4 Ways to Raise Car Height

Owning a car that is low to the ground can be difficult. This is true especially if you’re tall and you want to enter and exit the vehicle with ease. So, there are a few ways you can raise the floor level of your car. But none of these methods are cheap or easy to do.

If you want to raise the ground level or ground clearance of your car, keep on reading to learn how!

How to raise car height

Raising the height or floor level of a car is not a common request many mechanics receive. But some people have cars that are too low to the ground. They may even have back problems from entering and exiting their car. 

Also, cars that are too low to the ground are likely to have the bottom of their car damaged by debris. The debris comes from the street or from rolling up and down street entryways. Believe me, nothing is worse than hearing intensive scraping noises from the front or back of my car! 

A car that is far too low to the ground will require more repairs than a car that has good ground distance.

So, there are a few ways to raise the height of a car so that the floor isn’t inches away from scraping along the asphalt street.

4 ways to raise the height of the bottom of your vehicle

So here are 4 important ways you can use to raise the height difference between your car and the ground. Choose which method or methods your vehicle can handle. After you’re finished, expect to raise the floor height of your vehicle to rise by 2 to 3 inches. Make sure to get a professional to help you work on your vehicle.

Purchasing thicker or wider tires

So, the first method to raise the ground floor of your vehicle heights is by purchasing a wider or a heavy-duty set of tires. Yes, you heard me correctly. To raise the ground clearance level of the floor of your car, the first method you can use is purchasing a set of tires. The tires must be wider than the size of the tires you have now. Here’s how this method works:

When you have a set of tires that you have been using for a long time, it is natural for the tires to lose some of their strength and integrity. This is just the natural consequences of wear and tear and use. 

So, if you haven’t changed your tires in a couple of years, you will notice higher ground clearance. Between the floor of your car and the ground, the new height of your vehicle after purchasing tires will be high.

Plus, you must buy tires that have a wider diameter than the tires your currently own. Purchasing wider tires will increase the number of inches between the floor of your car and the ground.

And, I can’t believe I have to say this, but make sure to purchase the entire set of thicker or larger tires. Do not buy just one or two. The balance of your car is completely off because your car has two different size tires sets. Also, the balance and the traction against the asphalt will be choppy and uncoordinated. You could end up breaking your steering gear if you have uneven tires, as the weight distribution will not be even.

Modify the suspension of your car

This is a fairly modern but extremely technical way of raising the floor level of your car or truck. If you did not know, the purpose of a suspension is to absorb most of the jolts and bumps. It does this through the use of shock absorbers, so the passengers inside of the car can experience a smooth ride. The suspension sits on a system of springs. So, if you increase the height of the springs, you will increase the height of the ground clearance between the bottom of the car and the ground. 

Modify suspension and purchase wider tires

Using these two methods in combination with each other can help you achieve maximum ground-level clearance. First, increase the spring height under your suspension. This will add about two to three extra inches of room. After doing this, then you will want to purchase wider tires, which will also give you another two inches of room.

Have the body of your vehicle lifted

The option of a full-body lift is not known to many people who don’t practice auto detailing and auto modification. As its name suggests, a body lift is when the body frame of a vehicle is lifted higher than its original factory placement. The new height will show that even the roof of the vehicle is higher. 

A body lift is performed by adding an object called spacers between the body and the chassis of a vehicle. It will not mess with the suspension, and it is also a great method to use in combination with buying wider tires. 

A body lift can easily add 4 to 6 inches of height to your vehicle. But the higher you lift the body, the larger the gap will be between the wheel rim and the tire. But if you’re looking for a quick way to drastically raise the height of your car, a body lift is definitely the way to do it.


So, these are 4 methods anyone can use to raise the height between the floor level of their car. If you do not have the expertise to raise the suspension of your vehicle or to perform a body lift, hire a mechanic to do it. 

Changing the suspension of your vehicle is not a good first-time DIY project unless you have a mechanic friend helping you. You could severely damage the suspension of your car if you don’t know what you are doing. Each method should raise the ground clearance of your vehicle by one to three inches.

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