3 Causes of Dodge Ram 2500 Perform Service Message

A “Perform Service” warning message is a maintenance alert. It draws the driver’s attention to replace or clean a part of the vehicle. In this case, it is the CCV filter.

Yet, not only issues with the CCV filter that triggers the “Perform Service”. It would help if you observed other warning alerts that come with the “Perform Service”. This will give you an understanding of what the warning is about.

The warning should be taken seriously, especially about the CCV filter or an oil change

What is Ram 2500 Perform Service Warning?

The Ram 2500 warning message “Perform Service” is a reminder for a particular mile. It is majorly a reminder for the driver to change the CCV filter.

A “Perform Service” usually comes up after every 67,500 miles of changing the CCV filter. It also acts as a reminder to clean the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve. 

In addition, the CCV filter can be found between where gases exit the engine from the crankcase and the intake. The filter will remove oil vapor from the gases and other forms of contamination. It protects the engine from contaminations that can cause engine failure. 

If the CCV filter is not changed during the recommended interval, it becomes clogged. It comes with a lot of nasty symptoms, and they include the following. 

Symptoms of a clogged CCV filter

  1. Decrease in engine performance. 
  2. Oil leakages. 
  3. Increase in oil consumption
  4. Increase in fuel consumption 
  5. Engine failure 
  6. Vacuum leaks 
  7. Oil slide buildup in the filter cause clogs. 
  8. Rough idling 

Before these symptoms, the warning message will be triggered by the computer system. If the message is ignored, the filter will get clogged after a while. Once this happens, your vehicle experiences all these symptoms. 

Furthermore, when the “Perform Service” message comes up, it will trigger other alerts. The system will also alert the driver to check and clean the EGR valve and cooler. 

Causes of Ram 2500 Perform Service?

A “Perform Service” message is a reminder message to the driver that may not become on due to serious issues. It reminds the driver that the filter needs to be changed. 

However, there are other factors that could trigger the “Perform Service” warning message. Some of these factors include the following. 

1. CCV filter 

When the “Perform Service” warning message comes up, it indicates that the filter is past 67,500 miles. Once this mile is crossed, the message and other warning lights come up. 

In this case, there will be no noticeable symptoms that could be associated with the warning message. Yet, if the message is ignored, you will notice issues with the “engine performs.” 

Once there are significant symptoms, the filter has been clogged, or oil and other contaminants have entered the engine. 

2. Dirty exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve

When the “Perform Service” warning message comes, it triggers other alerts. One alert that will come up is to clean the EGR valve and cooler. However, this only applies to the 2007 to 2012 Ram 2500. 

3. Oil change 

Also, a “Perform Service” warning message could mean an oil change is due. You should change the oil after every 7,500-10,000, depending on the model year of the Ram 2500.  

After passing the set oil change interval, the “Perform Service” will come up. It will come alongside other warnings like the oil change warning light. The check engine light will also come on if these warnings are ignored.  

How to Reset Ram 2500 Perform Service Warning

For problems like the “Perform Service” warning message, it is quite easy to determine and solve. By inspecting the probable causes, you will have the problem fixed. 

The good news is that a few factors could cause this issue. There is no need to use complicated tools for diagnosis. 

Below are ways to fix a “Perform Service” warning message. 

1. Change the CCV filter

A common cause of the warming message is a due CCV filter change. By changing and resetting the system, the warning message should go away. 

How to change the CCV filter of a Ram 2500?

  1. Remove the CCV Filter Cover: Start by removing the eight 8mm bolts securing the CCV filter cover. In some cases, there might be additional components attached, such as wiring or EGR system parts, which should be handled accordingly.
  2. Disconnect the Hose and Sensor: Take off the hose connected to the filter and unplug the sensor. The sensor has a locking tab that needs to be pushed to the side before sliding it out.
  3. Replace the CCV Filter: Once the cover is removed, the old CCV filter can be accessed. Gently lift it using a pry bar or by pulling it upwards. Dispose of the old filter properly and ensure the filter housing is clean and free of debris.
  4. Install the New CCV Filter: Prior to installing the new filter, it is recommended to lubricate the O-rings with a small amount of oil or gasoline. Insert the new filter into the housing.
  5. Reassemble: Reattach all the components that were removed, including the hose and sensor. Take care not to overtighten the bolts, as they are connected to plastic parts that may crack if excessive force is applied.

After completing the CCV filter replacement, the “Perform Service” warning light may still be illuminated. To reset the light, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the Key to On: For vehicles with a push-start system, put the key to the “Run” position.
  2. Press the Brake Pedal Twice: Depress the brake pedal twice in quick succession.
  3. Press the Accelerator Pedal: Slowly press the accelerator pedal all the way down twice.

2. Clean the EGR valve 

To clean the EGR, you will need to remove the valve to this locate the EGR valve. The location of the valve depends on the model year of the vehicle. You should use the owner’s manual to get the location or seek professional advice. 

Once you get to the EGR valve, remove the hose. Inspect the hose, and check if it is too soft, hard, or cracked. Remove every bolt and take out the valve. 

Spray the valve with an EGR valve or carburetor cleaner and allow it to sit for a while. Scrub the valve with a dull scraper until every corner of the valve is free from carbon deposit.

You can apply the cleaner to the intake manifold to clean the carbon deposit. Also, clean the sealing surface and assemble all the components, 

3. Change oil

It would be best if you located the drain plug to change the oil in your vehicle. The oil drain plug is at the bottom of the engine under the oil pan. 

You can drain the oil by removing the drain plug and allowing the old oil into a drain pan. Once completely drained, change the oil filter and close the drain plug. 

Proceed to pour the new oil into the engine. Ensure it is the recommended oil by the vehicle manufacturer. Fill up the oil reserve to the recommended extent. 

Final thoughts 

It would help if you adopted a proper maintenance culture. A good maintenance culture ensures that the Ram 2500 engine last longer. One way to properly maintain Ram 2500 is by paying attention to warning messages.  

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