What Does SRH Mean in Subaru? 

“What does SRH mean in Subaru?” has closed many people’s minds. SRH stands for Steering Responsive Headlights. It’s an adaptive headlight system that makes your driving experience safer. 

If you’re a Subaru fan, you want to learn more about this exciting feature. We’ve got you. Read on for the details and discover other newer, world-class features Subaru offers. 

How Does the SRH in Subaru Enhance Your Safety?

The SRH in Subaru enhances your safety by helping you see better while cornering. Unlike the typical headlights that point straight ahead, the SRH point toward the direction you’re steering. That allows you to see further around a corner and react sooner if something happens.

Subaru introduced the SRH on its vehicles in 2017. So far, the feature is available on select models. These include the 2017 Impreza, 2018 WRX, Crosstrek, Outback, Forester, and Legacy. 

When you enable the SRH on your Subaru, the headlights will move in the direction you turn the steering wheel. The SRH headlights use electronic motors to pivot right or left as you steer the wheel. By so doing, they effectively light up the road ahead.

These unique headlights come in handy when driving in the middle of the night on a road that meanders. You can see oncoming traffic at a corner or intersection sooner, reducing a crash risk. 

Has the SRH Technology Been There Before? 

SRH technology has been there before, since the late 1940s. But Subaru has revived and made it even better. In those early years, manufacturers would connect the headlights to the steering controls. That way, the headlights would move together with the steering wheel. 

The Tucker 48 (Tucker Torpedo) is a famous example of a vehicle model that used this technology. Reports are that the vehicle had cutting-edge features at that time. It included a centrally located headlamp that would move with the steering input. 

These headlights are controlled electronically in the contemporary world. But the effect remains the same. As stated, the SRH function will automatically move the headlights left or right as per your steering angle and car speed. You can turn on or off the SRH function based on your needs. 

How to Turn the Subaru’s SRH Function ON or OFF?

To turn the Subaru’s SRH function on or off, you must access the information screen in the gauge cluster. You’ll control the system on this screen. Now use the buttons on your steering wheel to turn the SRH on or off as and when you need it. 

Let’s discuss this in detail:

1. Activating or Deactivating the System

As mentioned, you control the SRH system through the information screen in the middle of the gauge cluster. That is behind the steering wheel. You’ll find the buttons to access the screen and turn the SRH ON or OFF on the lower left of the steering wheel. 

2. Understanding the SRH System’s Behavior

The SRH system will behave differently in different circumstances. First, the system has a light on the combination meter that indicates when it’s on or off. Subaru calls it the SRH OFF indicator light. 

It will turn off when you turn the SRH function on. On the other hand, the SRH OFF indicator light will turn on when you switch off the system. If you turn ON the ignition with the SRH off and then turn on the engine again, the SRH will go on automatically. Also, when you switch the ignition ON, the SRH OFF indicator light will turn on. It will then turn off after a moment. 

Note: The SRH will only activate when your Subaru moves forward at 5 mph or more. 

How to Recognize the SRH Malfunctions and Fix Them?

If the SRH is malfunctioning, it will behave erratically. The SRH OFF indicator light may flash when you turn the ignition switch to the ON position. That indicates that the SRH function is disabled, and you should contact a Subaru dealer to inspect and fix it. 

SRH malfunctions aren’t widespread. That’s perhaps because the feature is still new, especially on some Subaru models – barely a decade old. Some reported issues include:

1. A Potential Sensor Issue

The SRH OFF lights stay on; nothing happens when you press the on-off button. You’ll also not see any warning light stating there’s a fault. It would be best if you visited a dealer when that happens. 

2. Faulty Headlamp Assembly 

Another issue you may encounter with the SRH function is a defective headlamp assembly. Some people claim that stopping and restarting the engine clears this electronic mishap. However, the best thing is to take the vehicle to a dealership for repair or a headlight replacement. 

What Are Some Other Newer Safety Features on Subaru? 

Some other newer features on Subaru include high beam assist (HBA) and reverse auto braking (RAB). The HBA enhances your night-time visibility by automatically adjusting your high beams to low or high at the appropriate time. Conversely, the HBA prevents accidentally crushing on obstacles when driving in reserve. 

Here are the details:

1. High Beam Assist (HBA)

The high beam assist is a light feature that allows your high beams to adjust automatically to low or high based on available lighting. For example, the lights will change to low if the sensors detect sufficient lighting from street lights, a vehicle in front of you, or one oncoming in an adjacent lane. 

That means you can use your high beams to improve night-time visibility without worrying about blinding other drivers. The HBA will adjust the lights accordingly while you concentrate your hands on the steering wheel. 

2. Reverse Auto Braking (RAB)

As the name suggests, this unique feature prevents crushing when driving in reserve. The RAB system uses sensors in the rear bumper to detect obstacles in the vehicle’s path when moving back at a low speed. The system will send an audio warning immediately after it detects an obstacle. If you don’t respond, the system will automatically stop the vehicle. 


We have learned that SRH means Steering Responsive Headlights. When enabled, these headlights will turn right or left according to the direction of your steering wheel. They enhance night-time visibility when cornering or at an intersection. 

It’s easy to activate or deactivate the SRH system on the information screen using buttons on the steering wheels. If the system malfunctions, take your vehicle to an authorized Subaru dealership. 

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