5 Causes of Exhaust System Services Required See Dealer

Are you getting the“Exhaust system services required to see dealer” on your dashboard? Well, this notification tells the driver that a problem has developed with one of the components of the exhaust system. 

The exhaust system comprises many parts that ensure gases from the engine are properly disposed of. These parts tend to have one form of issue or the other that affects the system’s overall performance. 

Some of the causes of this warning include exhaust leaks, bad plugs, clogged particulate filters, damaged catalytic converters and even a damaged oxygen sensor.

When the exhaust system sections fail, the computer system triggers a warning: “Exhaust system services required to see dealer.” This warning is common in Dodge Ram and Jeep Gladiator vehicles.

Here, we will examine the meaning, identify some common causes and proffer remedies to the error message.

What is Exhaust System Services Required: See Dealer?

The “Exhaust system services required to see dealer” indicates an issue with the exhaust system. If the message appears on your dashboard, you can be sure that a major component of your exhaust is damaged.  

Below are the components of the exhaust system. 

  1. Oxygen sensor 
  2. Catalytic converter 
  3. Exhaust manifold 
  4. Exhaust pipes
  5. Muffler 
  6. Tailpipe 

Among these components, the exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, and oxygen sensor are the major parts of the exhaust system. Any damage to any of these major parts will affect the functioning of the exhaust system and can cause the system to fail. 

If the exhaust system fails due to any damage to its components, the vehicle’s computer system will pick up the issue and will, in turn, notify the driver. 

The computer system has a series of ways to warn the driver of an issue with the exhaust system. One major way is the warning message, “Exhaust system services required see dealer.”

Causes of Exhaust System Services Required: See Dealer

Many factors could cause the warning message “Exhaust System Services Required: See Dealer” to come. However, a major cause is issues with the oxygen sensors or leaks in the exhaust pipes.

Below are some major causes of an “Exhaust system services required see dealer” warning message. 

1. Leaking exhaust pipe 

A leaking exhaust pipe can cause the exhaust system to fail, and it does not just stop there; it also affects the engine system. When the exhaust pipe is leaking close to the manifold, it could be dangerous. This does not allow the system to collect the heat in the engine. 

The engine will experience overheating once the exhaust pipe leaks close to the manifold. This also affects the exhaust valve that releases gases from the engine. 

Once all these happen, the ECM will pick up the problem and notify the driver through the warning message “Exhaust system services required to see dealer.”

2. Damaged oxygen sensor 

The oxygen sensor, or the O2 sensor, measures the amount of unburned oxygen in the flowing exhaust gases. What, then, is the use of measuring the oxygen? The sensor feeds the ECM with this data, which is then used to adjust the air-fuel mixture. 

When the sensor is damaged or nonfunctional, it affects the engine performance and the quality of exhaust gas coming from the engine. The emission level will be high with black smoke and sulfuric smells. 

3. Clogged exhaust filter 

An exhaust filter captures particles in the exhaust pipes, which can potentially clog the exhaust system. After a long time of using the filter, particles accumulate, causing it to get blocked. 

The exhaust system is failing in this situation, and the warning message “Exhaust system services required to see dealer” is triggered.  

4. Clogged catalytic converter 

The catalytic converter is an important part of the exhaust system, which helps reduce the harmful substances in the gases. However, the catalytic converter can also get clogged due to excessive carbon deposits.  

5. System malfunction 

Although this is rare, a malfunctioning ECM could also falsely trigger the “Exhaust system services required to see dealer.”

A system malfunction could be caused by two major factors, which are software issues and damaged modules. You may be able to solve this issue by simply resetting the system. 

How to fix Exhaust system Services Required: See Dealer

If you are faced with an “Exhaust system services required to see dealer” warning message, the first step to take is a proper diagnosis. The essence of a diagnosis is to get the cause of the problem to properly fix the issue. 

How can an “Exhaust system services required to see dealer” diagnosis be done? There are two ways you can do this. Make use of a diagnostic tool to scan for related exhaust trouble codes. You could also physically inspect the exhaust components. 

Below are ways to fix an “Exhaust system services required to see dealer” warning message. 

1. Fix leaking exhaust pipe 

Once you notice that your vehicle’s exhaust pipe is leaking, there is a wide range of options for fixing the problem: welding and patching. 

We recommend that you weld the exhaust pipe, as it is a more reliable fix for the leak. However, you may need professional help with the welding.  

Patching is a fix that does not require any professional assistance or knowledge. It also does not require any power tool. 

2. Replace damaged oxygen sensors 

When faced with an oxygen sensor issue, the first step is to locate the sensor. In this case, it is within the exhaust manifold.

Once the sensor is located, examine it carefully and check for damages to the body, connector, wirings, and more. If any is found on the sensor, then you should have it replaced. 

3. Unclog catalytic converter 

It is quite easy to unclog a catalytic converter; you only need to get a converter cleaner. Once you have it, pour it into a half-filled fuel tank and drive the vehicle normally. 

4. Reset the malfunctioning system   

If you have a malfunctioning ECM, two factors could cause the problem. It could be a simple software issue or a damaged module. You should try to reset the system; you can do this with the help of an OBD-II scan tool. 

If the module is damaged, you may just have to replace it. A professional could do the replacement for a more accurate job. 

Final Thought! 

Taking the vehicle to an authorised dealership is best when the warning message “Exhaust system services required to see dealer” pops up on the dashboard. Well-trained, specialised mechanics will ensure the car’s issues are well-diagnosed and the right fix is done.

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