How to Fix Mercedes COMAND System Not Working 

The COMAND system in a Mercedes vehicle is the program that runs the infotainment system. If the COMAND system does not work, it could be due to a glitch, unrepair wiring from an accident, or a pending update. You can reset the COMAND system yourself. 

My Mercedes’ COMAND System Is Not Working. Why?

On the day that their COMAND system is not working, Mercedes owners can be heard for miles. Who in the world would want their COMAND system to stop working? It has so many amazing features! 

When your COMAND system stops working, don’t panic. Here are the top problems that cause the COMAND system to shut off or malfunction and what you can do to fix those problems.

The Software Needs An Update

When an update is available, the software may start glitching. Just download the software update for the COMAND system and your vehicle will take care of everything else. Depending on the software, you may be able to activate the auto installation for all upcoming updates. 

But some vehicle owners do not do this, as they do not want to be in the middle of driving and suddenly the download starts. When the update starts downloading, you won’t be able to use your COMAND system until the download is complete. 

Bad Wiring Prevents The COMAND System From Receiving Power

If you have recently gotten into an accident, it is possible that the wiring that connects the COMAND system to the battery broke and the mechanic did not notice. Replacing bad wiring will cost you a pretty penny, as the average price to rewire a part of a car is around $1,300.

There Are no Updates Pending, But My COMAND System Continues To Glitch.

Glitches happen for a number of reasons. Perhaps there’s a software bug the software engineers at Mercedes did not find. Maybe the device you’re using with the COMAND system is not compatible. For whatever reason, you can reset the COMAND system to wipe away all faulty or bad data and reset it.

I Need To Replace My Mercedes’ COMAND System.

We are sorry to hear that you have to replace your COMAND system. Our hearts go out to you. Not only can you not use your COMAND system, but replacing the COMAND system will cost $1,200. This does not include the price of the mechanic’s labor. Installing a brand-new COMAND system can cost up to $2,000.

How To Reset The COMAND system.

If your Mercedes-Benz vehicle COMAND system continues to glitch, then take it to a Mercedes-Benz certified mechanic. But many of us don’t have the time to dedicate half a day to waiting at the mechanic shop. 

You could perform a soft reset on your vehicle’s COMAND system. It’s actually pretty easy. You will not need any special equipment. Here is what you need to do:

First, make sure your vehicle is in park, and then turn on your vehicle. You will not need to take it out of park.

Now, on the dashboard, there should be a small button with a square symbol on it. This is the power button. When you locate the button, press and hold the button until the entire system turns off. 

There shouldn’t be any text or display on the dashboard screen. Wait for about 5 minutes and then press the power button again to activate the unit.

If this does not work, then perform the same actions again, except do not turn the ignition on. Turn on the battery and then press the power button on and off. Wait 5 minutes.

Some vehicles do not have a physical power button. The driver will need to use the navigation system on the screen to find the power button. It will be an option in the COMAND menu.

Another way to perform a soft reset is to disconnect the main cables from the battery. To do this, turn the engine and battery off. Open the hood of your vehicle, locate the battery, and, while wearing heavy-duty gloves, remove the cables from the battery. 

After about 5 minutes, reconnect the cables to the battery. 

Turn the engine and check on the functions of the COMAND system.

What Is The COMAND System In A Mercedes?

The common system in a Mercedes is the name of the vehicle’s infotainment system, and it has a variety of features. Not all features are available on every type of COMAND system. The COMAND system has different tiers. 

If you are ordering a vehicle from the Mercedes manufacturer, you can design your vehicle to include the highest-tier Coleman system for an exorbitant fee. But if you like the standard features, then you will not need to order a vehicle from the Mercedes company.

The standard features in a Mercedes COMAND system are Bluetooth, a USB port for charging and connecting to a phone, satellite navigation, and a radio. Also, the COMAND system can connect with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

The next tier of the COMAND system has a large display that can show off 3D maps, voice controls for hands-free use, and a small but powerful hard drive.

The best and most expensive tier of the COMAND system comes with a massive screen over 24 inches across. It is actually two screens synced together. The vehicle circulates its own Wi-Fi hotspot so you can connect your phones and other devices to the vehicle. 

Along with satellite navigation via GPS, it will also provide live traffic updates. But that’s not all. The COMAND system will also provide the driver with fuel prices from nearby gas stations and show all mapped paid parking lots. 

If the driver pays the yearly concierge fee, a live person will be available by phone call to provide information about nearby restaurants, hotels, alternative routes, and other information. 

Finally, the last but most important feature is the car-to-car communication system. The Mercedes vehicle can communicate with other cars that have the same communication system.


Downloading the software update is the best way to remove a glitch from the COMAND system. Whether you visit a Mercedes-Benz Certified mechanic or your neighborhood mechanic, replacing the COMAND system cost about $2,000.

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