key Fob Battery

Suppose you encounter a door lock issue when using the key fob, but the lock/unlock buttons work seamlessly. In that case, the remote could be the cause of the problem. The device could be faulty, or its battery is dead.

Replace the battery and see whether it works. If it doesn’t work with the new battery, something else is the problem. You might need a key fob replacement, which you can buy from your dealer. 

Possible Solution #2: Check Battery and Grounding

Your battery could be the issue, particularly if the key fob and the lock/unlock buttons don’t work. Like any other wear-and-tear item, batteries also wear out with time. Hence, yours may be nearing its end, especially if it’s over three years old.

Ensure your battery produces enough voltage to power all the electronic components in your truck. That includes the power door lock. Use a multimeter to examine its voltage output and make sure it’s somewhere between 12.4 and 12.7 volts.

There could also be an issue with the chassis ground. The battery connection to the ground may be damaged. Check and ensure there’s good ground.

Possible Solution #3: Check and Fix a Potential Wiring Issue

There may be a broken wire preventing a smooth flow of electric current. It’s even more probable there’s a wiring malfunction if one of the doors can open occasionally. Try to hold the lock button up or down and then open and close the door repeatedly.

If the locks work intermittently, you most likely have a broken wire. Carefully examine the system’s wiring harness and fix any loose connections. Also, you should check the fuse as it’s a common failure. It could be blown due to age or being overtaxed. The fuse to your power door locks is #17. Check it out and replace it if necessary; it’s a relatively inexpensive fix.

Possible Solution #4: Replace Damaged Resisters

The internal resistors may have burned out after holding the lock/unlock button down for unusually too long. As time goes by, these resisters break down due to overheating.

If there’s no clicking or movement of the actuators, you certainly have some other issue. The actuators will try to move but weaken over time as the resisters’ age and resistance increase.

For some reason, the passenger door lock will try but never open. The driver’s side will sometimes work – probably once in 15 trials. In that case, the internal resistors have failed to the point that the actuators cannot open the door lock. To fix this, you must replace the resistors.

Possible Solution #5: Replace Failing Actuators

The door lock actuators, the mechanism that controls your door’s locking and unlocking functions, also go out over time. When that happens, the locks stop responding to the key fob or the button to unlock fully.

It’s good not to assume the actuators are dead, though. All they may require is a nice clean-up. So, first blast them down with air and see if they respond or where they need lubrication. Too much dust and grime can build up and interfere with the actuators’ proper function.

Remove the inner door panels and the clear protective plastic sheet to access the actuators. After dusting them out, apply suitable lubrication. You could use WD-40 to get the actuator’s motor to run smoothly. It’s usually an easy fix, although you can find a mechanic that can charge reasonably. Buying the parts may require a maximum of $60 for a unit. Ensure you’ve got a smooth operation on all the doors before reassembling them. 


What Does the Ford F250 Door Lock Actuator Do?

The Ford F250 door lock actuator is the mechanism that controls the locking and unlocking of your vehicle’s door. You’ll find this device mounted inside the door. It’s a simple system that comprises several components, including an electric motor, gears, and a cable that retracts to run the lock.

What are the Symptoms of a Faulty Door Lock Actuator?

The common symptoms of a failing door lock actuator include unusual noises originating from inside the door. Your power door locks may also behave erratically or fail intermittently. Sometimes a bad actuator will make the power door locks malfunction. Constantly blowing fuses can also indicate that the actuators are drawing uncommonly too much current and will fail eventually.  

Can I Repair a Broken Door Lock Actuator?

You can rarely repair a broken door lock actuator. Any failing components of the actuator will often need replacement. It’s more cost-effective to buy a new actuator as that saves you many and time in the long run. Besides, door lock actuators are inexpensive.

Final Thought

The causes of the Ford F250 Power door lock problems are many. Thus, to fix them, you must rule these triggers out individually. You can handle most of the fixes on your own. But feel free to seek the help of a specialist if you need help figuring out the solution.

Taking your truck to your dealer is best if it is under warranty. Hopefully, you know how to get your door locks to work. Do it now to fix the issues. It sucks to operate the doors manually!

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