6 Causes of Volvo Park Assist System Service Required Warning

The Volvo park assist system is an amazing feature that makes parking much easier. The system makes use of a lot of components, especially sensors.

In addition, a PAS can use as many as 12 sensors located in strategic positions around the vehicle. It gives the system an all-around capture of available space and obstacles.

However, just like other systems in a vehicle, the PAS can encounter issues with the sensors and other important parts of the system. When it does, the computer system alerts the driver using the warning message “Park assist system service required.”

What is Volvo Park Assist System Service Required?

The “park assist system service required” is a warning alert that tells the driver something is wrong with the Parking Assistance System (PAS). It could be traced to damaged rear assist sensors and its connectors. 

The park assist system is a computerized parking help that uses an advanced system to help Volvo driver park accurately. The system adopts sensors located at strategic positions to ensure that they will detect open spaces and obstacles. 

Once the driver activates the system, with the help of the sensors and computer system, the space and obstacles picked up by the system are used to calculate the optimum path parking. The PAS will determine steering movements and amount of managers needed. 

In basic versions of the PAS, the steering control is handled automatically by the system. The driver stays in control of the acceleration, gear, and brake. If the driver does not feel the PAS is accurate enough, control can be taken back by holding the steering wheel. 

In addition, Active Parking Assist has a varied amount of sensors. For instance, PAS 2.0 uses 12 sensors. 4 rear bumper, 4 front bumper, 2 driver’s side, and 2 passenger’s side. 

If any of the sensors are not working properly, the PAS working performance will be affected. It turns the warning message “park assist system service required” will be activated. 

When the warning message comes on, the rear bumper sensors are not working right in most cases. However, the message is not limited to the rear sensors alone; other sensors can trigger the warning.  

Causes of Volvo Park Assist System Service Required

The warning message “park assist system service required” is mainly caused by the rear bumper. Any damage or dirt covering the sensor will cause the message to come up. 

1. Dirty sensor 

After some time using your vehicle, dirt finds its way into certain areas it should not be. The PAS sensors, especially the rear sensors, could be where dirt could accumulate. 

Once the sensor is dirty to an extent, it cannot function because it is obstructed by dirt. When this happens, it hinders the working condition of the PAS, and the “park assist system service required” warning message comes up. 

2. Water in the sensor 

Also, during the rainy season or when washing the vehicle, water can get into the sensor and connector and cause certain damage. It could affect the wiring connection, causing splices in the cable harness. 

Once the wiring harness is damaged by water, the sensor cannot send signals to the system. 

3. Damaged wiring 

Parking Assistance System is an electronic component in the vehicle. It relies on current flow through the wires to be able to function. 

However, the wire harness is sometimes damaged due to external factors like contaminants, pests, etc. When this happens, current flow to the system will be hindered, causing it to stop working. 

4. Damaged sensor 

A damaged PAS sensor is the leading cause of a “park assist system service required” warning message. A broken sensor house would let all kinds of continents into the sensor, like water, debris, and more, which could cause serious damage. 

Once the sensors are not working properly, the PAS will also not function properly. 

5. System issue 

Like any other vehicle system, the PAS can malfunction or encounter issues. It could be a simple malfunction, software issue, and more serious issue like ECM failure. 

When the system is faulty, there are two things you can expect: the system will malfunction or not work. 

6. Electrical fault

Another electrical fault that affects the PAS can trigger a “park assist system service required” message. An issue with the fuse will render the system inactive because no current will flow to the system. 

Also, issues like damaged circuits and problems with the battery will render the PAS system inactive. 

Other factors could cause the “park assist system service required” message to come up. For instance, snow and rain, however, are many causes that will go away on their own. 

How to Fix Volvo Park Assist System Service Required

The most common cause of the Volve park assist system service required is the rear sensor. If you fix the warning message, you could start from there. 

However, for proper diagnosis of the cause of the problem, you could use a scan tool to run a test on all the PAS sensors. 

Below are ways to fix a “park assist system service required” alert. 

1. Clean the sensor 

First, you need to locate which of the sensors is causing the issue with the OBD-II scanner. It is usually the rear sensor, but a proper diagnosis should be made just to be sure. 

Once locate the sensor and then proceed to take out the sensor. Clean the sensor and another component carefully in case the contaminant has found its way into them. 

Install the sensors back in place and then clean the outside of the sensor properly.

2. Replace the damaged sensor

Again, use an OBD-II scanner to locate the damaged sensor. Once found, take out the sensor and then examine it. Look out for damaged sensor houses, corrosion, broken wire, and more. 

Once the sensor is damaged, replace it with the exact type of the old sensor. If the wire is the problem, you can easily buy a new wire connection and replace just the wire. 

3. Damaged wiring 

The wires carry current flow to the PAS system. Once damaged, the system is rendered inactive. Use the owner’s manual to locate the wire associated with the PAS. 

Once you have located the wire harness, examine the connectors and the wire. Look for damage like burnt, corrosion, broken, and more. If any damage is found, have the wire replaced. 

4. System issue 

The first step to solving a PAS system issue is to reset it. You can reset the PAS system by turning off the engine and pressing the reset button for about 5 seconds. Once you start the vehicle, you will hear a beep sound. 

If resetting the system does not work, the issue might be more serious. You might take the vehicle to a professional for a proper diagnosis and fix. 

Final Thoughts 

It is always better to have the vehicle’s systems fixed by a professional. The “Park assist system service required” can be complicated regarding diagnosis and fixes. It would be best if you do not a good electrical or mechanical knowledge; you have the issue taken care of by a professional.  

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