Can You Use Someone Else’s E-ZPass? Risks and Penalties Explained

If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a toll pass while driving a friend’s car, you might have wondered if you can use someone else’s E-ZPass. The short answer is yes, with a few caveats. It’s possible to use another person’s E-ZPass transponder, as long as the vehicle you are driving is of the same class, such as a standard passenger car. It’s key to remember that toll systems are designed to match the transponder to the vehicle that’s registered to the E-ZPass account.

To ensure a smooth experience at toll booths, it’s recommended to temporarily register your vehicle with the E-ZPass account of the person from whom you’ve borrowed the transponder. Skipping this step might lead to unwelcome surprises, like fines or violations, because the toll agency must be able to match the transponder to your vehicle. It’s a straightforward process to add a car to an E-ZPass account, and doing so can save potential headaches down the line.

Moreover, different regions might have specific rules regarding the use of E-ZPass between vehicles, so it’s always wise to check the local regulations or E-ZPass FAQs of the agency that issued the transponder. Remember that each time you use a toll road, correct information helps ensure that the billing process goes smoothly, avoiding any mischarges to your account or the transponder owner’s account.

Sharing E-ZPass

When considering sharing an E-ZPass transponder, you should be informed about the policies and potential risks involved. This section will provide you with specific information about the guidelines and the implications of using a transponder that is not registered to your vehicle.

Is Sharing E-ZPass Allowed?

Yes, sharing an E-ZPass is permitted under certain conditions. The key is that the E-ZPass can be used across various vehicles as long as those vehicles are of the same class (e.g., two-axle cars) and the license plate of the vehicle you’re using is registered to the E-ZPass account. You have the option to temporarily register your vehicle with someone else’s E-ZPass to ensure compliance. This process helps link the vehicle registration information with the E-ZPass.

Risks of Using Someone Else’s E-ZPass

Using someone else’s E-ZPass comes with potential risks:

  • If the license plate is not added to the account and the E-ZPass fails to scan at a toll booth, the bill may be sent to the vehicle’s owner, which could lead to unnecessary complications.
  • Using a transponder in an unregistered vehicle that is a different class could result in improper toll charges, and potentially, violations fees.

To avoid these issues, always ensure that the vehicle you’re using is properly linked to the E-ZPass account. This can be easily managed through the E-ZPass website where you can update your vehicle registration details.

E-ZPass Violations and Compliance

When using E-ZPass, it’s crucial to understand the rules to avoid violations. If you’re not compliant, you may face fines and other penalties. Here’s what you need to know to keep your travels smooth and violation-free.

Common Types of E-ZPass Violations

  • Driving through a toll without an E-ZPass: This is often captured by cameras and you would receive a violation notice in the mail.
  • Incorrect transponder use: Using someone else’s E-ZPass improperly can also lead to a violation. Ensure that the vehicle class matches the transponder’s registered vehicle class.

Consequences of Violations

  • Fines: Failing to pay an E-ZPass toll can result in fines. The amount varies by state and can increase over time if left unpaid.
  • DMV actions: Unpaid fines can lead to actions by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), including suspension of your vehicle’s registration.

Appealing an E-ZPass Violation

  • Review the violation notice: You’ll typically have a specified timeframe to appeal the violation. Analyze the notice details, ensuring the violation actually occurred.
  • Gather evidence: If you had an E-ZPass at the time, provide proof. If someone else’s E-ZPass was used with permission, confirm that their account had your vehicle temporarily added.
  • Contact customer service: Discuss the situation with an E-ZPass representative, as they may waive administrative fees if you’ve since gotten an E-ZPass or used one with permission.

Customer Service Support

When you have questions or need assistance with your E-ZPass, the customer service center is ready to help. Whether it’s an inquiry, account support, or reporting a lost or stolen pass, you’ll find the support you need.

Inquiries and Account Support

If you need to ask a question about how to use someone else’s E-ZPass or require support with your account, the customer service center is your go-to resource. It’s a good question whether you can use another person’s transponder, and they can provide a definitive answer. You can:

  • Temporarily register your vehicle with their E-ZPass to ensure seamless toll payments.
  • Reach out for assistance if you encounter any issues or have questions about your account.

For a list of customer service centers, visit your local E-ZPass agency.

Report Lost or Stolen E-ZPass

If your E-ZPass is lost or stolen, it’s crucial to contact the customer service team immediately. Here’s what to do:

  1. Call the customer service number provided by your issuing agency.
  2. Follow their instructions to deactivate the lost or stolen E-ZPass.
  3. Request a replacement if necessary.

For specific contact information, select your E-ZPass issuing agency for directed support.

Accessibility Across States

If you’re looking to zip through tolls with ease, your E-ZPass is a versatile tool that can keep you moving across various states.

Where Can You Use E-ZPass?

Your handy E-ZPass offers a high degree of mobility, especially if your travels frequently take you up and down the Eastern Seaboard and into the Midwest. For instance, if you’re moving through New York, the New York E-ZPass website makes it clear that E-ZPass is not only accepted, but it’s also a convenient way to expedite your journey.

Heading towards New Jersey or Pennsylvania? The good news is, these states are also part of the broad network that accepts E-ZPass. Whether it’s the Garden State Parkway or the Pennsylvania Turnpike, your transponder has you covered.

Let’s not forget our friends up north in Maine and New Hampshire, where E-ZPass continues to make travel seamless. As you venture into Massachusetts, whether it’s for work or pleasure, your E-ZPass remains a travel companion.

In the south, Virginia and Maryland are part of the network, so feel reassured that your transponder is going to smooth out your drive there as well. Even though Florida has its own SunPass system, certain rental car programs may allow the use of E-ZPass as an alternative payment method, so it’s always worth checking ahead.

While Illinois is part of the I-PASS system, which is compatible with E-ZPass, it’s important to remember that interoperability may not cover all toll roads. For cross-country trips or travels that take you through the Midwest, keep this in mind to avoid any surprises on your journey.

It’s worth noting that states like Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Maryland not only support E-ZPass, but actively encourage its use for the convenience and reduction of traffic congestion.

The E-ZPass system’s aim is to provide you with that pleasure of skipping the long lines at tollbooths and having the ability to travel between many states comfortably and efficiently. Always ensure your transponder is mounted correctly in your vehicle to avoid any issues and enjoy an uninterrupted ride through the states that welcome E-ZPass.


You can indeed use someone else’s E-ZPass, but it’s imperative to adhere to some straightforward guidelines to ensure compliance and avoid any penalties. The general rule is that the E-ZPass transponder and the vehicle must match in class. For instance, if you are driving a car and the E-ZPass is registered for a car, you’re good to go.

Here’s a quick checklist for using another person’s E-ZPass:

  • Ensure Vehicle Class Match: Your vehicle should align with the class for which the E-ZPass is registered.
  • Temporarily Add Your Vehicle: For peace of mind, it’s a wise move to temporarily add your vehicle to the account of the E-ZPass owner.
  • Contact E-ZPass Customer Service: If confusion looms, reach out to E-ZPass customer service for clarity and assistance.

Remember, while using someone else’s E-ZPass in a pinch isn’t a legal misstep, managing it correctly is key to avoiding unnecessary toll violations or fees. Always double-check specific E-ZPass rules per state or agency, as regulations and flexibility can differ.

Paying attention to these details will enable you to make use of an E-ZPass transponder that isn’t yours without a hitch. Safe and savvy traveling!

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