4 Reasons Why Ford Engine Fault Service Now

The Ford engine fault service now warning will appear on a Ford Escape vehicle dashboard when there is something wrong with the engine. This warning is a general warning and there could be a dozen or more issues that cause the warning to appear.

How to fix the Ford Engine Fault

You’re just starting your day and you had a delicious cup of coffee. You got out the door before you normally do and you’ve even arrived to work 15 minutes early. 

Now that it’s time for lunch with your colleagues, you get in you to go to the restaurant. Suddenly, Ford fault engine service now is in big letters across your dashboard or console. What does this mean and what steps should you take to resolve this issue?

What is an engine fault?

An engine fault is a general term for a problem with the engine. The warning indicates to the driver that there is an issue with the engine and the problem needs to be checked out right away. There are a number of issues that can cause an engine fault.

If you have a Ford and you see this warning appear on your dashboard or your vehicle’s console, get your vehicle checked immediately.

Recurring engine issues could be absolutely devastating to your vehicle’s performance. If the driver does not fix the engine in time, expect lasting issues.

What are the top issues that could cause the Engine Fault Service Now warning to appear on a Ford?

An engine misfires. – When an engine misfires, there is usually an issue with the spark plugs. The spark plugs are a part of the combustion process as the spark plugs ignite the gas and air mixture inside of the Piston cylinder. 

If the spark plugs aren’t working, the fuel will not ignite, which will cause the other cylinders in the combustion system to struggle. 

To fix a worn-out spark plug, a mechanic must remove the existing spark plug and replace it with a new one. A spark plug-in costume much, as their average prices are between 16 and $100 for two spark plugs. 

The cost of labor to remove and replace the spark plugs will raise the total price by $250.

There’s an issue with the oxygen sensor – There are sensors inside the engine that tell the computer how much oxygen is in the combustion chamber. 

The air and the gasoline fumes mix inside the combustion chamber cylinders, then they will ignite and create fuel for the engine. But the sensors inside the engine can become old or damaged, especially if the vehicle overheats several times. 

When the sensors retain damage, the oxygen numbers that report to the vehicle’s computer will be off. This will happen, even if the right amount of oxygen is in the combustion chamber period.

This will cause the vehicle to add even more air into the combustion chamber, which will throw off the gasoline oxygen mixture. 

In order to fix the oxygen sensors, they will have to be replaced. The typical cost of replacing the oxygen sensors, with labor and parts, can be as high as $500.

The catalytic converter malfunctions – The catalytic converter is a critical part of the engine. Its main function is to reduce the number of pollutants that a vehicle releases into the air. 

All vehicle engines create emissions, but adding on a catalytic converter will reduce the toxicity of these emissions. If the catalytic converter is no longer working as it should, you’ll notice a rotten egg smell coming from the engine. 

As of 2022, catalytic converters are in short supply as people are stealing them. So, you may want to get your converter repaired instead of replaced.

The average cost of repairing a catalytic converter is around $1,500. Replacing the catalytic converter can rise as high as $2,500.

Corroding Lug nuts – One of the most common engine issues in a Ford vehicle is swelled lug nuts. Even if there are no swollen lug nuts, most Ford owners know that the lug nuts are difficult to remove. 

When a lug nut swells, there’s no way a mechanic will be able to remove them. The purpose of a lug nut is to fasten a wheel to the body of the engine. Sometimes moisture can fall behind the lug nut and cause it to swell and corrode. 

If a Ford vehicle has swollen lug nuts, the mechanic will need to remove them and then replace them. Replacing a lug nut is relatively cheap and shouldn’t cost more than $100 for both parts and labor.

If a Ford vehicle has an EcoBoost engine, then it will be prone to issues with the fuel injector. As its name explains, the fuel injector compresses fuel into a gasoline Mist which is then sprayed into the cylinder so it can be ignited. 

If the fuel injector is going bad, the Ford vehicle will misfire. You’ll notice a weak engine performance and you will smell burning fuel whenever your vehicle has been running for a few minutes. This is a clear indicator that something major has gone wrong with the fuel injection system in your Ford truck EcoBoost engine.

Cleaning out a clogged fuel injector is simple, and you will not meet a mechanic to do it. Purchase a fuel injector cleaning kit and follow the instructions. It shouldn’t take more than one or two hours.

Will you be able to drive with an engine fault?

Yes, the vehicle will still operate if the engine fault warning light is on. But the issues will become worse the longer you drive around without getting checked. If you use your console, you can see what issue is causing the engine fault light to appear.

Also, as you drive around, try to notice any changes in the performance of your vehicle. Does it take longer for your Ford to accelerate? Is there a slow reaction time between your pedal and when the vehicle accelerates? 

Does the air conditioner or radio or lights in the vehicle’s cabin turn off without warning? All these issues could indicate a big problem with the engine.


A bad fuel injector, a corroded catalytic converter, or corroding lug nuts can cause the engine fault service now warning light to turn on.

You still be able to drive your Ford vehicle if the warning light is on, but engine problems should never be ignored. Get your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

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