5 Causes of Kia Check BSD System

One prominent safety feature of modern Kia cars is the BSD system. It covers the blind spot of the driver and ensures that there is no collision from that area.

However, the BSD system encounters problems of its own. These issues are majorly related to the radar used by the system. As a result, a warning message is displayed on the dashboard, informing the driver that something is wrong with the BSD system. The warning message is the “check BSD system.”

As long as the radar is affected by external and internal factors, the warning will keep appearing on the dashboard.

What is Kia Check BSD System?

The Kia check BSD system is an error message that will appear on a Kia vehicle’s dashboard when there is something wrong with the BSD system.

BSD system stands for Blind Spot Detection system; it alerts the driver of objects or potential collisions at the driver’s blind spot. The blind spot of the driver is usually at the adjacent lanes of traffic.

In addition, the system uses a radar sensor that detects the movement and speed of the vehicles and other moving objects at the rear side territory of the car.

Once a potential threat is detected, a yellow light will be illuminated inside the rearview mirror. The second stage of alert is an alarm that will be set off.

The BSD system radar is located on both sides of the bumper area. Its strategic location gives a broader range of cover for the driver’s blind spot.

Now back to the check BSD system; when the warning message appears, it notifies the driver that foreign substances are on the radar. However, other factors could make the message come up.

Also, when the message comes up, the BSD system will automatically be turned off. You will notice that the light on the switch will turn off, and you may receive a message saying BSD canceled.

Causes of Kia Check BSD System

The primary cause of the check BSD system in a Kia car is a problem with the radar. Anything that affects the radar will affect how the system will function. Also, other electrical issues like a burnt fuse and wiring problems can cause the warning message to come up.

1. Dirt or other foreign substance on the radar

The leading cause of the check BSD system warning message is dirt on the radar. Dirt or any other foreign material accumulated on the radar can prevent it from detecting other incoming cars.

Radar works through a beam of energy known as radio waves. The radio waves strike objects within their reach to be able to collect data on them. Radio waves cannot travel properly when covered with dirt and other foreign things.

2. Bad wiring connection

Another problem that could cause a warning message is the wiring problem. A good wiring connection will feed the system proper electrical current to function correctly. Also, good wiring connections will ensure proper communication between the radar and the system.

When the wiring connection becomes damaged, the system may not receive proper electrical current causing it to stop working. A bad wiring connection could prevent the radar from working or communicating with the system. All this will cause the warning message to come up.

3. Influence of weather condition

When there is a change in the weather condition, this could affect how the radar functions. For instance, during heavy rain, the radar may find it hard to sense other vehicles coming from the blind spot.

Also, during heavy snow, the vehicle’s radar will encounter a lot of issues. The snow will constantly cover up the radar making it challenging to function.

4. Installed trailer or carrier

Using the BSD system while a trailer or carrier is attached to the vehicle is difficult or sometimes impossible. The carrier or trailer is attached to the back of the car, completely blocking the radar. A warning message will surely come up in this situation.

In addition, to use a trailer or carrier, the BSD system should be turned off. It will prevent it from sending false alerts, and the warning message will not come up.

5. BSD system not detecting another vehicle for any extended period

Driving in an area that does not have many cars, leaving the BSD system dormant for some time, could trigger the warning sign.

How to fix Kia Check BSD System

The first step to fixing a Kia check BSD system is correctly diagnosing the problem. If the message comes up when the car is switched on, turn off the vehicle and switch it on again. Many safety systems experience minor malfunctions that can be solved by resetting the system.

If the message remains after restarting the vehicle, it could be a more severe problem.

Below are ways you can fix a Kia BSD system.

1. Clean the radar area

The radar is usually located at the bumper area of the vehicle; if you cannot find it, check the vehicle’s manual. Inspect the area for dirt, snow, and other objects or substances that could obstruct the radar. Ensure proper cleaning of the radar area.

2. Check and repair wiring connections

Using the vehicle’s manual, you can get a proper diagram of the wiring connection of all electrical components in the car. Check the wires for damages like corrosion, disconnection, or exposed wires. Once any damage is found, replace the wire.

3. Disconnect the carrier or trailer

Disconnect the carrier or trailer if you want to use the BSD system with a carrier or trailer attached to the vehicle. If something obstructs the radar, the BSD system cannot function properly.

4. Switch off the BSD system

In some cases, nothing can be done about the warning message, especially during extreme weather conditions. In this case, the thing that could be done is to turn off the BSD system.

Furthermore, the BSD system can be tricky to fix, which is why we recommend that a vehicle with problems with the BSD be given to professionals for proper repair.

Final Thoughts

The warning message will come up more often during extreme weather conditions like snow and heavy rainfall. In many cases, the system could send alerts of a potential collision when there is no threat. Turn off the BSD system in periods like this if you do not know how to check your vehicle manual.

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