Can I Put E-ZPass On Dashboard? (Answered)

There are a lot of complaints that the E-ZPass tags do not work right or sometimes work.

However, many of those complaints can be traced to not correctly mounting the tags to their vehicles. Many people even hold the tag when driving through polls.

You must know where and how to place your E-ZPass tags properly. If you do not do this right, your tag will not read. If this happens, you will have to pay more and sometimes twice the price.

It is why we will be looking at where you can place the E-ZPass tags and how to do it properly.

Where Is The Best Place To Put An E-ZPass?

It can be confusing to decide where to place your E-ZPass finally.

We recommend placing your tag close enough to where the transmission antenna can easily access it.

The transmission antenna uses radio frequency, which locates the transponder. The frequency will only return to the antenna when it hits a transponder.

If the tag is not placed correctly when driving through tolls, your toll payment will not be charged to your E-ZPass account.

In addition, where you decide to place the tag will depend on the transponder type.

E-ZPass comes in two types of tags which are the internal and external tags. They are both meant to be placed in different places.

If you drive a commercial vehicle, you get more options on what type of tag amount you get. You can get a front-mount exterior which can be mounted on the roof.

The interior tag is mounted on the windshield from within the vehicle. Ensure that it is placed where the heat-reflective films are not present.

The heat-reflective film is placed on the windshield to reduce the heat radiation coming from the sun. It could be a significant disadvantage for the toll tag. A heat-reflective film will hinder the radio frequency from getting to the tag.

You must get your vehicle’s manual and check where the reflective heat wave is not applied on the windshield.

Also, you have the option of using an exterior E-ZPass tag. This tag is mounted to where the plate number is. You will have to screw the tag in place.

In addition, both the interior and exterior are great places to place your tag. The best place for you now depends on your personal preference.

Where Do I Put The E-ZPass In Ny?

The best place to mount an E-ZPass tag in New York is either on the windshield or the bumper.

It is best to place the tag at the front of the vehicle, where the transmission antenna can easily read it. If it is put in a concealed place, the radio frequency sent by the antenna will not be able to find the tag.

Your account is not charged when your tag is not scanned due to where it is placed. You will have to pay via mail or cash, which will cost more and can be stressful.

Also, ensure that the tag is not blocked by any object, like a sticker or stains.

Windshield mounting is the most popular type of mounting used by car owners. It is because they are much easier to get.

External E-ZPass tags are given to vehicles with special windshields that do not allow the transmission antenna to read the tag.

Can I Put E-ZPass On Dashboard?

Do not place your E-ZPass tags on the dashboard, mirror, or visor. It is because your tag might read if placed in places like this, which will result in higher pay for you.

Although the tag is meant to be very sensitive, in some cases, it does not. Placing it in the sun visor, dashboard, or mirror is one of those cases. You might have it there, which could work for you, but sometimes it will not.

Also, avoid holding the E-ZPass tags whenever you pass a toll. They will be mounted on your vehicle for easier access and reading. Holding the tag will also not guarantee that the tag will be read.

How To Mount E-ZPass?

As we have mentioned, three major types of E-ZPass tags exist. They are the external and internal tags. Installing both is quite different because they go on other vehicle parts.

Below is how you can mount both types of E-ZPass tags.

Internal Tag

1. The best place to place the tag is on the windshield directly behind the rearview mirror.

2. Clean the area with alcohol and wipe it dry.

3. Ensure that the label is facing you when mounting.

4. Place mounting strips on the tag

5. Remove the film

6. Lastly, mount the tag on the windshield and ensure it is stable and firm.

Exterior Tag

1. The first step is to identify the front face of the tag and the rear face. The rear face has orientation arrows that are close to the mounting holes. Also, the label is on the back face.

2. The tag will be mounted to the insult of the license plate with the help of the hole provided. You might have to take out the license.

3. When mounting the E-ZPass tags, ensure it is done right side up. It provides proper reading.

4. Ensure that when mounting, you do not damage the tag in any way.

5. After mounting the tag on the license plate, mount it back to the vehicle.

If you want your E-ZPass tag, you must go to their official website and sign up; fill in the appropriate options as honestly as possible. Your E-ZPass tags will be delivered to you in 5 to 7 days.

Final Thoughts!

You must avoid placing your E-ZPass on your dashboard. If you want to mount your E-ZPass transponder, do it at the recommended place in the instruction.

If you have a windshield-mount transponder, please mount it in a suitable place on your windshield.

However, if you have a license plate mount transponder, ensure it is mounted correctly on the license place and in no other position.

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