What Happens If I Roll My Window Down After Tinting?

If you accidentally roll your window down after a tinting session, then the window tint will scrape against the mechanisms inside your car’s door. It will develop many scratches and you may have to get your window tinted all over again.

What would happen if I rolled my window down after tinting?

Tinting your windows is so simple and cheap and yet it feels like a luxury. We really do value our privacy. After you have tinted the windows of your vehicle, drivers and passengers in other cars will not be able to see what you’re doing. 

You can jam out to your favorite tunes as hard as you want, act out your favorite movie scenes, or inhale through your food as fast as you can and the people around your vehicle will be none the wiser.

It can be easy to forget to not roll down your windows after you leave the window tint shop. I’m sure we have all accidentally rolled on our windows after visiting a car wash.

But no matter how hot it is in your car; you should never ever roll your windows down just after a window tinting session. Even if the air conditioning unit is not working in your vehicle, you have to keep your windows up.

Be sure to follow any instructions provided by the window tinter. You have to wait two to four days to roll down your windows. The time it takes for the window tint to set on your window’s glass depends on the weather. The sun’s heat will also play a factor in drying speed.

If you get your vehicle’s windows tinted during the winter, you may have to wait up to a week for the tent to dry.

What happens if you roll down your windows before the tint sets?

The glue or adhesive holding the window tint onto your window will scrape off. You will see the damage when you roll the window back up. There will be scrapes and scratches all over the tint. 

If you see a section of the window tint that looks messed up, do not try to fix it yourself. Turn around and go back to the window tinting shop.

I guarantee that they have plenty of experience repairing scratched or scraped window tints. Everyone forgets that they should not roll down their windows after a window tinting session.

What else should you avoid after getting your vehicle’s windows tinted?

To ensure that your window tint dries perfectly and does not develop any scratches or scrapes, do not roll them down at all.

What to avoid when your window tint is drying:

● You already know not to roll down your window for several days after your vehicle gets a tint job.

● Avoid driving over sandy or dusty roads. If the tint is still wet, the dust and small particles may get stuck in the tint and ruin the entire tint job. 

● No matter how worried or tempted you are, do not poke or touch any bubbles that form underneath the window tint. Window tinting is supposed to form bubbles. As long as you do not touch them or mess with them in any way, the bubbles will dissipate, and the window tint will lie perfectly flat on your window. Messing with them greatly increases the chance that there will be scratches and marks on the window.

● Do not wash the car until the tint on the Windows dries. While the window tint is still drying, moisture from the car wash or the rain can destroy the tint. This also counts for hand washing your vehicle in your driveway. Try not to get your windows wet for any reason whatsoever until the window tint has finally dried.

● Feel free to use your air conditioner. For some reason, people feel like they cannot use their conditioner because they don’t want the cold air inside the car and the heat from the window to destroy the window tint. But lowering the temperature in your car to 75 degrees when the temperature outside is 100 degrees outside will not ruin the window tint. 

With enough force, the tint can scratch off

Once the window tint is fully dry, you don’t have to worry about rolling your windows up or down. Don’t worry about moisture damage either. But the window tint is not indestructible.

If there’s no force exerted on the window and on top of the window tint, it will still scratch the window. If you’re in an accident, you will have to get the window tint reapplied. Also, someone can still key your vehicle and scratch at the window tint.

Graded window tint service

You may have wanted to get your windows tinted when you first bought your vehicle, but now your eyes aren’t so good. You don’t want to block light from coming in through the window, especially at night. But you would like some privacy. 

Well, if you live by a particularly talented window tinter, they may be able to apply a partially graded window tinting to your vehicle. 

The darkest window tint will be at the top of the window, which is typically where the round sun blinds you as you drive. As your eyes travel down to the bottom of the window, the tint will become lighter. 

Before you write off window tinting completely, ask a window tinting service if they can provide graded window tints


No matter what, do not roll your windows down until several days have passed. You should also avoid driving down rocky or dusty Rhodes. Do not touch any bubbles that are forming underneath the tint. It is normal for bubbles to appear, but they will dissipate with enough time. 

Once the window tint is dry, it will no longer be vulnerable to moisture damage. But someone can still scratch up the tent if they use enough Force. If you don’t want your window to have a single tint grade, ask your window tinter if they can apply multiple grades to a single window. This is common for front and back windows.

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