Can You Order a Toyota From The Factory?

If you would like to order a vehicle that is not in stock, the average consumer has access to a few options. The Toyota company has a custom order website where you can design and perfect your own vehicle. Or have an existing car modified at a dealer to fit your needs.

Can you order a Toyota from the factory?

Yes, it is possible for the average consumer to skip the dealership and order a custom vehicle directly from the factory. 

You are looking to buy a brand-new Toyota vehicle? That’s great! Everyone loves shopping for a brand new and used vehicle. No one has ever sat in the driver’s seat before. 

You’ll be the first person to sit in that seat and you cannot wait until you sign the paperwork and adjust the rearview mirrors. 

But you’ve been through six or seven dealerships, and you just can’t find one that you want. Most of them come close to what you want, but they’re always missing something.

You are tired of searching through dealerships just to come up empty-handed. Can you bypass the dealerships and order a vehicle from the factory?

Many companies have a custom order website and Toyota is one of these companies. Their website, has a page dedicated to ordering custom vehicles.

Now, unless you are a family member of the CEO that runs Toyota, you will not be able to create a brand-new custom vehicle from scratch. The order form does allow you to pick out any of the vehicles that Toyota currently makes and customize them however you’d like.

The Toyota custom order process

Click on the Toyota configurator web page. The next page will display several vehicles that Toyota allows its customers to modify. As of 2022, Toyota allows customers to order and modify over 30 different vehicles. 

You can customize an electrified Skylander truck or their Prius Prime. Make a perfect RAV4 hybrid or buy a big minivan like the Sienna. Live out your dreams with fast vehicles like the Gr Supra.

Custom ordering directly from the Toyota manufacturer is not a fast process. It will take you several weeks to two months to receive your customized vehicle, but you will get exactly what you want. The resources of a dealership and the Toyota-certified mechanic can’t limit you anymore.

However, if you only want one or two details modified on an existing vehicle, then buy a vehicle directly from a Toyota dealership. Have them modify the vehicle right there on the lot.

Toyota Modification Process

Once you select a vehicle that you would like to modify, the next page will display the models that are available for that vehicle. There is usually a standard model, an xl model, a limited model, or a hybrid model. 

Click on the model that you want. The next page will display the different engine models that are available for that particular vehicle and model.

The ordering process will take you through the different modifications available. Not all modifications apply to all vehicles. A modification for a truck may not be available for a small Prius and vice versa. 

You will have options to choose from different colors and color styling, including matte. You’ll also be able to purchase accessories from the website. Buy your accessories when you finish choosing your vehicle’s modifications. 

Customer Service may help

If an accessory or modification is not available through the Toyota configuration page, do not write it off. You might be able to request the modification through the Toyota customer service page. 

Custom order from a dealership

If you’re only interested in modifying a few details on an existing vehicle, you don’t have to order from the manufacturer. That will take a very long time. You can visit a Toyota-certified dealership and certified mechanic to custom order your personal vehicle. 

They’ll be able to change the color of the vehicle and install certain lights at various positions inside the vehicle cabin. They can sell you an emergency kit in case. This is good in case you break down on the freeway. You will need a kit in case your tire pops and needs patching up.

In most cases, the dealership will be able to have your vehicle ready in less than a week’s time. If you want a certain part that is no longer in stock at that dealership, it may take two to three weeks.

What about third-party modifications?

Perhaps you already have a Toyota vehicle. But you don’t like how the brakes work, the weather is looking worn and ugly, or the stereo does not blast those beats as you want. 

There are many mechanics in auto body shops that can’t perform great modifications to your vehicle. But you should know which vehicle modifications will automatically void your warranty. 

Now, if you no longer are under warranty for your vehicle, then you’re fine. You can do what you want. 

Popular vehicle modifications

The buyer can get a modification through the dealership, straight from the manufacturer, or at a third-party auto body shop. it’s best to know how drivers are modifying their vehicles.

Here are the top 3 auto modifications:

  • Custom paint and designs – Why would you stick with a simple black, white, or red when there are millions of colors and styles out there? After choosing a color, you can choose from high gloss, matte, semi-gloss, etc.
  • Window tinting is a popular modification, especially if you like privacy. You’ll have to check with your state and city’s laws about window tinting, but most places will allow you to Tint your windows 20 to 35.
  • Neon Lights underneath the vehicle. RGB lights aren’t just for gaming computers anymore. Plus, they’re great to see underneath your vehicle on moonless nights.


A customer can order a vehicle from the Toyota manufacturer. It will usually take several weeks for their vehicle to arrive at the dealership. During the ordering process, they can choose the make and model of their new vehicle. Then they can choose the engine, additional modifications, and a different color and styling. 

You can also buy accessories. If you want a vehicle modified from a third-party auto shop, 4 popular modifications are custom paint jobs, neon lights, and window tinting. 

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