Dodge Journey Climate Control Reset: Step-by-Step Guide

The Dodge is one of the technically built cars with a wide range of advanced connectivity and infotainment features. The Journey climate control helps put a ride under check when you’re driving at a high freezing temp. Not only that, the climate control system also protects you and your vehicle from being exposed to extreme climate conditions. 

What Causes Dodge Journey climate control to malfunction

There are a couple of reasons your Dodge Journey climate control system may go bad. When the climate control malfunctions, one vent will release warm air while cold air comes out from another. There are other signs to look out for. 

When this notification comes on, the first thing that comes to mind is your car’s inability to balance its temp. This is dangerous because when its HVAC system fails, you may suffocate by heat or suffer from excessive cold. 

But what causes the Dodge Journey climate control to malfunction? Here are a few things to know.

A faulty AC Compressor 

Your car’s AC compressor is built to chill the cabin-bound air. However, when there’s a fault with the compressor, the HVAC system won’t function as it should.  

Debris-filed cabin filter

There’s a chance the cabin air filter is dirty and needs some cleaning. The filter usually takes debris and dirt away from your cabin may have been clogged. Normally, you should change the cabin air filter after 16,000-32,000 kilometers. If this doesn’t happen, the filter will become dirty, causing the climate control system to malfunction.

Clogged Condenser

Another reason the climate control system will fail is if the AC condenser is clogged. With time, the condenser will get dirty and will need replacement. As a result, the climate control won’t be able to regulate the in-cabin interior temp. What you should do is clean the condenser; you’ll need a certified mechanic to do a good job. 

Failed orifice cylinder

The orifice tube is another component of the HVAC system that can cause the Dodge Journey climate control reset message to pop up on your car’s instrument cluster. A replacement tube is the best fix, but make sure you allow a professional technician to handle it.  

You may also need to check if there’s a refrigerant leak. This occurs due to an air conditioner malfunction. All you need to do may be to recharge your AC, especially if you notice that the HVAC system releases warmer air over and over again.   

How to Do Dodge Journey Climate Control Reset

When you experience a malfunction in your Dodge’s climate control system, it’s not time to panic or get nervous. Instead, you need to follow this simple but detailed step-by-step guide to fix the issue. 

Troubleshooting a malfunctioning climate control can be tricky, especially if the reason for the issue is beyond the reasons above. 

For instance, a jumbled wiring harness or faulty blower motor can also cause the climate control reset message to pop up.

The first thing to do is to drive to a professional HVAC mechanic’s shop for a proper diagnosis. This should happen before a fix is applied. With an OBD scanner, you may detect an OBD trouble code. This might give you an idea of what exactly is wrong.   

Step 1: Pull over and allow the engine to cool

The first thing to do if you’re driving on a safe highway is to pull over by the shoulder of the road and wait for your car engine to cool off for about 15-30 minutes. 

Step 2: Turn the engine on again

Switch the car ignition on and allow the instrument cluster to display the reset message. This step may not be necessary if you’ve parked your car inside the garage for over 24 hours or more.  

Step 3: Change the cluster setting

Once the climate control reset message pops up, head to the setting of the instrument cluster to change it. Once you change the AC setting to ‘panel, the AC will force air with greater force to the upper blowers. 

Step 4: Press and hold control buttons

While staying with the central control panel, press and hold down the top and bottom buttons. The top button regulates the rear wiper while the bottom button controls the washer fluid in the rear wiper. 

Step 5: Allow the AC light to flash

While pressing and holding these two buttons, wait a few minutes to allow calibration to finish. During calibration, the AC light will begin to beep. Once the light starts to flash, take your fingers off the two buttons. 

Step 6: Wait until the AC light goes off and on

As soon as you release your hand off the buttons, the AC light will flash off and on before it starts to blink. As the blinking continues, press your finger on the AC button. 

There you have it! With these simple steps, you have successfully reset your Dodge climate control system. Once this is done, the AC system will start to work effectively. I won’t recommend a DIY procedure to fix this issue. 

Final Thoughts

The Dodge Journey has a competitive edge over many of its rival pickup trucks out there. Apart from its exciting on-road and off-road perks, this car offers a smooth ride and a comfortable cabin. You’ll experience a smooth ride as the climate control neutralizes the hotness or warmth of the   

A failed climate control system can cause the Journey’s temp to rise, leading to loss of connection and clear climate notification and control. 

If you arrest the issue in good time, you can reduce the insurance cost on your Dodge Journey’s insurance. I hope you’ll find this article a lot helpful.  

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