Does E-ZPass Work in Georgia? Unveiling Toll Payment Options

Traveling through Georgia, you may encounter toll roads requiring payment for passage. Traditionally, this meant stopping at a toll booth and paying with cash or card.

However, modern conveniences have paved the way for more streamlined methods of toll payment. The introduction of electronic toll collection systems like E-ZPass has made it possible to drive through tolls without stopping, as transponders automatically deduct the toll amount from a pre-funded account.

This not only saves time but also reduces traffic congestion at toll booths.

As a driver, it’s important for you to know that Georgia has its own electronic toll system called Peach Pass. It operates similarly by allowing drivers to traverse the state’s toll roads, express lanes, and even parking at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport without the need to stop and pay manually.

Recently, arrangements have been made to integrate E-ZPass with Georgia’s tolling system. This means that the convenience you’re accustomed to in other E-ZPass-operating states is becoming a reality in Georgia too.

E-ZPass is gradually being accepted in the state, so if you already have one, your trips might just get a bit easier.

The interoperability between E-ZPass and Peach Pass intends to provide a seamless travel experience across state lines, ensuring you get to your destination with ease and without fumbling for change at the toll booth.

E-ZPass Interoperability in Georgia

Your travels through Georgia just got easier! E-ZPass has extended its reach, making your road trips more seamless by cooperating with local toll systems.

Interoperable States and Systems

Georgia: is now part of the extensive E-ZPass network. This means that E-ZPass is recognized across multiple states, enabling you to use the same transponder on Georgia’s toll facilities as well as in other participating states.

The Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) has made changes to their systems, gearing up to accept E-ZPass in their toll lanes.

Interoperable States: As per recent announcements, once fully integrated, your Peach Pass will allow you to access E-ZPass tolling facilities not just in Georgia but also in numerous other states. Details about the current participating states can be found on the E-ZPass Group website.

Using E-ZPass on Georgia Roads

When driving on Georgia’s express lanes, you can utilize your E-ZPass for a more efficient travel experience.

This collaboration aims for a future where you can travel from Georgia to other interconnected regions without worrying about different toll transponders.

No more stopping to pay tolls or fumbling for change.

To use your E-ZPass on Georgia roads, simply proceed through the designated E-ZPass or Peach Pass lanes at toll facilities. The system is designed to automatically recognize your transponder and deduct the toll from your account.

Keep an eye on local guidelines and updates, as Georgia continues to expand toll access for E-ZPass users.

Peach Pass: Georgia’s Toll Pass System

Peach Pass streamlines your travel through the Georgia Express Lanes by employing electronic tolling, allowing you to bypass the hassle of stopping at toll booths.

A product of the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA), Peach Pass is a small, peach-colored sticker that you place on your vehicle’s windshield.

Here’s how Peach Pass works:

  • Create an Account: You open an account and prepay tolls. It’s like having a mini tollbooth right in your car.
  • Drive Express: With Peach Pass, your commute in Georgia can be more predictable.


  • Mobility: With Peach Pass, you get the flexibility to avoid congestion in toll lanes.
  • Convenience: Electronic tolling means no fumbling for cash.
  • Simplicity: The system automatically deducts your tolls.

Where can you use it?

Peach Pass is primarily for use on Georgia’s toll roads, but it extends beyond state lines – additional E-ZPass states also recognize it.

To maintain your account and manage your payments, you can log in to the Peach Pass website or use the mobile app.

If you want to keep moving on Georgia’s roads with less stop-and-go frustration, Peach Pass could be your solution. Learn more about the account and how to get your Peach Pass.

E-ZPass Compatibility with Other States

E-ZPass brings ease to your interstate travel by being compatible with certain toll facilities outside of its original network. This integration allows you to use your E-ZPass transponder across various states, streamlining your travel experience.

Using E-ZPass in North Carolina

When you’re driving through North Carolina, you’ll be glad to know that your E-ZPass functions seamlessly on the Interstate-85 Express Lanes in Atlanta and North Carolina’s Triangle Expressway, which are part of the all-electronic tolling systems.

North Carolina’s NC Quick Pass is known to work with E-ZPass as well, giving you less to worry about on your journey.

E-ZPass Vs SunPass and E-Pass in Florida

Down in Florida, E-ZPass has extended its interoperability. While SunPass and E-Pass are the prevalent transponders for toll payments, E-ZPass users can now revel in the convenience of Florida’s toll roads without needing additional transponders.

This means that if you have an E-ZPass, there’s no need to buy a SunPass or E-Pass for your Florida travel.

Cross-State Travel with E-ZPass

The ability to travel across state lines with one transponder enhances your road trip experience by a great extent.

With E-ZPass, you have the ease of accessing toll roads throughout Florida, North Carolina, and various other states, such as Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, and Rhode Island, according to the announcement on interoperability.

Toll Payment and Management Options

In Georgia, you have the convenience of managing toll payments electronically, which not only saves time but also helps you keep track of your travel expenses with ease.

Managing Your E-ZPass Account

Your E-ZPass is central to simplifying your toll payments.

By creating and managing an E-ZPass account, you can monitor usage, check your balance, and replenish funds online.

  • Monitor Your Usage:
    • Check toll usage and account balance.
    • View detailed trip history.
  • Maintain Your Account:
    • Update personal information.
    • Add or remove vehicles and transponders.

Keeping your account in good standing prevents unnecessary tickets and violations.

Paying Tolls Without E-ZPass in Georgia

Even if you don’t have an E-ZPass, you’re not left out.

You can use the Peach Pass system, Georgia’s alternative electronic toll collection system, which offers a pay-by-plate option.

  • Toll Invoice: You’ll be sent a toll invoice, which you can pay online for added convenience.
  • Tickets: Ensure you pay the invoice on time to avoid additional penalties in the form of tickets.

Remember, managing your toll payments promptly avoids the hassle of dealing with tickets and penalties, providing you with a smoother travel experience.


In Georgia, E-ZPass is now a viable option for electronic toll payment. Your travel experience should be smoother with this interoperability in place.

If you’re a Florida or North Carolina resident with an E-PASS or a Georgia resident with a Peach Pass, rejoice in knowing that these passes are mutually compatible across the three states.

Here’s a snapshot of what you need to know:

  • Georgia’s Participation: Your Peach Pass now grants you access to E-ZPass lanes, expanding the convenience of non-stop travel. Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority is working to integrate E-ZPass fully.
  • Travel With Ease: You can drive on the toll roads in all three states without the need for different transponders or accounts.
  • Future Expansion: Expect more states to join this network by winter 2024, further connecting toll systems and simplifying interstate travel. Peach Pass interoperability is indeed growing!
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