5 Causes of Starting Disabled Service Throttle Warning Appearing

When the warning message “starting disabled service throttle” comes up on your dashboard, it shows that there is a problem with the Electric control system. A problem like this should be treated with urgency because there’s no way you can properly operate your vehicle with a functioning throttle system. 

Once the warning message comes up, the step you need to take is to know what could be its cause. Some causes may include damaged sensors, battery issues, malfunctioning control modules, failing throttle control valves, and wiring issues. 

In this article, we will look at the meaning of the warning message “start disabled service throttle. Also, you will understand its causes and how to fix the issue properly.

What is Starting Disabled Service Throttle?

A Starting Disabled Service Throttle is a warning message triggered by the vehicle’s computer system when it picks up something wrong with the electronic throttle control system. This issue mostly happens in cars with electronic control throttle systems that do not have periodic maintenance services. 

To better understand the warning message, we need to understand how the electric throttle control system works. 

The ETC has many components: the accelerator pedal, control module, Accelerator Position Sensor (APS), and throttle body. 

The module is continuously fed by the APS, which tracks or monitors the current position of the pedal. It replaces the throttle cable and basically does the same work. 

Furthermore, the data obtained by the ETC module is used to control the electronic throttle body (ETB). So, when the driver depresses the acceleration pedal up to 25%, the ETB will respond by opening 25%. 

Like every electrical component, the ETC system encounters its share of problems. The throttle system will fail completely when there is an issue with any of its components. The computer system will then notify the driver through the Starting Disabled Service Throttle warning message and other warnings that may come with the issue.  

Causes of Starting Disabled Service Throttle

1. Damaged sensors 

A major cause of a starting disabled service throttle is a damaged Accelerator Position Sensor (APS). As we know, the APS is responsible for monitoring the position of the accelerator pedal and then feeding the data to the ETC module. 

The module is left totally in the dark when the APS is damaged. In other words, the module does not feed important information about the position of the acceleration pedal. This makes it impossible for the module to control the Electric Throttle Body (ETB). 

In such a case, the system will malfunction or completely shut down. This allows the computer system to pick up the issue and then trigger trouble codes, warning messages, and other warnings. 

2. Battery issues 

The ETC system relies heavily on electricity supplied by the battery. However, if, for some reason, the current becomes insufficient or seizes, then the system will have issues functioning. 

There are many factors that can affect the throttle system linked to power issues. Corroded terminals can be a problem, as they will slow down the flow of electric current to the vehicle. 

Also, if you have an old battery, it is likely too weak to retain charges and will get dead easily. 

3. Control module malfunction 

A module controls the electronic throttle system. It will receive data from the sensors and then interpret them before executing commands based on the data. 

There are cases where the system malfunctioned, possibly due to a simple software issue that could be solved by resetting it. 

In other cases, the module might malfunction because of the major physical damage, which means it must be replaced. 

4. Faulty throttle control valve 

The valve is a device responsible for controlling the airflow going into the engine system. This lets the throttle system control the engine’s power output. 

However, the mechanical device can get stuck on either open or close. Regardless of the fault position, the throttle system will malfunction or, in some cases, not function. 

5. Wiring issue 

As we have established before, the ETC system is electrical and uses wiring connections. It supplies current to the system. The cable also connects the sensors to the module, aiding signal transmission.  

When the lines are damaged, there will be a complete stop of current flow going to the system, causing it to stop working. 

Corrosion, broken connections, exposure, and more can damage wires. 

How to Fix a Starting Disabled Service Throttle?

The first step to properly tackle the “starting disabled service throttle” in a vehicle is by having a proper diagnosis done on the car. How do you do this? By either a diagnostic tool or physically inspecting the throttle system components for damages. 

Once you can properly diagnose and pinpoint the cause of the issue, it will be easier to solve the warning message. 

Below is how you can fix a starting disabled service throttle.

1. Fix the APS issue 

One dominant cause of the “starting disabled service throttle” warning message is a damaged APS. How can you fix this issue? First, you need to find the sensors. In this case, all you need is an OBD Scan tool. 

All you need to do is connect the tool and test the sensors. If the sensors are unavailable, then there is an issue with it. 

Once it is confirmed that the issue is from the sensor, the next step is to find it. The APS can be found close to the accelerator pedal, attached to the throttle body. 

Once you can access the sensor, remove it and examine for any damages. Check for broken body, corrosion, dirt or broken connection. If there is any obvious fault, then you need to get it replaced. 

2. Solve battery issues 

Many factors could cause the battery to not supply enough current to the vehicle. Some may include corrosion, age, alternator issues, and low power level. 

If the battery has been used for more than 4 years and you experience issues with it, this shows that it has become too weak to hold charges. At this point, you may need a replacement. 

3. Fix the malfunctioning module 

A malfunctioning module can be caused by two major factors: software issues and physical damage. 

Software issues are common; you only need to reset the system. You can do this using a diagnostic tool or, better still, unplug the vehicle’s battery for some time and then reconnect it. 

If the issue is a damaged module, you may need to change it immediately. 

4. Fix wiring issues 

Wiring issues are common and easy to fix; all you need to do is find the exact one responsible for the ETC system. You can do this with the help of the owner’s manual. 

Once the connection is found, examine for damages like corrosion, broken connection, etc. If you find any damages, do not try to fix the already damaged wires; rather, replace it. 

5. Fix or replace the damaged throttle control valve     

If the throttle control valve is damaged, we recommend that you have the throttle body replaced by a certified mechanic. Due to the complex nature of the replacement, you may need good mechanical knowledge to do this repair. 

Final Thoughts!

Do not ignore the “starting disabled service throttle” warning message, as the throttle system is an important vehicle component. Without the system functioning properly, your engine will not respond to the gas pedal when it is depressed. This means that the vehicle will either not accelerate smoothly or will have limited speed. 

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