Does I-PASS Work in Florida? Understanding Toll Road Payment Options

Traveling through Florida with an I-PASS just got easier. Your I-PASS is now accepted on all toll roads across the Sunshine State. This means seamless trips whether you’re headed to Orlando or Miami, without the need to stop for toll payments.

I-PASS Compatibility with Florida’s SunPass

If you’re planning a road trip to Florida and wondering whether your I-PASS will work with Florida’s SunPass system, you’re in the right place for clear information.

Understanding Interoperability

Interoperability refers to the ability of a toll transponder from one state, like the I-PASS from Illinois, to be recognized and accepted on toll roads in another state, such as Florida. This is made possible through reciprocal agreements between toll authorities. The good news is that I-PASS is indeed compatible with Florida’s SunPass, meaning you can drive on Florida toll roads using your I-PASS transponder.

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise and Toll Authority

The Florida Turnpike Enterprise is the primary agency managing the state’s turnpike system, including toll collection. They have worked to ensure their toll roads are interoperable with other systems. Florida joined the E-ZPass Group network, which includes I-PASS, enhancing travel convenience.

SunPass: Florida’s Prevalent Toll Program

SunPass is Florida’s own toll program, offering transponders like the SunPass PRO, which is interoperable across 18 states as far north as Maine and west to Illinois. For I-PASS holders, this means that your transponder can be used seamlessly on toll roads managed by the SunPass program without needing additional devices.

Using I-PASS in Florida: Practical Information

Traveling through Florida with your I-PASS has become straightforward, allowing you to navigate toll roads without stopping for physical tickets or change. Below, we’ll guide you through setting up your account, what to expect when driving on Florida’s toll roads, and how to access possible discounts.

Setting Up Your Account for Florida Travel

Before you can roll down the windows and enjoy the Sunshine State breezes, you’ll have to ensure that your I-PASS is ready for Florida toll roads. Visit the I-PASS website and update your vehicle information, including license plate details, to avoid any toll violations. It’s also a good idea to confirm that your transponder is mounted correctly and that your account has sufficient funds.

Toll Roads and Payment Experience in Florida

As you drive in Florida, you’ll be on roads where your I-PASS is recognized, such as those managed by the Florida Turnpike and the Central Florida Expressway Authority. When approaching a toll plaza, look for the lanes marked with the E-ZPass sign. These are the lanes you’ll use. Your tolls will be automatically deducted from your I-PASS account without any action on your part. For questions about using your E-ZPass or being double-charged when using multiple passes, refer to the Central Florida Expressway Authority.

Available Discounts and Toll Prices

The price for tolls with an I-PASS in Florida will be the same as for E-ZPass users, which usually offers a discount compared to paying with cash. The amount of the discount can vary, depending on the specific road and toll plaza. Regular travelers can reap savings over time, so it pays to use your I-PASS. For current toll rates and information on discounts, check detailed toll schedules on the Florida Turnpike website.

States Accepting I-PASS and Regional Compatibility

Your I-PASS not only takes you across Illinois but also bridges the gap to various other states, thanks to the extensive E-ZPass Network. Keep reading to see just where your I-PASS can take you!

The E-ZPass Network

The E-ZPass Network is quite expansive. It stretches beyond the Midwest and is accepted in a total of 19 states, including major travel destinations along the East Coast such as New York and North Carolina. That means, with your I-PASS, driving from the windy Chicago streets to the bustling avenues of New York City or the scenic routes of North Carolina is made simpler with seamless toll transactions.

E-ZPass Network States:

  • Midwest: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio
  • East Coast: New York, North Carolina, etc.
  • Additional East Coast and Midwestern states are also part of this network.

Extended Use Beyond the Midwest

Your travels to the Sunshine State are now worry-free when it comes to tolls, as the Florida Department of Transportation has ensured that I-PASS is accepted on all Florida toll roads. Although Georgia is not on the list, your I-PASS still has you covered in many popular destinations. Whether you’re headed to the beaches of Florida or exploring the rich history and culture of the East Coast, your I-PASS sticks with you, ensuring a smoother journey.

Purchase and Management of I-PASS

When traveling in Florida with an I-PASS, your transponder acts as a prepaid system for tolls. It’s easy to get started and manage your account, ensuring smooth travels through the Sunshine State’s toll roads.

Where to Buy an I-Pass Transponder

To obtain an I-PASS transponder, you have a variety of retail options available to you. You can visit Publix, Walgreens, or even add one to your cart on Amazon. The standard cost for an I-PASS transponder is around $14.95. This one-time purchase links to your account, which you can manage online.

Managing Your I-PASS Account Online

To ensure your I-PASS is always ready for the road, managing your account online is essential. By visiting the dedicated site at, you are able to easily add funds, check your balance, and view your transaction history. For assistance or updates, you can always reach out through email to their customer service. It’s also important to know that an I-PASS is compatible with E-PASS, simplifying your travels further throughout Florida.


If you’re planning a trip to Florida and wondering if you can use your I-PASS for toll roads, rest assured that your I-PASS will indeed work throughout the Sunshine State. Florida toll roads have expanded their transponder compatibility, meaning you no longer have to worry about the hassle of different toll systems as you drive across state lines.

  • Your I-PASS is now accepted on all Florida toll roads.
  • Enjoy the convenience of seamless travel between Illinois and Florida.
  • This compatibility saves time, as there is no need to purchase additional transponders.

For more details or to confirm the latest information on toll compatibility, check out the official announcement on the Illinois Tollway.

Just remember, while the I-PASS and E-ZPass interoperability is a big step forward, it’s always important to keep your account in good standing to avoid any possible issues on your journey. Safe travels!

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