4 reasons why EV Mode is not available

EV mode is a fantastic mode that allows the driver to drive around their local area without using any gas. But under certain conditions, EV mode will not be available.

Those conditions are the speed they are driving at is too high, the engine isn’t warmed up, or the battery is getting older.

Why a hybrid vehicle’s EV mode is not working

Everyone who has a car is always looking for a new way to save on gas. I believe that people would love driving more if they did not have to pay for gasoline.

Even though the U.S. is divided in many ways, the one thing that brings this country together is being outraged at rising gas prices.

Drivers who used their money wisely and invested in a hybrid vehicle not only save on gas, but the vehicle goes farther on a single tank than most non-hybrid cars.

But under certain conditions, their hybrid vehicle can rely solely on electricity, and they won’t have to use gas at all.

Hybrid vehicle drivers love their vehicles and their EV mode and most don’t go back to gasoline vehicles. But what if a hybrid vehicle owner finds that your vehicle’s EV mode is not available when they need it? 

The speed you are driving is too high

The speed you are driving is too high

As amazing as it would be to speed down the freeway at 100 mph in the middle of the night and not burn a single drop of gasoline, that’s not really how the EV mode works. 

EV mode is designed by hybrid car manufacturers to encourage drivers to drive 25 to 30 mph or less.

So, drivers are able to use EV mode when driving around their neighborhood, around large garages that belong to big box stores, or anywhere that has a speed limit of 25 mph. 

Drivers also use EV mode when they are stuck in traffic, even though they are not moving or moving at a snail’s pace. At least they don’t have to burn precious gasoline while they are sitting in the vehicle in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The engine has not warmed up yet

The engine has not warmed up yet

It is important to remember that EV mode is fueled by the hybrid vehicle’s battery system. If the battery and the engine are not sufficiently hot, then EV mode will not be available. 

But heating up a hybrid vehicle is not the same as heating up a gas-powered vehicle. A hybrid vehicle relies on a heat pump to warm up the vehicle. 

The battery is not as robust as it once was 

The battery is not as robust as it once was 

The most common reason why your vehicle’s EV mode is not available is that your vehicle’s battery is getting older. The amount of energy that your vehicle’s battery can store will gradually decrease over time.

Eventually, your hybrid vehicle’s battery will need to be replaced with a newer battery. The cost of a new battery for a hybrid vehicle can be anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000 and that’s only the cost of the battery itself.

This price does not include the labor and the multiple tests required to ensure that the battery is running smoothly and is compatible with the hybrid vehicle’s electrical system.

On average, a hybrid battery will perform at its best up to 100,000 miles. After 100,000 miles, you should see the performance of the battery drop significantly. Most manufacturers say 100,000 miles is the most common mileage that hybrid owners start to replace their vehicles’ batteries.

You accidentally disabled it

You accidentally disabled it

It happens more often than you would think. Sometimes the driver of the hybrid vehicle accidentally presses a button with their elbow or their side and turns off EV mode. 

Depending on the manufacturer, the EV mode button could be on the side panel door with the windows and locks. It could also be on the steering wheel score on the side of the dashboard.

Be sure to know exactly where your vehicle’s EV mode button is so that you don’t accidentally press it. Luckily, this is the easiest issue to resolve as all you need to do is press the button to turn it back on!

When does EV mode activate?

So now that you know 4 reasons why EV mode may not be available when you are driving your hybrid vehicle, it is important to learn exactly when EV mode is available.

When does EV mode activate?

When you understand the EV mode and how it works, you’ll be able to alter your driving style so that you can activate it. The more you use EV mode, the more gas it will save and in turn, you will save on money as well.

When you own a hybrid car, the vehicle will have two types of modes: the regular mode and the EV mode. When using the regular mode, the vehicle consumes gasoline in order to power the engine, just like a regular car would.

A hybrid vehicle’s EV mode activates when the engine is sufficiently warm, and the speed of the vehicle is 30mph or less. 

Allowing your hybrid vehicle to heat up before exiting your parking space and driving down the road is known as preconditioning.


When a vehicle is in EV mode, it will use the power in the battery to power the vehicle and it will not burn gasoline. EV mode is a great way to save on gasoline and money.

Four main reasons why EV mode may not be available when using a hybrid vehicle could be speed, you’re driving at is too high. A few other reasons could be that the engine is not hot yet, the battery is losing its capacity to store energy, and you accidentally disabled it.

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