Does Peach Pass Work in Florida? Understanding Toll Compatibility

Traveling to Florida, you might wonder if your Peach Pass will work on the local toll roads. Thankfully, with the Peach Pass, you have the convenience of an interoperable electronic toll collection system that is accepted in Florida. This means smoother travels without the need for multiple toll accounts or stopping to pay cash at toll booths.

Understanding Peach Pass and Its Functionality

The Peach Pass is central to a hassle-free drive on Georgia’s toll roads, offering convenience through electronic toll-collection. Discover how it enhances your commutes on the Georgia Express Lanes and beyond.

What Is Peach Pass?

Peach Pass is a small transponder you attach to your vehicle that allows for fast and convenient toll payments. When driving in Georgia, it’s your key to accessing the Georgia Express Lanes – designated toll lanes that offer a smoother ride with less traffic congestion.

How Peach Pass Works

Upon installation, your Peach Pass transponder communicates wirelessly with sensors on toll roads. As you pass through toll collection points, your tolls are automatically deducted from your prepaid account, ensuring you don’t need to stop or slow down for toll booths.

Benefits of Using Peach Pass

Using a Peach Pass comes with several benefits:

  • Time-efficient travel: You’ll enjoy quicker trips by using dedicated express lanes.
  • Cost-effective: It’s often cheaper than paying cash for tolls.
  • Convenience: Automatic toll payments mean no need for cash or waiting in line.
  • Interoperability: Your Peach Pass can be used on toll roads not only in Georgia but also in Florida and North Carolina, giving you seamless travel in these areas.

Peach Pass’s Interoperability with Other States

You might be pleased to know that your Peach Pass not only streamlines your travel in Georgia but also opens up a network of toll roads across various states, including Florida and North Carolina. This interoperability simplifies your commute and could save you from the hassle of managing different toll accounts.

Interstate Toll Compatibility

Your Peach Pass is designed to work seamlessly on toll roads outside of Georgia. In Florida, you’ll find it gives you access to SunPass rates, and when driving through North Carolina, you can pay at NC Quick Pass rates. This means no more fumbling for change or waiting in line to pay tolls as you cross state lines.

  • Florida: Accepts Peach Pass on SunPass and E-Pass systems.
  • North Carolina: Aligns with both the NC Quick Pass and the larger E-ZPass network.

Partner States and Toll Systems

The full extent of your Peach Pass’s reach stems from partnerships between toll authorities. The State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) has worked to ensure you can use your pass across multiple regions:

  • E-ZPass: A proud partner with Peach Pass, making your pass compatible in all states that accept E-ZPass.
  • Quick Pass: Your key to the NC Quick Pass lanes in North Carolina, which also implies compatibility with E-ZPass up the Eastern Seaboard.

Referenced systems and the states where your Peach Pass is recognized:

  • SunPass: Primarily in Florida.
  • E-Pass: Exclusive to Florida.
  • Leeway: Specifically within Southwest Florida.
  • QuickPass: Pertains to North Carolina, but implies access to the broader E-ZPass system.

The integration of Peach Pass within this network ensures you enjoy continued, hassle-free travel across state lines.

Using Peach Pass in Florida

Your Peach Pass now grants you seamless access to toll roads throughout Florida, thanks to a reciprocal agreement with the SunPass system.

Peach Pass and SunPass Partnership

Peach Pass has expanded its reach beyond Georgia by forming a partnership with Florida’s SunPass program. This partnership ensures that your Peach Pass is recognized on SunPass operated roads. When you drive in Florida, tolls are conveniently billed to your Peach Pass account, simplifying your travel experience.

Peach Pass Use on Florida Toll Roads

You can confidently use your Peach Pass on most toll roads across Florida. These roads are part of the interoperable network that includes E-Pass and LeeWay systems. Just look for signage indicating SunPass acceptance, and you’ll realize your Peach Pass works just the same. Remember to mount your transponder correctly to ensure hassle-free passage on Florida’s vast toll road network.

Financial and Usage Considerations

When utilizing your Peach Pass in Florida, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the specifics of toll rates and payment methods, along with understanding toll exemptions that may apply to you.

Toll Rates and Payment Methods

Peach Pass: One Account, Broad Coverage

You can enjoy seamless travels with your Peach Pass, which is valid on Florida’s toll roads. In the Sunshine State, you’ll be paying tolls at the same rate as Florida’s SunPass holders, which can help you budget for your trips more effectively.

  • Payment Simplicity: The funds are deducted directly from your pre-established Peach Pass account.
  • License Plate Convenience: If your transponder is not present, the toll system will use your license plate to post charges to your account – so always make sure your vehicle’s information is up to date.

Understanding Toll Exemptions

Exemptions: Save When You Can

Some vehicles and trips may be eligible for toll exemptions in Florida. If you meet certain criteria, like operating a high-occupancy vehicle or riding a motorcycle, you might opt for the toll-exempt feature while setting up or updating your Peach Pass account. Here are quick facts about exemptions:

  • Check Eligibility: Visit the Peach Pass website or reach out to the customer service to see if your vehicle qualifies.
  • Activate Feature: You have to actively enable the toll-exempt feature on your pass to take advantage of it – it’s not automatic.


Peach Pass now works in Florida, making your travel more convenient. If you’re planning a trip to Florida or through the state, your Peach Pass allows you to access the toll roads without any hassle. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Interoperability: You can use your Peach Pass on Florida’s SunPass, E-Pass, and LeeWay systems.
  • Cost-Effective: You’ll be charged the lower SunPass rates.
  • Coverage: Your pass gives you access to over 750 miles of toll roads.

This ease of use extends to North Carolina as well, where the Peach Pass is also accepted. So, drive freely in these states, knowing that your Peach Pass keeps you moving.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the map highlighting the 18 E-ZPass states now accepting Peach Pass.

Happy and safe travels!

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