3 Causes of Lexus Check BSM System Message Appear

Have you ever come across a “Check BSM System” message on your Lexus vehicle? This may initially be confusing, but understanding the Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) system can help alleviate your concerns. The BSM system is designed to improve your safety by alerting you of vehicles in your blind spot.

To get a clearer understanding of this feature, it’s important to know how to activate and deactivate the BSM system, and what to do if the warning light comes on. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be prepared to handle any BSM-related issues in your Lexus.

What is Lexus BSM System and How Does It Work

The BSM system, or Blind Spot Monitor, is a safety feature in your Lexus that uses sensors installed behind the rear bumper to detect vehicles in your blind spots. This system is designed to assist you in checking areas that are not easily visible while driving, making lane changes safer and more confident.

When a vehicle enters your blind spot, the BSM system will provide visual and audible warnings, usually in the form of illuminated indicators on your side mirrors. This helps you become aware of potential hazards before making a lane change. Some Lexus models also include an active BSM system that will attempt to prevent you from changing lanes if it detects an imminent collision by applying brakes or adjusting the steering.

Operating the BSM system in your Lexus is relatively simple. In most models, the button to activate or deactivate the BSM can be found near the top of the center console or inside the driver’s door, just to the left of the steering wheel. To turn the system on or off, press and hold this button, and keep an eye on the BSM light on your dashboard. If the light is illuminated, the system is active.

While the BSM system is incredibly reliable, there are instances when it may not work properly. For example, if mud or debris covers the radar sensor, the system might fail to detect vehicles in your blind spots. In such cases, it’s important to keep the sensors clean to ensure the continued functionality of your BSM system.

So, keep in mind that the BSM system in your Lexus is there to support and enhance your driving experience, making it safer and more convenient. But always remember that it is not a substitute for being attentive and checking your blind spots manually. Happy driving!

Common Causes of Check BSM System Message and Solutions

When you come across a “Check BSM System” message, there are a few common issues that may arise. This section covers these issues, namely Faulty Sensors, Electrical Problems, and Software Errors, to help you troubleshoot and resolve them efficiently.

Faulty Sensors

One of the most common reasons for a malfunctioning BSM system in your Lexus is faulty or dirty sensors. These radar sensors can get clogged or covered by mud and debris, which interferes with their ability to detect vehicles in your blind spot. To resolve this issue, simply locate the sensors for your vehicle and clean any mud or other debris away from the area. If the problem persists after cleaning, it may be necessary to have a professional diagnose and replace any faulty sensors.

Electrical Problems

Another common issue affecting the BSM system could arise from electrical problems. Loose or corroded connections can cause errors in the system’s functioning. To diagnose and resolve electrical problems, check for visible signs of wear on wire connections and harnesses. If you discover a loose connection, secure it properly. In case of corrosion, use electrical contact cleaner and gently clean the connectors. If the problem persists or you are unsure of how to handle it, consult a professional mechanic.

Software Errors

Occasionally, software errors may cause the BSM system to malfunction. Should you suspect this to be the issue, try resetting the system by turning it off and then back on again. You can do this by pressing and holding the BSM button located near the top of the center console, or inside the driver’s door, just to the left of the steering wheel. If the issue still persists after a reset, you may need to have your vehicle’s software checked and updated by a Lexus technician or dealership.

Remember, it’s essential to address these issues promptly, as the BSM system is a valuable safety feature that can help prevent accidents caused by vehicles in your blind spot.

How to Perform Lexus BSM System Check

Before you begin checking your Lexus Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) system, make sure your vehicle is parked in a safe location with enough space around it.

  1. Locate the BSM button: In most Lexus models, you can find the button near the top of the center console or inside the driver’s door, just to the left of the steering wheel. If you’re unsure where the button is, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for guidance on its location.
  2. Turn on the BSM system: Press and hold the BSM button until you see the BSM light illuminate on your dash. This light indicates that the system is active and ready to use.
  3. Check the exterior sensors: The BSM system uses radar sensors located in your vehicle’s wing mirrors and along the rear of the car. Walk around your car and inspect these areas for any debris, mud, or other obstructions that could interfere with the radar’s ability to detect nearby vehicles.
  4. Test the BSM system: With the system active and sensors clear of obstructions, start driving your car in an area with other vehicles. As you approach a car in your blind spot, the BSM system should alert you by illuminating a warning light on the side mirror, and/or producing an audible alert, depending on your vehicle’s model and settings.

Stay attentive for any errors or warnings during your drive. If the BSM system continues to malfunction or the “Check BSM system” warning appears on your dashboard, it’s time to consult a professional. In such cases, schedule an appointment with a Lexus dealer for further assistance and diagnosis.


After learning about why the ‘Check BSM system’ message appears on a Lexus, you now understand its importance in enhancing your driving experience. This feature helps detect vehicles in your blind spot, making your ride safer.

So, next time you hop into your Lexus, remember to toggle your BSM system on or off for added safety. With this knowledge, you can enjoy a more secure drive on the road. Safe travels!

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