Car Windows Go Up Then Back Down – Causes & Fixed

If you have an issue with your car windows going up and down, something wrong with your window’s motor or regulator. This is a fairly common issue. Fixing the windows of your vehicle won’t take much time. But it can be expensive as they have to open the paneling on the side of the door. So, here’s what you need to know about fixing your window regulator or motor.

Why do Car windows go up then back down?

So, your car windows have a problem: when you press the button for the window to go up, it does go up, only to roll back down again. Or the opposite happens, as you try to roll the window down, it goes back up. An uncooperative power window is usually the result of a damaged or faulty window motor. The window motor is also known as a window regulator. The window regulator can malfunction from time to time, but the issue is easy to fix.

But not every power window problem involves your window motor. So here are a few other signs to watch for so you can know if you have a faulty window motor or not.

Other signs your car has a faulty window motor

You need to press the power window button several times in order to make the window move. Pressing the power button up or down one time doesn’t work. Or you may have to press the power button down very hard.

Most power windows roll all the way up or down if you press the power button all the way down and then release it. But a window with a faulty motor will stop moving the second you take your finger off of the button.

The speed at which the power window rolls down is extremely slow. Sometimes the movement is often accompanied by a squeaking sound. Also, the window rolls up so fast, it does not slide into the top of the window arch correctly.

Another sign your car has a bad regulator is when you press down the power button, the window doesn’t move at all. Instead, you hear a clicking or snapping noise.

Why a car window motor/regulator stops working properly

It is important for you to know the different signs of a faulty or damaged window motor. But each sign has a different cause and not all of these signs mean replacement. Depending on the cause of the faulty power system, there are multiple ways to repair the system and get your window working as good as new.

The causes of a faulty power window regulator

Being able to identify the signs that your power regulator is not working correctly is important. This will help you know what the problem is before you take your vehicle to the mechanic. You can then shop for a replacement part online and not how to spend a lot of money on the part your mechanic wants. But you also need to know what causes a window regulator to stop working correctly. Knowing the causes will help you prevent it from happening once more! You won’t have to be without a power window ever again!

Contamination from dirt and debris

Dirt or particles made their way into the door panel and clogged the motor. So instead of the window motor rolling the window up or down when you press the power button, it is pushing the debris. The best way to know if there is debris in the power window motor is to listen the motor. If you hear a clicking noise when you press the power button.

How to fix it

If you have debris rolling around your power window motor, you need to hire a mechanic. They will open the car door paneling and clean out the power window system.

The window motor was damaged in an accident

It is pretty common for a power window system to be damaged if another car strikes the right part of your car. Even accidents that don’t seem strong or intense can damage a power window system.

How to fix it

A car or a bicyclist slams into your car door and now your power windows are not working. You must take your car to a mechanic. They will be able to open the door panel and replace any dented or damaged parts. Also, they could check to see if the collision caused the power line to the window to disconnect.

The cold weather destroyed the window regulator

Some cars are just too delicate for the cold weather. Their smaller parts don’t function well in weather that is less than 10 degrees. Or water reached the middle of the paneling, and the window regulator is frozen solid.

How to fix it

You must leave the area with the cold weather and allow your vehicle to warm up. If the warm weather doesn’t improve your window’s function, it means a part of the power window system broke.

How to take care of car windows

Most vehicle owners don’t pay much attention to their windows unless it’s time to clean them at a carwash. But just like any other part of your vehicle, the power system needs to be looked after. It needs cleaning and repairing every once in a while.

Clean the rubber inside and around the windows

Don’t let debris, leaves, or dirt slide through the rubber around the bottom of your car’s windows. If there is a lot of debris sitting on the rubber and you want to roll down your window, dust the debris off first.

Don’t roll down your windows if there are extremely dirty

The last thing you should do is roll down your window when there is mud, dirt, or bird poop on the glass. It may be the lazy way to “clean” your windows, but the contaminants are just coating the door paneling. These contaminants can also dirty the power window system and prevent it from working correctly.

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