Do All Hertz Cars Have PlatePass: A Quick Guide

Renting a car from Hertz and confused about tolls? You’re not alone! Many Hertz rentals come equipped with PlatePass, a feature that makes paying tolls a breeze. No need to worry about carrying cash or transponders. Dive into this post to see if your Hertz rental includes PlatePass and how it can simplify your trip.

Understanding PlatePass

PlatePass simplifies toll payments for Hertz rental cars, allowing you to drive through electronic tollways without stopping. It automatically handles toll fees and provides a convenient payment method.

What Is PlatePass?

PlatePass is a service offered to Hertz rental car customers to make toll payments easier. This system works on all-electronic tollways and bridges where traditional cash payments are not accepted.

With PlatePass, you don’t need a personal transponder. The service is available in various regions, including Texas, Florida, and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. PlatePass ensures that you don’t have to carry cash or worry about toll payments during your trip.

How Does PlatePass Work?

When you rent a car from Hertz, you can opt for PlatePass. Once activated, it uses radio frequency technology to communicate with toll authorities as you drive through express lanes.

The system automatically records your vehicle’s passage and charges the toll to your account. There is a daily service fee of $4.95, even on days you don’t use toll roads, up to a maximum fee per rental agreement. You also avoid extra administrative fees usually applied for unpaid tolls.

Benefits of Using PlatePass

Using PlatePass offers several benefits. First, it saves you time by allowing you to drive through cashless toll collection lanes without stopping. It’s convenient, especially on long trips involving multiple toll roads.

Additionally, PlatePass ensures that you won’t incur fines for missing toll payments or administrative fees from Hertz. It simplifies your car rental experience and offers peace of mind knowing your tolls are automatically managed.

For more information, you can visit the Hertz PlatePass page.

PlatePass in Hertz Rental Vehicles

PlatePass is a convenient feature offered by Hertz for automated toll payments. This service allows you to drive through cashless lanes without stopping to pay for tolls manually.

Hertz’s Partnership with PlatePass

Hertz has partnered with PlatePass to provide its customers with an easy way to handle toll payments. With this service, you won’t have to fumble for cash or wait in long lines at toll booths. Instead, the toll fees are automatically billed to your rental agreement, making your drive smoother and faster.

PlatePass is especially useful for those traveling through areas with numerous toll roads. The service is available for many Hertz rental vehicles, ensuring that you can take advantage of its benefits no matter where you’re driving.

Availability of PlatePass in Hertz Rentals

PlatePass is available in several key regions across the United States. You can use this feature when renting a vehicle from Hertz in states like Texas, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, and Washington. It’s also available for those driving through the Greater San Francisco Bay Area Bridges.

You don’t need to reserve PlatePass in advance. Just let the Hertz team know when picking up your car, and they will enable the service for you. This hassle-free setup helps you get on the road quicker and focus on your journey.

In addition, PlatePass charges a daily fee plus the toll amount, making it a cost-effective solution for frequent travelers. Whether you’re on a business trip or a leisurely road trip, PlatePass simplifies the toll payment process.

Coverage and Compatibility

PlatePass provides easy toll payment solutions for Hertz customers. It is available in several states and supports various transponder systems, making your rental experience hassle-free.

Regions and States with PlatePass Service

PlatePass is currently offered in many parts of the United States. You can use PlatePass in Florida, California, Texas, and Colorado. It’s also available in states like North Carolina, Massachusetts, and New York.

Other states include Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina. This widespread coverage allows you to travel with ease, knowing your toll payments are handled.

Be sure to check for specific availability in states such as Utah and Nevada, where certain roads may not support PlatePass.

Compatible Transponders Across States

Different states use different toll transponder systems. PlatePass is designed to work with major systems like E-ZPass and I-Pass. If you’re driving in New York or Massachusetts, PlatePass will cover your E-ZPass tolls.

In Illinois and Indiana, I-Pass compatibility ensures you can use toll roads without worrying about payment. This feature is particularly handy for long road trips across multiple states.

Make sure to inquire about specific compatibility in states like Oregon and Minnesota, as availability may vary.

Toll Roads and Express Lanes Using PlatePass

PlatePass is accepted on many toll roads and express lanes. In Southern California, you can drive on express lanes without stopping at toll booths. Florida‘s turnpike and toll roads are also covered, providing seamless travel in the state.

If you’re driving through Texas, toll payments on major highways are included. The I-15 Express Lanes in Utah are another example where PlatePass is useful.

Using PlatePass in Colorado, you can access express lanes and toll roads quickly. Always check for the latest list of roads and lanes where PlatePass is accepted to avoid surprises.

Cost Considerations

When renting a car from Hertz, using PlatePass for toll payments can save you time but may impact the total cost. It’s important to weigh the fees for PlatePass against other toll payment options.

Understanding PlatePass Fees

PlatePass charges a daily service fee of $4.95, even on days you don’t use a toll road. This fee can add up quickly, depending on the length of your rental. Additionally, an administrative fee may be applied if you opt not to use PlatePass and incur tolls. These administrative costs are separate from the actual toll costs and can be substantial.

This service fee is capped at a certain amount per rental agreement. If you plan to travel through many toll roads, this cap could work in your favor. However, if your use is limited, the daily fee might feel excessive.

Comparing Costs With and Without PlatePass

When deciding whether to use PlatePass, you should compare its costs with paying tolls directly. Without PlatePass, you might face administrative fees and higher toll charges if you miss a toll or use a cashless lane accidentally. These fees can be more expensive than PlatePass’s daily rate, especially if you incur multiple toll violations.

Using PlatePass can simplify your travel and avoid unexpected charges on your credit card statement. It eliminates the need to stop at toll booths, saving time and reducing stress. Consider how frequently you’ll encounter toll roads to make an informed decision.

Receipt and Invoice Procedures

After your rental period, your rental invoice will detail all charges, including the PlatePass fees. It’s crucial to review this receipt to ensure all charges are accurate. The fees should be itemized, showing the daily PlatePass Fee and any additional administrative fees if applicable.

These fees are usually processed by ATS Processing Services LLC/PlatePass LLC and can show up on your invoice and credit card statement separately from your rental charges. Keep an eye on these statements to catch any discrepancies. If you notice any mistakes, contact Hertz customer service promptly for resolution.

Carefully checking these details can prevent surprises and ensure you only pay what you owe.

Managing Toll Violations and Avoidance

When renting a car from Hertz, understanding how to manage toll violations and avoid extra charges is crucial. Proper planning and awareness can save you from unexpected fees and hassles.

Dealing with Toll Violations in a Rental

If you accrue toll violations while using a Hertz rental, it’s important to handle them promptly. Most toll agencies send violation notices directly to Hertz, which will then be forwarded to you with additional administrative fees.

To avoid surprises, check your rental agreement for details on how toll fees are handled. If you didn’t opt for PlatePass, you might be charged an administration fee on top of the toll fees. Contact Hertz customer service at 800-654-4173 or PlatePass customer service at 877-411-4300 for any questions regarding toll violations and fees.

Paying tolls as soon as possible can help avoid extra penalties. Use online payment portals if available, or contact the toll agency directly. Keeping records of your payments and any correspondence will help in case there are discrepancies later.

Avoiding Toll Roads and Associated Charges

Planning your routes can help you avoid toll roads and the associated charges. Use GPS devices or mapping apps to find toll-free routes before you start your trip. Many GPS apps, like Google Maps and Apple Maps, offer options to avoid tolls when generating directions.

Hertz rentals equipped with GPS often have settings to help avoid toll roads. Before starting your journey, explore the GPS settings to activate this feature. If you prefer not to use these technologies, research your planned route and identify toll-free alternatives.

If you accidentally enter a toll road, do your best to find an exit before incurring fees. Keep in mind that some areas, like metropolitan regions, might not have easy alternatives to toll roads. Prioritize planning and regular checks on your route to ensure you stay toll-free.

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