Do You Have to Mount E-ZPass on Windshield? Alternatives for Drivers

Mounting your E-ZPass on the windshield is key for it to work properly. Your transponder needs a clear line of sight to communicate with toll readers. Ensure it’s within the recommended placement to avoid toll issues.

Mounting Your E-ZPass

When setting up your E-ZPass, it’s crucial to mount it correctly on your windshield to ensure it works properly every time you pass a toll. Improper positioning could lead to toll violations or higher charges.

Importance of Proper Mounting

Mounting your E-ZPass correctly on your windshield ensures that the toll readers can detect your transponder without any issues. Adhesive strips are typically used to attach the device to the designated spot on the windshield. The front face of the E-ZPass should be facing you, with arrows pointing toward the roof of your vehicle, to guarantee optimal communication with toll sensors.

Options for Mounting E-ZPass

You have a couple of options for mounting the E-ZPass on your vehicle:

  • Windshield Mount: This is the most common method. Use the adhesive strips that come with your E-ZPass to mount it on the windshield. It’s recommended to place it either in the center of the windshield behind the rearview mirror or at least one inch to the right of the center of the windshield. This position avoids any potential interference with solar strips or other elements that can block the transponder signal.
  • Alternative Options: In some cases, such as when driving a motorcycle or if your vehicle’s windshield is not compatible with the E-ZPass due to certain treatments, you may be provided with external transponders or other mounting options. It’s important to follow the specific mounting instructions provided by your E-ZPass agency.

Remember, your E-ZPass should be secure and unobstructed by metalized windshield features or window tints to function seamlessly.

Installation Instructions

When you receive your E-ZPass transponder, it is important to install it properly to ensure it can be read by the toll system’s sensors. Installation is a simple process whether you’re mounting it on your windshield or attaching it to your license plate.

Steps to Mount on Windshield

  1. Clean your windshield. Make sure the inside surface of your windshield is clean and dry near the rearview mirror.
  2. Remove the adhesive backing. Peel off the protective film from the adhesive strips usually provided with your E-ZPass tag.
  3. Position your tag. Attach your E-ZPass transponder to the windshield following the guidelines provided, which generally suggest placing it below the rearview mirror.
  4. Press firmly. Hold the transponder in place for a few seconds to ensure the adhesive strips make a good bond with the glass.

Remember, the placement of your tag can affect its readability, so be sure to follow the specific instructions laid out in the E-ZPass Installation Guide.

Attaching E-ZPass to the License Plate

  1. Locate the mounting area. Choose a spot on your license plate or the top of your front bumper where the transponder will be visible.
  2. Use mounting strips. Apply the mounting strips or the brackets provided with your license plate mount, if applicable.
  3. Secure the transponder. Fix the E-ZPass transponder onto the mounting strips or directly into the bracket to ensure it’s held firmly in place.

The transponder must be mounted correctly to communicate with toll facility equipment. Incorrect installation may lead to toll violations or additional fees. If your E-ZPass came with a license plate mount, it’s likely because windshield mounting isn’t optimal for your vehicle. If you’re considering an alternative mounting option such as a license plate mount, check whether your model requires this to ensure accurate toll readings.

Troubleshooting and Tips

When installing or maintaining your E-ZPass tag, it’s crucial to follow the correct procedures to ensure optimal functionality. Let’s explore some common issues you might face and the best practices to keep your tag working properly.

Common Mounting Issues

If you’re facing difficulties with your E-ZPass tag, the problem might often be related to its placement on your windshield. Your tag needs a clear line of sight to communicate with the toll reader. Ensure it’s firmly attached to the windshield as per the instructions provided by E-ZPass. Avoid metalized windshields that can block the signal, and don’t attach the tag to sun visors or other temporary fixtures.

Here’s what you should check:

  • Proper Placement: Your tag should be mounted on clear glass near the rearview mirror, either on the upper center or on the driver’s side of the center.
  • Clean Surface: Before mounting, clean the area on the windshield with alcohol wipes to allow the strips to adhere properly.
  • Secure Attachment: Use the mounting strips provided with your E-ZPass to secure the tag.

E-ZPass Tag Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your E-ZPass tag ensures that it continues to work without hiccups every time you pass through a toll. Keep your tag clean and free of dust or dirt that could interfere with the signal. If your tag seems unresponsive, it might need a fresh set of adhesive strips or even battery replacement if it’s an older version. For battery issues or if you suspect your tag is damaged, contact the MTA E-ZPass Customer Service Center for assistance.

Remember these maintenance tips:

  • Keep It Clean: Gently wipe the tag with a soft, damp cloth if needed.
  • No Stickers or Covers: Don’t place stickers or covers over your tag; this can prevent it from being read.
  • Battery Check: For tags that aren’t functioning, consider the battery life if you have had your tag for a very long time.

Staying on top of these common mounting and maintenance issues will help ensure that your E-ZPass tag works reliably, making your drives through tolls smoother and hassle-free.

Legal and Regulatory Information

When it comes to mounting your E-ZPass transponder, it’s important to be aware of the specific legal requirements and the consequences of non-compliance within your state. Staying informed ensures you avoid violations and travel with ease.

State-Specific Mounting Regulations

Each state may have different requirements for how and where to place your E-ZPass on your windshield. For instance, the New York State’s MTA stipulates that the E-ZPass should be mounted to the windshield as per the instructions that come with your tag. Typically, this means placing it within specific areas like below the rearview mirror to avoid obstruction of your view.

  • New York (MTA): Mount within the designated area on your windshield as provided by MTA guidelines to ensure proper signal detection by toll readers.

E-ZPass Compliance and Violations

Failing to mount your E-ZPass transponder properly can lead to toll violation fees and potentially administrative penalties. It’s essential to follow the proper placement instructions to ensure the electronic toll collection system can read your transponder accurately.

  • E-ZPass Compliance: Properly mounted transponders ensure you are charged correctly as you pass through tolls.
  • Violations: You could receive a fine or a violation notice if your E-ZPass is not detected due to incorrect placement on your windshield.


Mounting your EZ Pass on the windshield is typically recommended for optimal signal reception. However, there may be alternative locations such as the dashboard that can still maintain functionality.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Recommended Location: Near the rearview mirror on the windshield for clear signal transmission.
  • Important Note: Make sure the chosen spot is free from tints or other materials that can block signals.
  • Installation: Clean the area thoroughly before mounting for secure adhesion.

Remember, proper placement ensures uninterrupted service at tolls. You can find detailed guidance with visuals on How to Mount or Install an EZ Pass Correctly. Should you encounter issues or have concerns about where to place your transponder, it’s best to consult the EZ Pass Installation Guide or reach out to customer service for your specific toll system.

Stay informed and choose the best spot for your transponder to enjoy smooth travels on toll roads!

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