35% Window Tint vs 20% (which is better)

Adding window tint to your vehicle is a great way to keep nosey people out of your business while driving. A vehicle with a 35% window tint will provide some privacy, but people will still be able to look inside. A 20% window tint is much darker and more private.

What is the difference between 20% and 35% window tint?

Many people dream about adding window tints to their windows when they first purchase their vehicle. There’s nothing like blocking out the rest of the world and being able to sit comfortably in the body of your car or truck.

No one can look at you and no one can see what you’re doing so you can headbang to your favorite music and talk to yourself as much as you want.

But if the window tint is too dark, it can be hard to see out the window when you’re driving. Also, there are laws across the u.s. that restrict the amount of tint on a window.

So, which is better, 35% window tint or 20% window tint?

The main difference between 20% and 35% window tint is how much tint is layered onto the window.

If you do not know much about window tinting, then you may believe that 35% window tint makes the window darker than 20%. But this is not so.

Actually, window tint grades work in reverse. So that means 20% window tint is much darker than 35% window tint. When it comes to the percentage of window tint, the number actually indicates how much light is allowed through the window.

If a window tint is great at 35%, that means that 35% of all the sunlight is allowed through the window. But 20% means that only 20% of light is allowed to the window.

But depending on where you live, a 20% window tint may be too dark. In some counties across the US, even 30% window tint is too dark. The most common level of window tint is around 35%.

But these laws pertain to passenger vehicles. Limos can have a darker tint than regular passenger vehicles.

Who Can Tint My Vehicle’s Windows?

Window tinting services are not common at Automotive mechanics. You may have to search around for window tinting services. First, some vehicles have substances on their windows so it may not be possible for you to get a window tint on your windows.

But that’s kind of rare. If you have a mass-produced car, then you should be able to get window tint on the windshield, side windows, back window, and side back windows

What % Window Tint Is Illegal?

In the United States, there are several laws indicating which vehicles can and cannot have tint on windows. The laws can change depending on the city, town, and state.

Also, you can have your window tint removed if a police officer deems that visibility is an issue even if the tint on your window is within window tinting law or if there is no law at all.

For example, California law does allow passenger vehicles to have window tint, but there is a catch. On the top 4 inches of the windshield pane, the window tint can only be about 70%.

This means that 70% of all the light that hits the window has to be able to go through. This is a standard law for all cars that are sold in California.

If you have ever been to California and you rented a car that was made or sold in the state, then you may have seen a small blue or gray tint at the very top of the windshield.

This is part of the window tinting law. It is supposed to keep out the Sun during the brightest part of the day. California’s window tint law was put into action in 1999.

In Nevada, the front side windows cannot have a tint that is lower than 35%. If a person were to drop the window tint to 30%, then less light would be allowed through the window, and it would be illegal.

However, the side windows in the backseat can have any amount of tint.

Since there are different window tinting laws in different parts of the United States and can do, be sure to check on the laws before getting your car tinted.

If you have an unapproved level of tint on your windows, you could be subject to fines. You also be forced to remove the window tint

As mentioned above, you can have your license to have a tent on your window if a police officer deems that it may be too dangerous for your driving skills. This is similar to how some elderly people have their tint taken away when they can no longer drive properly.

Usually, the owner of the vehicle that has tint has to appear before a judge. They’ll be able to argue their case. But if a judge says that you have to remove it, then it has to go.

How Much Will It Cost to Tint Windows?

The cost of tinting a vehicle’s windows varies widely. The cost can be anywhere between $50 and $1000. The factors that affect the cost of window tinting are:

  • Size of windows
  • Type of tinting material used – ceramic window tint, dyed window tint
  • If the window tint is scrape resistant
  • The number of Windows on the vehicle
  • If you buy a warranty
  • And the state laws

The dyed window tint is usually the cheapest option. However, its cheapness comes with the price. It is prone to bubbling and cannot handle scrapes and scratches.

Choosing the carbon window tint may be expensive, but it has several advantages. Not only does it block out more light. even at the same window tint level, even helps keep the inside of the car cool.


20% window tint keeps out more light than 35% window tint. Window tint grades work in reverse with the lower number being the higher amount of window tint.

When you purchase window tint, you must know the laws pertaining to the legal amount of tint in your city or state. It can cost anywhere between 50 and $1,000 to have your vehicle’s window tinted.

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