4 Common Subaru Infotainment System Problems

Subaru infotainment systems are a popular feature in their vehicles, offering you advanced technology at your fingertips. However, some drivers have experienced problems with their system, such as freezing screens and unreliable connections.

As you navigate these issues, it’s essential to stay informed about the potential causes and solutions. Being aware of the common issues that drivers have reported can help you address them effectively and enjoy a more seamless driving experience.

Common Subaru Infotainment System Problems

Freezing Issues

One common issue you might face with your Subaru infotainment system is freezing. This can be quite frustrating when you’re trying to access important features like navigation or audio controls during a drive. Many Subaru owners have reported problems with their infotainment system freezing up, which requires a restart of the system. The 2022 Onyx XT and the 2022 Forester are among the models that have experienced this issue.

Unresponsive Touch Screen

Another common problem with the Subaru infotainment system is an unresponsive touch screen. This issue may leave you unable to control certain features or access information. Subaru has faced lawsuits and recalls due to this particular issue, highlighting how widespread it can be.

Navigation Malfunctions

The navigation system in your Subaru’s infotainment may also experience issues. Users have reported cases of incorrect route guidance, irrational directions, or simply slow response times. Troubleshooting these issues can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Problems with Radio

Apart from the above issues, you may also face problems with your Subaru’s radio system. Some users have reported difficulties with the radio reception, where the signal drops frequently or the quality is poor. These problems can negatively impact your enjoyment of music or news while driving.

To address these concerns, Subaru has been working on updates to improve the infotainment system performance. For instance, a 2022 Crosstrek owner mentioned that a senior customer service representative assured them of an upcoming update to resolve the reported issues. Keeping your infotainment system up-to-date can help you avoid or troubleshoot some of these problems.

The Subaru Starlink System

The Subaru Starlink system is an advanced infotainment system that can be found in many Subaru vehicles. It provides access to music, navigation, and various other features, all while keeping you connected on the go. However, some users have reported issues with the system, leading to frustration and even legal action. In this article, we’ll discuss two major aspects of the Subaru Starlink system: software updates and fixes, and the related class-action lawsuit.

Software Updates and Fixes

Although the Starlink system is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, problems have arisen for some users. Issues like freezing screens, unresponsive controls, and difficulty connecting phones have been reported. To address these concerns, Subaru has released several software updates since the system’s introduction in 2016.

If you are experiencing problems with your Starlink system, it’s essential to check for available updates to ensure your system is running on the latest software version. These updates can resolve errors and enhance overall performance. Additionally, Subaru has offered some “easy fixes” for common issues, like rebooting the system by pressing and holding the power button for several seconds.

Subaru Starlink Lawsuit

Despite Subaru’s efforts to remedy issues with the Starlink system through software updates, some users are still unsatisfied. This led to a class-action lawsuit against the automaker. The lawsuit, filed in 2017, claimed the Starlink system was defective and not functioning as promised, leaving drivers without access to critical features.

Subaru reached a settlement in the lawsuit and agreed to pay $6.25 million, offering compensation to affected owners. The law firm Ahdoot & Wolfson, PC represented the plaintiffs in the case, achieving a resolution that addressed the concerns of Subaru drivers who experienced issues with the Starlink system.

In conclusion, it’s essential to stay informed about any updates and fixes for the Starlink system in your Subaru vehicle. The company has made efforts to address concerns and improve the infotainment system’s performance. Even so, if you continue to face issues with Starlink, it’s crucial to speak with Subaru customer support or your local dealership for assistance.

Subaru Outback and Legacy Models

Issues in the Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback models from 2019-2023 have faced numerous infotainment system issues, which can hinder the driving experience for you. Some issues you might face with your Outback’s infotainment system include, but are not limited to, the touch screen freezing and becoming unresponsive, navigation system shutting off unexpectedly, and smartphones failing to connect to the system. These problems have led to a class action lawsuit and impacted a lot of drivers.

Problems in the Subaru Legacy

Similar to the Outback, the Subaru Legacy from 2019-2023 also experiences infotainment system problems. The Legacy’s Starlink head units may freeze and become unresponsive. The problems in Legacy’s infotainment system can make it a struggle for you to use the desired audio, navigation, and smartphone connectivity features with convenience.

Steps for Dealership Repair and Replacement

If you encounter infotainment system issues in your Subaru Outback or Legacy, it is essential to inform your dealership since they are responsible for the repair and replacement services. When you take your car to the dealership, they will:

  1. Initially attempt to update the software of your infotainment system to troubleshoot any issues.
  2. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, they might perform a factory reset, which could fix any glitches.
  3. In cases where the infotainment system is irreparable, the dealership may replace your Starlink head unit entirely, provided your vehicle is still under warranty.

Keeping an open line of communication with your dealership will ensure a smooth repair process and help you get back to enjoying your Subaru vehicle’s features to the fullest.


It’s clear that many Subaru owners have experienced issues with their infotainment systems. Some of the common problems include freezing, and general unreliability. To tackle these issues, you could try some basic troubleshooting techniques like rebooting the system or updating the software.

If the problems persist, make sure to contact your local Subaru dealership for assistance. You should also be aware of the class-action lawsuit related to the infotainment system. Stay informed about the latest developments and vehicle recalls to ensure a satisfactory resolution to these issues.

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