Volvo Alarm System Service Required: Causes & How to Fix

The Volvo Alarm system required is almost always caused by a weak or bad battery in the alarm siren module. When this happens, the alarm system in your Volvo goes off. 

The most common indicator of a problem in the alarm siren would be the displayed error message on your dashboard accompanied by a continuous alarm sound. Both signs will likely lead to a quicker battery drain in your Volvo. 

You may fix this issue temporarily by removing the alarm fuse. A more permanent fix would be replacing the entire Alarm siren unit or swapping the weak/bad battery for a stronger one.

This article would provide you with more information on what the Volvo Alarm system required entails, what the causes are, and how you can effortlessly fix this issue.

What Is Volvo Alarm System Required?

Before we can properly understand the error message, ‘Volvo Alarm system required,’ let’s know how the Volvo Alarm system works.

The Volvo alarm system operates with the help of sensors strategically placed at different locations in your car. This system may include; door sensors, motion sensors, glass monitoring sensors, etc. These systems work together to detect movements around the vehicle and alert passers-by (through a high pitch sound) in case of a break-in or theft. 

Now, the Volvo Alarm system required message shown on your dashboard points to an issue with the Alarm system in your car. Luckily, the common culprit for this issue is your Siren module or unit. Whenever the siren module/unit components become faulty, the Volvo Alarm system required message shows up on your dashboard. 

This message will remain until the faulty component is repaired or replaced. You will also notice a constant alarm siren that cannot be turned off. 

Although there is no immediate impact on your Volvo, the never-ending siren can cause enough inconvenience when driving.

Causes of Volvo Alarm System Service Required

The most common cause of Volvo alarm system service required is a failed battery in the alarm siren module. This issue is identified through the UEM-0004 fault code.  

Other causes of this issue include a faulty sensor, key fob issues, wiring issues, etc. However, a defective Alarm siren module is more time than not the source of this Volvo alarm system service problem. The Alarm siren module is located behind the arch wheel linen on the driver’s side of your car. It contains a module board attached to a battery.

The battery should have a lifespan of about ten years. If the battery becomes weak or bad, the power supply to the alarm system is cut off, resulting in this error message. 

The constant alarm siren that goes off after this error message appears on your dashboard can easily cause a battery drain. 

You may fix this issue by replacing the entire alarm siren module unit or attaching a new battery to the unit. Whichever method you use depends on the level of damage caused to the module board by the battery.

Occasionally you may encounter some difficulty identifying the cause of the Volvo alarm system service required. You can seek professional help to diagnose and fix this issue properly.

How To Fix Volvo Alarm System Service Required

There are two ways you can fix the alarm system service required problem. You may choose to replace the entire alarm siren unit with a new unit or replace just the battery inside the siren module. 

The former step is the most expensive of the two. You need to purchase a complete alarm siren unit, which could cost about $200. However, the procedure for replacing the old unit is very quick and straightforward.

Conversely, changing just the battery is cheap, but the procedure is a bit tasking and might need more care. Furthermore, this procedure can only be considered if the bad battery is yet to corrode the siren circuit board.

Here are some tools and equipment you’ll need:

1. 19-millimeter socket

2. A ratchet

3. 10-millimeter socket (fender remover)

4. 5-millimeter drill (rivet remover)

5. Saw/grinder (if you plan just to replace the battery)

6. M6 10-millimeter bolt

7. Flat bit/screwdriver 

8. A new alarm siren unit (for complete replacement)

9. AA batteries or button cells batteries around 7.4 volts (for battery replacement)

Procedure to replace the entire Alarm module 

Step 1: Jack your car and locate the Alarm siren module. You will need to remove the wheels and fender liner to locate the Alarm siren module.

Step 2:  Carefully remove the old alarm module and replace it with a new one.

Step 3:  Reassemble the fender liner and replace your wheels.

Step 4: Lower your vehicle and test the newly installed alarm siren.

Procedure to fix the battery

Step 1: Take out the old alarm module and remove the alarm unit from its metal security case. 

Step 2: Carefully open the alarm unit with a saw or grinder. You need to start cutting the unit from slightly below the bottom gray plastic. 

Step 3: Disconnect the old battery for the new one. A soldering tool will be used to attach the wires together.

Step 4: Attach the new battery to the circuit board. Most aa batteries take up more space. You may need to break the battery chamber/ cage to accommodate the bigger battery.

Step 4: Re-assemble the alarm unit and hold it with tape. Next, you re-attach the unit to the security chamber. Then you place the alarm module back in position.

Step 5: Refit the fender line and the wheels.

Step 6: Finally, you should test the alarm siren system to see if it works perfectly.


Changing an alarm siren module in your Volvo is not really a DIY-friendly procedure. This situation is particular for people who do not have a flair for the screwing and unscrewing process. The procedure is, however, straightforward for those who know their way around.

The bottom line here is that you can properly fix the Volvo alarm system service-required error message. It doesn’t really matter if you do it yourself or you hire the services of a professional automobile technician.

When this error message is fixed, you benefit from improved battery life and an end to the constant siren sound from your alarm.

In all cases, you stand to enjoy the benefit of a more comfortable ride and a potentially secured vehicle.

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