3 Methods to Fix Blind Spot Alert Unavailable Service Required Message

Are you getting the Blind Spot Alert Unavailable Service required message but don’t know what it means or how to fix it?

We have compiled this useful guide to help you understand the Blind Spot Monitor feature, its meaning, symptoms, causes and how to fix the error message. 

The blind Spot Alert, an Unavailable error message, is peculiar in most vehicles equipped with the BSM feature. These include Toyota, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodger,  Ram, and Hyundai.

For the sake of our discussion, we will take a more general approach to this error message. We will also let you know if specific points only apply to a particular car brand. Let’s dive in!

What is the Blind Spot Monitor?

The BSM feature functions as an assist to the driver while being passed by other vehicles.

It is designed to alert you when a car or other object is at your right or left blind spot. 

In addition, the  BSM is installed on both sides of the rear bumper, with a blinking warning light on the car’s side mirror.

The BSM works with the Rearview mirror indicator. When an object or vehicle is detected in the blind spot of the car, the outside rearview mirror indicator will light up (While the turn signal is not used) or flash (While the turn signal is operated).

Some advanced features include a buzzing sound underneath the Steering wheel to alert you of incoming danger.

Furthermore, the BSM relies on sensors installed on each side of the rear bumper. It should not be mistaken for the parking sensor. 

The BSM is much bigger and functions differently, as stated above.

Causes of the Blind Spot  Alert Unavailable Service Required Message

Many conditions and events may cause abnormalities in the Blind Spot monitor. It depends on the design, weather conditions and model of the car. 

For instance, snow, mud, ice or other contaminants may have found their way into and around the sensor causing it to malfunction.

You can easily resolve this by clearing the contaminants around the sensor, which will return to normal operation.

Weather conditions can also influence the proper operation of the sensor.  

Toyota reported that customers that drive in extremely hot environments might experience the blind spot indicator light staying on. (Temperature within 170- 180F).

The indicator will return to normal when the temperature cools below 170F.

Furthermore, heat from the exhaust pipe has also been reported to damage the Blind spot sensor causing a rippling heat effect.

Other causes of the error message include wiring issues, short-circuiting, leakage, etc.

 You can physically inspect the sensor to find out the cause.

Symptoms of the Blind Spot Alert Unavailable Service Required

The first symptom of a malfunction of the BSM system is the error message that appears on your information cluster. 

Other symptoms are peculiar to the brand and design of the vehicle.

Along with the error message, Toyota reported that you would get DTC C1AC1- Master Module Horizontal Axis Misalignment and C1AC2- Slave Module Horizontal Axis Misalignment. 

Hyundai reported related DTC, including C120D15 – Left Led Circuit Short To B, C120B15 – Right Led Circuit Short To B Or Open, and C160A88 – BSD Local CAN bus off.

Other related DTC codes include:

  • U0232 – Lost Communication with Blind Spot Monitor Slave Module  
  • U0233 – Lost Communication with Blind Spot Monitor Master Module 
  • C1AB6 – Blind Spot Monitor Master Module  
  • C1AB7 – Blind Spot Monitor Slave Module

Instances where the BSM functions Unnecessarily 

It will do our discussion justice to list conditions that may cause the BSM to function unnecessarily. They include:

  • Misalignment of the sensor due to strong-impact accidents
  • Where there is a short distance between a wall and your vehicle
  • Where accessories such as bicycle carriers are installed close to the sensor
  • Where an object or vehicle is too close to the detection area. 

How to Fix the Blind Spot Alert Unavailable Service Required Error Message

Depending on what you want to achieve and the causes of the malfunction, there are so many ways to fix the error message.

Method 1

Firstly, clearing the contaminant will fix the error if the error message results from dirt or contamination around the sensor area. 

You may need to gently remove the rear bumper to access the sensor and carefully clean out the contaminants around the sensor.

While you are at it, inspect the conditions of the sensor for cracks, dents or any damage to it. 

Also, inspect the sensor plug for cuts or wiring issues. Replace and repair all wiring and damaged parts.

Method 2

Furthermore, you may decide that you don’t need the feature anymore. You can easily disable it by following these steps.

  1. Put your car in start mode, and on the display screen, select settings.
  1. Select safety and driving assistance
  1. Scroll down the option and select blind spot alert
  1.  Turn the blind spot alert off (You should notice the blind spot warning light go off).

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p3Wa5UWNuY 

Method 3

Sometimes, you may be required to run a diagnosis on the car using an OBD II scan tool. 

Only do this after trying the first method above. 

Here, you must confirm the existence of the listed DTC above using your scanner. If yes, you can proceed to clear the stored code.

The stored code will give you a hint as to what the underlying problem may be. 

For instance, the U0232 and U0233 will indicate a loss of communication with the blind spot slave module, and you can proceed to fix or update the module.

Final Thought

We examined the Blind Spot Alert Unavailable Service Required Message answer and identified that it is a common issue with vehicles using the BSM feature.

If you have tried the three methods listed above and cannot fix the issue, visit an expert mechanic or technician for help.

Remember, your car is an extension of yourself, and you want to treat your car with care and love.

Thank you for reading!

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