6 Causes of Volvo Power System Service Urgent

If you are getting the “Power System Service Urgent,” it is your vehicle’s way of telling you that the power system of your Volvo is below the recommended threshold.

Typically, the fault is from your alternator or battery, and you would need to replace or repair the damaged parts.

This article will examine some causes of the  “Power System Service Urgent” warning message on your Volvo. We will also discuss some possible fixes to rest the warning message.

Why are you seeing the Power System Service Urgent Message?

There are a couple of reasons you may be getting the warning message. The primary reason is a bad alternator system. Other causes include damaged batteries, wiring issues, bad regulators, loose serpentine belts, corroded battery terminals, etc. Furthermore, any components of the power source system may trigger the warning. 

1. Faulty Alternator 

A faulty alternator has been identified as a primary cause of this warning message. The alternator helps generate electric power for the car’s electric system and battery. Where the alternator is bad, it cannot properly charge the battery. The Control module may interpret this as low voltage and trigger the warning message.

2. Bad regulator

The regulator is within the alternator and may contribute to the power system issue. It regulates the alternator’s voltage output, ensuring the charge is stable and consistent. However, when the regulator is faulty, the voltage becomes unpredictable, damaging the electrical system and triggering the error message. It could also cause the battery to overcharge or undercharge.

3. Corroded Battery Terminal

A corroded battery terminal can trigger the warning message in your Volvo. Corrosion causes a poor electrical connection with the battery. It also causes low battery volt supply to the engine system, leading the ECU to think the battery is bad, triggering the error. We recommend cleaning the terminals with a brush.

4. Electrical issue/ blown fuse:

It is possible that a short electrical wiring or blown fuse may trigger the “Power System Service Urgent” warning message in your Volvo. Overheating of wiring may cause the wire to short/ break causing electrical complications.

5. Power System Overheating

Overheating components within the power system, including the battery, alternator, or wiring, can completely degrade the power system’s performance and cause potential failure.

6. Faulty PCM

The PCM stands for Powertrain Control Module. It controls and manages several functions, including the power system. Faulty PCM or malfunction results in abnormal behavior that triggers the warning message.

How to fix the “Power System Service Urgent warning”?

Above, we identified some of the causes of “Power System Servuce urgent” in your Volvo.  Here are tips on how to fix the warning on your dashboard:

  • Clean the battery terminals: the battery: You should clean the terminals with a brush or dry rag. Ensure there is no corrosion residue on the surface.
  • Inspecting the tension of the serpentine belt: The serpentine belt helps to drive the alternator to generate enough charge for the battery. You want to check for signs of wear, tear, or slackness.
  • Inspect the alternator: Inspect the condition of the alternator. You want to check the alternator wiring for breakage.
  •  Check battery voltage: Using a multimeter, inspect the battery voltage. The recommended voltage is 13.5-14.5 volts.
  • Check charging system: Have your Volvo battery system inspected by your local mechanic. 

Can I drive with a “Power System Service Urgent”?

We do not recommend you drive with a “power system service warning” message. The power system is centered around the battery and charging system in Volvo.  Malfunctions will affect the drivability of your car, leading to inconvenience. Book an appointment with a professional mechanic or have your vehicle tolled to their workshop instead.


The Volvo Power System Service Urgent warning message can be concerning, especially when you get the message while driving. Don’t panic!

One of the identified causes in this article is the culprit of the triggered error message. We have noticed that the alternator is the primary cause—we advise our readers to start their inspection from the alternator.

Ensure to visit a professional mechanic for troubleshooting and diagnosing the message if you still face difficulties.

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