What Does SRF Mean In Subaru? (Explained)

Subaru proves to be the best choice, especially for outdoor fanatics. Yet, this brand aims to offer a lot more desirable features. This way, it ensures comfort and a unique driving experience. One of its desired features is the SRF. What exactly does SRF mean and what are its functionalities? Read through to learn more.

What Does SRF Stand For In Subaru?

The SRF, Steering Responsive Fog Lights, is an amazing feature in Subaru models. They enhance visibility. These large halogen fog lights are located on each side of the vehicle. The halogen Steering Responsive Fog Lights can project 200 feet. But, the LED Steering Responsive Fog Lights can project as much as 300 feet. They are usually wide beam lights with short range.

SRFs are auxiliary lights separate from the headlights. They are found underneath your car’s bumper. They are different from the main lights above the bumper. The latter illuminates a great distance ahead. On your Subaru dashboard is an indicator light that tells if the SRF is either on or off.

To find out if your Subaru model has fog lights, check your dashboard for the symbol after starting your car. On the left side of the steering wheel, you can find the control button or the indicator stalk. The location depends on your Subaru model, which can be used to enable or disable this feature.

Theoretically, yellow-colored fog lights in halogen or led bulbs seem to be the most accepted among manufacturers. This is because they have longer penetrative wavelengths in foggy conditions. The essence of these lights is to assist in situations where you need more illumination. Therefore, you shouldn’t substitute the SRF with regular headlights.

While driving, you may decide to turn right or left. To do so safely and successfully, of course, you need to see the path in front of you clearly. When making a turn, the SRF turns on automatically and responds to the steering direction. Since they are located at the sides of the car, instead of pointing straight, the lights turn to the steering direction. In effect, the fog light helps you see the corner ahead and avoid any potential danger.

Are Steering Responsive Fog Lights Important?

Yes, it’s a no-brainer to say that SRF is pretty essential to safe driving, especially under unfavorable conditions. Here are some of the SRF functions.

They improve visibility – Visibility is critical in driving. Fog Lights are enabled as you turn your wheel or use the switch signal. They add more lighting, especially at night. While driving in places without street lights or in foggy conditions, the SRF helps. The light goes off automatically each time you ring back your steering to a balanced position.

The lights pivot about 15 degrees, enabling you to better see objects beyond your usual range of vision. The quicker you’re able to see dangers (animals, objects or people about to cross the road) ahead, the faster you can avoid them.

They contribute to Safety – The brand cares deeply about the safety of its customers, including those who live in mountainous zones like the Alps, who could easily run into wild animals along the way. You can corner easily as the lights pivot in the direction of your wheel. To an extent, Steering Responsive Fog lights can prevent unexpected encounters which could result in accidents or loss of life.

They alert others on the road of your presence: The rear fog lights can keep other road users aware of your presence, especially in foggy weather conditions.

Reduce insurance claims: If you fail to utilize your SRF when required, and unfortunately your car is involved in an accident, it could reduce your insurance claims or even invalidate them.

When to Use SRF While Driving

You cannot always turn on the SRF, but only in certain unfavorable driving conditions.   

1: In foggy conditions: In certain conditions like in the occurrence of mist or fog, the SRF becomes essential. Using high-beam lights in foggy conditions is not ideal. The lights are sent back from the fog which in turn reduces visibility. Fog lights can be used instead.

2: When making a bend or turn: You can also use the SRF when turning or making a bend. It’ll direct you to the direction of the corner or bend.  

3. In case of poor visibility: When visibility is decreased and you can only see 100 meters or less ahead (This rule applies in the UK). This is stated to prevent the wrong use of fog lights.


How can I turn off steering responsive headlights in Subaru?

To turn off the SRF in your Subaru outback, all you need to do is to hit the lower right button located on the right side of your steering wheel. However, it is not recommended to turn off this driver assistant technology. The feature helps you see better around corners and bends. They aim to point you in the direction you’re driving. 

How do cornering fog lights work?

When turning and indicating into a road, you’ll get clearer illumination on the road thanks to the cornering fog lights. The cornering is the light within the foglamp that automatically comes on to give you improved visibility as your turn.

Final Thoughts

SRF in Subaru means Steering Responsive Fog Lights. They turn and adapt to the steering wheel direction and help you corner successfully. Bear in mind that while using fog lights, it is vital to reduce driving speed. This could affect your response time to unexpected and unwanted situations along your path.

Should you use SRFs? Well, the choice is yours. However, if you find yourself frequently routing in a foggy environment or driving at night, Fog Lights can be of great assistance. Steering responsive Fog lights are not designed to be used in place of regular lights. Instead, they serve as additional light for better visibility at intersections and corners when there is a reduction in visibility.

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