5 reasons why Toyota LDA not working

The LDA function in modern Toyota vehicles is critical to the safety of the driver. Any errors or issues should be checked out immediately. There are 5 common reasons why a Toyota’s Lane Departure Alert malfunction. 

Why is my Toyota’s LDA not working?

Modern Toyota vehicles have a lot of great functions. One of these new functions is called the LDA or the Lane Departure Alert. This function is part of Toyota’s computer system. It is connected to sensors.

Now, we all know that computers can glitch or have a bug in them. Accidents and poor manufacturing might also be the reason Toyota’s LDA function unavailable correctly. 

Here are several reasons why Toyota’s LDA system is not working as it should:

  • It is not turned on – This is very common! Humans are quite forgetful!
  • LDA is not detecting lane markers. The warning on the computer system will say “Unavailable”
  • Error message on the dashboard
  • You were recently in an accident and the sensor was damaged.
  • The software itself is glitching.

Why is the Toyota LDA important?

Why is the Toyota LDA important?

There are two main reasons why it is important to always have the Toyota LDA function on when you are driving your vehicle. 

The first reason is the main purpose of the Toyota LDA. Its purpose is to assist the driver when changing lanes. Whether you are on the freeway going 80 miles or on a road-going 20 miles, there’s always a danger to switching lanes. 

If you rely on the Toyota LDA to assist you when switching lanes, then you won’t want to experience issues with the software. It is imperative that you fix the function as soon as you can.

This function also makes small changes to the vehicle’s alignment, so your ride is smoother.

The second reason why it is important to have a Toyota LDA is its sway function. As you probably guessed, the sway function will alert the driver if they are swaying back and forth in their lane. 

If this function is not on, then the driver might not be able to tell if they are swinging too far left or too far right. Excessive swaying makes it difficult for not only the driver of the vehicle but also the drivers around the vehicle. 

Drivers will not be able to assess the moves of the swaying vehicle. Some drivers will start to back off because they think the driver is drunk.

Vehicles that sway too far off are usually stopped by the police. Swaying is an obvious sign that the driver is drunk, and the driver might be pulled over for a sobriety test. 

If the LDA sway detection function is on, it could prevent a crash. Excessive swing while turning to the left or right could cause a vehicle to spin out of control and crash. Swing can especially become spinning when driving at high speeds of 60 miles or more. 

How can I fix my Toyota’s Lane Departure Alert malfunction?

How can I fix my Toyota’s Lane Departure Alert malfunction?

The next time you realize that your Toyota LDA function is not working, get it fixed as fast as possible. Some issues that keep the LDA function from working can be fixed by the driver or by the mechanic. Toyota mechanics will have the technology and knowledge to work with LDA software.

It is not turned on. If you find that the Toyota LDA is not turned on, then don’t feel silly. We have all done this and we will do it again. Luckily this is an easy problem to fix.

To turn on the Toyota LDA, press the right arrow on the steering wheel. Look over to the screen console and go to settings. After settings, scroll down to the section that says LDA screen. Once it is highlighted, select the steering assist and turn it on.

LDA is not detecting lane markers – Remember that the LDA function only works at 32 miles per hour. If you go slower, then the LDA software and the sensors are not able to pick up road markers, like lane separation lines.

Error message on the dashboard – Sometimes, an error message is due to dirt or grime covering the sensors. This is another easy issue to fix. All you need to do is water down your vehicle until all of the dirt is gone. Unless the dirt is caked-on mud, hosing down your vehicle should not take more than a few minutes. 

The sensors are damaged – At the right angle, even the gentlest of bumper benders can ruin a sensor. If you’ve been in an accident recently, you will need to go to the Toyota Certified mechanic.

Tell them about your issue with the LDA function. But don’t tell them about the accident. Only tell them about the accident when they conclude that it is damage to the sensor that is causing the LDA to stop working.

The function is glitching – just like the computers in our homes, computers housed inside vehicles can sometimes glitch for no reason. If the LDA function is glitching and you can’t find the reason, then it is time to use the most tried and true method for malfunctioning software. Just turn it off and on. 

First, you’ll have to turn off the LDA function and then turn off the vehicle for a minute. Then you can turn on the vehicle again and then turn on the LDA function.

If that doesn’t work then you may need to reset the entire engine control system. If you don’t want to handle this yourself, you can always go to a certified mechanic who will help you.


There are five common reasons why the Toyota LDA or Lane departure assistant stops working. It could be that the system is not turned on or it is not detecting lane markers.

There might be dirt on the sensors, or the sensors are damaged due to an accident or a bumper bender. Finally, the function itself is glitching and it needs to be reset.

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